Death To Boy Bands!

Okay. Let's see if I can remember this.

In this dream, a member (on the site where this was originally posted)--S.--was tired of some boy band, N*Sync or however you spell that (screw weird spellings, I'd just call them N'Sync!), though it may have been another band because everybody knows they're all the same anyway. ;P I don't remember this very well but she was VERY sick of it all. "They're OVER," she said, to which I replied, "No they're not, people keep buying their albums!" Some reviews may have figured in here somewhere.

Black Rain

In one little dream, I was watching some kind of nuclear war movie on TV; these two guys were in the woods--it was overcast--when this black rain started to fall, big fat ashy drops hitting them. Not a lot of rain, just a few drops; it was as if I even felt one land on my arm. One guy started urging the other on. This made me feel very anxious. In real life just yesterday I was browsing this big book about WWII and I read about the poisonous rain that fell after Hiroshima or Nagasaki, so that's where that one came from.

The Stories.com Subconscious

In this dream, I was having trouble shutting down the computer; every time I tried, it would bring up a "window" (the browser) and it was open to Stories.com. ! (I must be spending too much time on the site.) I knew I was not online, but it kept bringing it up anyway. That creamy background was driving me mad. I couldn't even shut down! NOTHING worked. I noticed that it would open up about three or four windows each time I tried Control-Alt-Delete, and I think they may all have led to Stories.com. I was crying and throwing a fit by now. Ma came in and tried to help me; she had a LOT more patience in this dream than she does in real life. I tried typing in "Close"--it was some kind of command function that was supposed to shut down the computer when I typed it in at the Stories.com page, but whenever I did it, it would then just create a new "folder" called "Close"--the function wasn't working properly, it thought I wanted to write stories. AAGGHH!! I had to keep deleting these folders. I also kept closing the windows and trying to shut down again, but the same thing kept happening.

Then I looked more closely at the page. There was a sort of "pyramid" or triangle on the page, in gray; it represented some sort of "hierarchy." There was the top, superficial level, then the middle normal level, then the deep level, then the REALLY deep, bottom level. I suddenly realized what this was. It was like a map of the mind, from the conscious to the subconscious. o_o Shutting off my computer had something to do with how I accessed my mind. I believe I had to access my subconscious somehow in order to attain the information I needed to do the job right. But I didn't know HOW to access this bottom level, and so I was being constantly frustrated.

This dream had no resolution to it.

Too Much E-Mail!

In one tiny dream I noticed I had seven new e-mails in my Stories.com inbox (when it should have been five), and in another part I was thinking about one of my characters who's been assaulted, thinking about what kind of effect the attack would have had on him in the long run.

Thank God these were all so short this time! This can get tiring.

2001 Dreams