I Missed Watership Down?!

One dream had something to do with Watership Down. I can't remember it as well by now. I think the cartoon was on TV on some strange channel, maybe Odyssey, and it had just started; I thought, "Ohhh, if I'd known this was on I would have recorded it!" Still, I think I decided to sit down and watch it; it was showing a group of rabbits on the screen. I started singing "Bright Eyes" to myself even though I had missed the song somehow, and that annoyed me because it's a good song. But I think I got sidetracked and ended up missing the show after all.

The Dark Sun Of The West

Now this is a strange reversal of my "darkness falling" dreams. /:( The sun was supposed to be RISING, only in the west--it was morning--so I took the digital camera and went out onto the front porch. I was wearing a jacket, but it wasn't excessively cold; I feel the wind was blowing, though. The western sky was all deep fuchsia clouds. Very beautiful. It was spring/late fall/winter because the trees were bare. I aimed the camera at the west but had to wait for a car to go by, and then I had to frame it correctly--we have a big maple tree in our front yard, and I thought that would look nice in the pic if I aimed just right. There was SNOW all over the branches and all over the yard when I was aiming. So right here it was winter. I think I took one picture but the lighting didn't come out very well, so I was going to try again, perhaps without the flash. But by now the pink was rapidly disappearing and being taken over by dark muddy gray. I sighed. I guess I'd missed the perfect shot.

But now--ABOVE me--straight up in the sky--the sun was "rising," coming out from behind a cloud. The sky was very dark brownish-platinum or black, but I could see a golden edge to the cloud above me and knew the sun would rise any moment. I quickly snapped a pic of the golden-edged cloud--not as good as the pink sky would have been, but still an interesting picture. Then I realized that I would be able to see the sunlight pouring across the yard toward me as the sun peeked out. I turned to look over the lawn.

Now the snow was all gone and it was just matted brown grass. A sliver of light appeared at the far edge of the lawn, and rapidly grew wider, working its way toward me until it engulfed me too. But...even though the sun was now out and up, it was not light outside.

The sun was nothing more than a bright circle in a black sky. Almost the same as in my darkness falling dreams!

I took the camera and went back inside. Ma and Dad were there, I think. One of them asked me something--I think I was getting ready for school?--I can't recall what they asked, perhaps, "Did you get any good pictures?"

"Yeah," I said, "but I had to come back in. It scares me too much to be out there now."

Scare--? Yes--the darkness around the sun, while beautiful and intriguing, STILL managed to frighten me. Even though the sun was coming "out" this time and not fading away!


Anyway, once inside, I noticed they were showing a murder mystery or something on TV. It started out with a cartoon, the way Mystery does on PBS, only this one was a bit more...violent. It featured a man and a woman trying to kill each other. o_O They looked like they were out of the Twenties, very stylized and mostly in black and white, perhaps with hints of red. I think the woman shot the man and/or tried to drown him, and even though he was injured or maybe even dead, he came after her with a knife, first cutting her, then cutting off her head which fell to the ground. "Thanks," she said to him, her head disembodied. He may have said something like, "No problem." They weren't even angry even though they were dead! It was supposed to be like a comedy or something.

This dream may have then shifted into "Is This The Fridge Or My Bedroom?"

Is This The Fridge Or My Bedroom?

This dream may have shifted out of (or may have been part of) "The Dark Sun Of The West."

I went into my room at one point to find food items on my bed, some packaged sliced meat (not sliced perfectly, but like wadded up in the package--turkey or something) and maybe some tortilla or...whatever that is...pasty shell. I can't remember what that's called right now. (Pita.) I knew I'd had some meat in the fridge or had eaten some, but here was some more, so I picked it up and was going to make myself a sandwich or some such.

This dream may have then shifted into "My Mice Are Websurfers."

My Mice Are Websurfers

This dream may have shifted out of "Is This The Fridge Or My Bedroom?"

In this dream I went into the dining room where there was an aquarium on the floor, like my rat cage, and in it was a TEENY mouse, this thing was the bittiest thing you've ever seen, fluffy and gray--it was like a head walking around with no body. It belonged to a user (on the site where this was originally posted)--L. (a different L. from before)--and at one point it was even like it WAS this user, as when I couldn't see it moving I leaned over the cage and called, "L., are you dead?" I was acting pretty neutral. There may have been other rodents around belonging to/representing other members, but this is the only one I specifically remember. I reached in and the mouse finally started moving around, and it even tried to escape, but I caught it and put it back. There may also have been some hamsters involved somewhere.

Sex & Statues, Now On A&E!

There was a strange, rather "dirty" (adult) show airing on A&E. So they showed a warning beforehand. A British man was listing what possibly offensive things might be said in the movie, and prime among them were some weird terms for the male and female genitalia. The one that I specifically remember (why did I have to remember??) was "hummer-hooter"--no, that was not what it sounds like, it meant the female genitalia or, in a pinch, a female herself. I can't remember the other terms used. Then he described a bit of the plot--"There will be a _____ (male/male genitalia) walking around, and there will be two hummer-hooters in a garbage can," etc. VERY weird. It seemed to be a play of some sort. This stuff was rather pervy when you were watching it, but for some reason it was "art" and not really meant to be funny...at least A&E seemed to think so...

Anyway, the play started; all the guys were dressed up like flowers, and the women, I can't remember what they were dressed up as, but one that they passed had a large mouth with lots of sharp teeth. (At first it was supposed to be a woman, but then it was just a costume or maybe a plant/prop.) But then the women looked more normal, perhaps they wore flower suits as well, with the petals framing their faces. Somehow their costumes were supposed to emphasize their gender and...uh...other aspects. At one point one of them or something else was sitting in a garbage can, so that's where that bit came from. But then it was two "hummer-hooters" walking down this street or alley. They came upon a little boy on a playground (everything was dim and in shades of brown, very dark brown sky, empty littered streets, etc.) and squealed over him. "He's so cute!!" one cried, and they fawned all over him; a man (perhaps not in a costume?) showed up and said to the women, "He's my son." For some reason this startled them, and they backed away, hands to their mouths. One of them was black, very pretty; but their costumes were ridiculous. A murder figured in here somewhere as well, possibly involving the boy, but I'm not sure how.

The TV show shifted now and had something to do with an important military/government official getting a statue of himself put up. It seemed to be in 1700s Britain or perhaps Colonial America. He was dressed old fashioned, wore his hair in the old style, and spoke with an accent. Very pompous guy, dark hair in a little tail, not ugly but not handsome either, kind of hawkish and rough looking; perhaps in his forties. He was talking to another guy about how he was going to have the statue put up--he'd earned it for his service to his country. He was excited about it and couldn't wait to see it. Something about somebody's son--this guy's?--figured in here, and this son was a prince--that would make this guy--or whoever the boy's father was--the king. I'm not sure whose son he was. But one of these men mentioned him. Now I think it was the dark-haired guy (the other guy was more of a commoner or servant, not dressed very well), the important guy, who was talking. He was a devout Christian, and as he spoke now he kept his hand upon a large Bible. He started--well, not ranting and raving, but getting a bit carried away, eyes going wild, speech getting excited. "Did you know," he said to the other man, "that there has ALREADY been a king named _____ George Bruce?"

Now--I'm not exact on that name. I know it was three names, and two of them were George and Bruce, not necessarily in that order. But I can't recall the third name. In any case, the "prince's" name was the same as another king who had ruled long ago, either in Scotland or England (probably the latter, even though Bruce is Scottish), and this guy was now insinuating that the fact that there was an EARLIER king with the same name as the prince (his son?) was a good thing, and presaged a good rule for the prince.

Conversion had something to do with this as well. This guy wanted to convert some "heathens" or something, but I can't recall who they were. Perhaps Indians (from India). He needed to convert these people (or perhaps the prince needed converting?) and he was resolved to do so. The "commoner" guy offered some sort of argument--he was much calmer and soft-spoken--that this might not be a good idea, can't recall what it was. I believe he asked why the guy was talking with his hand on the Bible, said that wasn't a good idea. The important guy, however, was so far along in his mind that he didn't even hear the argument. He WAS going to do what needed to be done.

He struck me as bit of a zealot.

Well, now they finally showed the statue being put up. It was sliding down on this long rope. That's it, they just hooked the whole thing to this rope and slid it down like it was descending a clothesline or something! It was outside in some kind of square or on a lawn, overcast, a large ugly white building nearby--I feel the rope came from the top of that building, down to the ground. The statue was of him on a horse--at first it was just gray, but then it seemed to be painted metal--and it finally slid down to the pedestal and perched itself in the middle. The guy came along and straightened it out a bit--it wasn't even heavy--and then stepped back proudly. The horse was now white, and stood with all four feet on the ground--meaning, he had not been killed (obviously!) or wounded in battle. But he was still somehow important enough to warrant a statue.

There was a crowd of people around and I don't recall if they cheered or not; they probably did. They just liked that there was a cause for celebration, not necessarily that he had gotten his own statue. But he was proud enough to pretend that they cheered solely for him.

Watching the proceedings was a woman--his wife?--kind of dowdy, wearing a frilly bonnet and dress, holding a baby...GOAT in her arms. She had a sort of Cockney accent or perhaps just a strong British accent, and was commenting on what was going on, but I can't remember what she said. She struck me as kind of ditzy and her clothing made it seem she should be getting ready for bed (though that's just my opinion). Didn't seem to be the right kind of wife at all for this guy. I just thought the GOAT was cute and went over to see it! It was very small, white or light gray, with horns and curly fur. It seemed bewildered, like, "What am I DOING here??" I was with a few people--Ma?--an old friend of mine?--and I started cooing over the cute little thing. We petted it and I stared into its eyes--I believe they were big and round and yellow, like coins--and started murmuring silly things. Somebody--the lady holding it?--asked me why I was staring at it like that. It kind of unnerved her that I showed so much interest in her pet.

But now the goat changed into Pepper, my cat, and I think that it was *I* who was holding her, seated in the backseat of an old car with the others (sitting beside me) petting her. In any case, her eyes were just as big and just as yellow. Now I think I may have been wondering why her eyes were so big and why people were staring at her like that.

Sharing The Bed With Pepper

One little dream involved me going to sleep and Pepper was on the bed with me. I don't let her sleep on my bed as she gets in my way, and she hasn't tried to sleep there in ages anyway. But at first, in my dream, she may have been at the foot, then I rolled onto my stomach and she was to my right. I was being careful, trying not to knock her off, and I may have hugged her or petted her. It was dim gray in my room, but not like light was filtering in; just a strange dim diffuse light, coming from nowhere. And it seemed to be later than usual. Pepper seemed confused at first but then I think I may have gotten her to purr.

Dreaming Of Dream Notes

Once more I had a dream that involved me writing down the contents of my dreams on a piece of paper, as in real life; I remember writing down the "hummer-hooter" and "flowers" parts of my "Sex & Statues, Now On A&E!" dream, and it went running all over the page--there was a lot written down there. It was so real that I thought it already WAS written down when I woke up, and I picked up the piece of paper searching for a clear spot to scribble in. But--most of the page wasn't taken up yet at all! I had merely DREAMED it was. That was surprising. I had to write down, "again," all the things I thought I had written down already!

2001 Dreams