Early Dreams

These are earlier dreams for which the actual date is uncertain. Most were typed up relatively recently. While they may occasionally be more recent than my other, dated, dreams, I have no way of knowing this for certain and so refer to them as my "early" dreams and assume that the dates at which I had them came earlier.

In at least one case, "Vampire High," this early dream was apparently mixed up with a much later dream. (See August 19 1996's "All In The Werewolf Family.")

As you may have noticed, the dreams which I tended to remember from an early age were almost exclusively nightmares. Please check back on this page from time to time; this is about all of the early dreams I can recall right now, but there might still be one or two of them stored in some dusty corner of my brain. :)

Please click on the dream title, in bold text, to be taken to that particular dream.

Hamster Hats
Vampire High
Darkness Falling
The Death Buses
The Crypt Tunnels
The Face On The Hill
The Blue Room
Dom DracuLuise
My Mother's Doppelganger
Through The Knothole
Tigger, Trapped In Ice
Too Many Kittens
Hear No Evil
Voices Without Faces
The Bottomless Toyroom
What The Desert Hides
Blood On The Piano Keys
The Sphere
The Tornado Killer
Showroom Toilet
Big Bird Goes Cruisin'
Warping Floors
The Eagle & The Earthquake