You've Got Messages!

Can't remember my dreams very well today.

This one concerned some kind of show on TV; I should have written down more because I thought I would remember it. It was on the Discovery channel, one of their true crime/forensics shows. In it, there was a forensics lady in a pink bodysuit...it was made out of the same material that showercaps are made out of, just snapped over the entire body except the face, and it was transparent pink. She was walking around in a hallway examining things at a crime scene. She came to a closet and started checking out the clothes while the voiceover talked about fibers and such, then she found a garbage bag full of empty glass bottles and picked it up. Now it was like I was in the show or the bag of bottles was with me, because I remember kicking a loose bottle aside when it got in my way.

Then there was some show on TV, like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or The Weakest Link, and one of the contestants was this young girl, late teens, with short black hair and glasses, I think; she reminded me of a friend I had when I was very little, Kim. Thin and kind of nerdy, but very intelligent. First she showed up with a Furby and I thought she had won it, but then it said, "Hello, _____" (her name) as if it had known her for a while, so I knew she must have been "raising" it for quite some time. (This isn't quite how Furbys work, but that's how it was in the dream--smart Furbys or something.)

Then it was a later episode or later in the game; I think it was a later episode because things had changed so much. Now she was back, at her booth, and had a more advanced robot with her. It looked like a little black box with some things attached, and it kept chirping, "You've got messages! You've got messages! You've got messages!" over and over again, like in e-mail. She wheeled it in on something, a chair?--stand?--not sure, but it wasn't big, just complicated; perhaps the main part was around four inches long. It sat on the booth before her while she talked with the host (Regis Philbin or David Letterman?--it was sort of like a gameshow, sort of like late night TV). I think she may have won the first game which was why she was back. She could make this little thing shut up by checking her messages, but she just ignored it while they talked.

Ma was in the room or walking around while this was on (it seemed to be late at night), and she muttered, "I HATE that thing."

I tried explaining it to her: "It's sort of like an e-mail provider, it's supposed to let out that sound until she checks it. It's only doing what it's supposed to do. I think it's pretty clever for a machine."

She came into the room and said, "BULLSHIT!" but kind of jokingly so I didn't get upset. At a later point I was writing in a journal, about my real life, and I remember putting in that part, "BULLSHIT!" I had some trouble doing it though, like she was watching me and I didn't want her to see me writing that, or what.

Same dream? I had a sandwich in the fridge, ham and/or bologna perhaps, and for some reason Ma wanted me to take it OUT of the fridge. She didn't want it in there, I guess. Took up space or something. So one of us took it out. But then I decided to put it back in or else it would spoil! If she had a problem with my sandwich she'd have to take it up with me.

Snakes Like To Read, Too

This dream is confusing. In it I was at a school with someone who's a member (on the site where this was originally posted), E., only I do not know her at all, so I'm not sure why she was in my dream. She and a girl friend and I were doing SOMETHING. (They were both teenagers; I'm not sure if I was a teen or not, but they were showing me around and seemed to know what they were doing more than I did.) I CANNOT remember what we were doing! It was pretty involved, like we had stayed after school for something important, but what? All I can remember is that we went into the girls' bathroom for some reason--did I have to wash myself off? The bathroom was long and narrow but not bad looking. The floor looked the way it does in the high school hallways where I attended. Pebbled or tiled, kind of, like chips. Anyway later on I went into the library, which was sunken into the ground and very large, probably with brown carpeting. When I went in I remembered that I already had plenty of library books at home; they weren't due, but I probably shouldn't check out any more. Now when I went in I noticed that there were lots of snakes or something. In aquariums. I remember passing one little constrictor on my right with its nose pressed against the glass. They looked stuffed, like they were dead, but they were alive and real. I think there were a lot of cages with them in them, here in the library. I felt a bit anxious that they might escape and take the place over and try to attack me, but I didn't let it get to me.

However, I think perhaps at one point I felt I was being followed by something or someone.

I also kept checking in at Stories.com to find that every time I did, there was exactly one new e-mail in my account. I don't remember what they were, but I believe it was the same dream--like Stories was a real place, or like I kept checking it on the school's computers--and I kept finding just one e-mail, and it was getting annoying!

Senior Machines

In this dream, Dad got home before I was awake, about an hour before I get up. I got up also for some reason. He was looking for something that we'd bought at Glen's, some kind of little machine/device for his own use. When we had bought it, we had found two different types: 1 and 2. I think they were for older people. I wouldn't call Dad a senior citizen, but for some reason he wanted one. There was also a type 3 but they were out. So we got a type 2. They looked kind of like mini satellite dishes, about five or six inches tall including the base (the dish itself maybe three inches across), with cords or attachments, can't remember them specifically. White or pale gray colored. Dad was looking for the one we'd bought--"Do you know where we put that machine?" I went to look in the utility room while he looked around in his room. I remembered leaving it in a plastic bag out there. I fetched it and brought it back to him, pulling it out of the bag. I believe he asked for me to give him type 3--"Which one was better for people 60 and up?" or something like that, to which I said, "They were out of type 3, so I got a type 2. It says that it's for people 60 and up." (I may be inexact on the age range.) He accepted it; perhaps he meant it for Grandma's use and not his own, but I can't be sure.

I decided to go back to bed since I still had an hour, and did so. It was almost pitch black in my room when I closed the door, like I had no windows.

Webpage Advice For Gil Grissom

In this dream, Gil Grissom from CSI had some photos stored on GeoCities that he wanted to share with people. o_O For some strange reason, I was friends with him. I was looking at his webpage, which was like links to his photos. But it's like I was looking at a piece of posterboard instead. It was really big, white with little gray horizontal bars right in the middle which included links to the pictures. Stylish looking, yet simple. I scrolled the mouse over the links while he stood there and I said, "You didn't link DIRECTLY to the pictures themselves and not the page with them on it, did you?"

He looked puzzled, like, "What do you mean?" I could tell from the links that they led directly to the pictures, like www.geocities.com/username/blablabla.jpg. "You can't do that," I said to him. "You can't link directly to an image on GeoCities. I've tried it. All you'll get is a red x" (though in this case he would get a page saying "Whoops!" or "You are not authorized to view this page" or whatever, as these were not direct links, they were just links to the pictures themselves).

He still seemed skeptical. "Watch, let's click on one of your links and I'll show you," I said. So one of us clicked. And--the picture showed up. o_o Wha? It shouldn't have done that. I know from EXPERIENCE that they don't allow this anymore! I can't recall exactly what the picture was, it looked like an ink or monotone (gray) watercolor drawing of the interior of some modernistic room; I guess Grissom had drawn these architectural-style pictures, and wanted to display them via links. "Wait a minute," I said, feeling pretty stupid since I had just been proven wrong. "Have you viewed the pictures already on the webpage itself? They might still be in the cache. That might be why it's still showing up when you click on the link. I'll click Refresh and THEN we'll see what happens."

So I did so, expecting the screen to go blank white or bring up an error message. And...it just brought the picture up again, only this time it was SKEWED. Like crooked, tilted on the screen!

I have NO idea how I'd done that. But I'd already done a good enough job of making myself look stupid in front of Gil Grissom. I think I probably woke up while I was ahead!

2001 Dreams