Where's The Bathroom Again?

I don't remember it very well so this is pretty sketchy.

At first it seemed to involve me being at my brother's house in Georgia. I think it was morning and I was getting up to go to the bathroom. I walked down the hallway and started to go into one room, noticed it was a bedroom, then went down to the very end and went into another room that I thought WAS the bathroom. It turned out to be my brother's and his wife's bedroom. I believe it had this thick (heavy?) pile blue carpeting, very pretty, royal blue. But sheesh was I embarrassed! I had thought this was the bathroom! I exited the room, shutting the door behind me and seeing either my brother or his wife coming down the hall. "I thought that was the bathroom!" I said, flustered. I'm not certain if I found the actual bathroom or not, but I then remembered, there IS a bathroom, a small one, in my brother's room, as well as the main one in the hall. I COULD have gone in there if I wanted, but I had felt like I was trespassing, going where I shouldn't, and it really embarrassed me.

If they were not in fact the same dream, then this dream may have shifted into "Left Behind In Michigan."

Left Behind In Michigan

This may have been part of the same dream as "Where's The Bathroom Again?"

Now I was at home and it seemed to be spring. I don't think there were many leaves on the trees, and it was cooler than summer, but still sunny and dry and kinda nice. Ma was getting ready to go somewhere. I believe she was leaving the state to go visit Eric, my brother. I was standing outside watching her get ready to go. She came up to me and said something...can't remember what...but she seemed to be happy that she had the chance to go, and was telling me to be good or something while she was gone. Which meant I wasn't going along. :( "I will," I said, though all I could seem to do was watch. She parked the car on the pavement, facing the long driveway; so...I guess that meant she was riding with someone else, or driving another vehicle. This is strange. Because she LEFT in her red car and I think she honked at me, maybe not, but I do remember watching her disappear, heading south. So...I can't understand how she left in the car AND left the car behind.

But in any case, I saw the car sitting there and thought that it would be in Dad's way whenever he pulled in from work every day, but then noticed it was off to the side a bit, so if he drove carefully he should be able to get around it.


Ma was gone now, for who knew how long. It was petty but I have her do my hair every day and it bothers me if it's not done, and she wasn't here to do it. Plus, she just wasn't here PERIOD. It was just Dad and me (and he was absent from this dream).

I stood in the driveway staring down the highway, this awful feeling filling me. I went back inside; for some reason my hair was already down, and I think I was getting ready to wash it, and that was when I started crying. "I should have left it up," I said; this made it seem as if she was going to be gone a day only, as I figured I could sleep on my stomach with my hair up for one night, then I could take it down and she'd be back to do it. But as far as emotions go, it seemed she was going to be gone much longer, a week at least. Possibly longer. As I pulled my fingers or the brush through my hair I started sniffling and sobbing. I don't know why I hadn't been allowed to go. I just wanted her to come home so things could be back to normal.

There seemed to be another part about a classroom or something...involving crafts, and something yellow...but I can't remember it.

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