Out Of Body

The other night I had a couple of dreams that I didn't remember well enough to bother posting; one had something to do with me cleaning the tub (VERY icky), and the other had to do with a character in one of my stories, who can travel out of his body at will; the other characters had just found out and were surprised, and were watching him; it's like they suddenly could see his "spirit" rising from his body while he was unconscious, and they were stunned. It seemed to be all dark and blue while that was happening. I also seem to remember something about bunk beds.

The Liar's Question

Well...I'm not sure if I can remember this since I was obviously unconscious when I jotted down these notes! o_O

One had something to do with a question asked (on the site where this was originally posted). It wasn't much of a question, more like a "threat." The asker said something like, "I know that you posted this," and accused somebody unnamed of posting...something. A question or a soap? Not sure...but they were saying they knew who it was, even though it had been posted under an alias or something. Man, my memory is horrid. The question was updated or something and mentioned my story in the soaps ("Manitou Island"), saying something like "I have read up to Part 5 (?) of Tehuti's story so far and I think it's a really good story!" but this was some sort of reply to another answer. I answered the question, asking my own question--it was really strange and had to do with something that had happened in my story (not in the real one, but in the dream); and it was something like,

"In Part 21 of my story, how many characters get that disease?" (The answer, BTW, was seven.)

There was more to it...I seem to remember it may have been a flesh-eating disease...anyway, some of my characters had gotten it in Part 21, and I was trying to "prove" something of my own...for some reason if they didn't know what was going on in my story, they were lying about knowing who this alias was...or whatever!

They updated the question to say, "Tehuti, actually I am NOT really reading your story, I find it quite boring, bla bla bla" or something like that, very longwinded, familiar sounding...I won't go into details. They had "lied" in the first update to make some kind of point, and had used my story as an example. They said something like "So, you got the wrong impression that I'm reading your story"--clarifying, but not really apologizing for lying.

I can't remember if I answered again or just thought of answering, as THEY had misunderstood ME as well. I hadn't asked them the story question to verify that they were enjoying my story. I had asked it to verify my belief that they really didn't know as much as they claimed, that this question was an empty threat. In any case, I thought they were acting incredibly stupid, and I just got them to prove it.

L. (a member on this site) had something to do with it; I think he may have answered the question as well. I have written down "del.," so maybe somebody ((L.)?) was deleted? Not sure. The rest of us got fives (stars--good ratings).

Oh! Okay, I remember the part about me answering a second time. I DID do so. It was relatively short. I said something like, "Actually, you misunderstood what I was asking, I wasn't asking if you were enjoying my story, bla bla bla..." followed by "Could you PLEASE delete this answer when you're done?"

This answer somehow came out to only about two lines. I think another user had been deleted or gotten a poor rating, which was why I asked to be deleted rather than dinged, because I wanted to clarify my position. Just so there was no "misunderstanding."

Heh. ^_^

Triple, Triple, Triple DBZ!

This dream involved me getting ready to record Dragon Ball Z. (Sheesh...these are repetitive...) They show two episodes in a row during the daytime. I had recorded them, and was taking out the tape, when Tom (the robot host on Toonami) said, "DBZ is next." Meaning--they were showing yet ANOTHER episode! "WHAT?" I almost screeched. "What does he mean, DBZ is on next??" Damn Toonami and their stupid ever-changing schedule! I had to rewind a different tape or something to the right spot so I could record, as I figured I had to get the next episode on tape too. So I'm standing here rewinding the tape, watching the commercials on AUX. First there was some kind of caveman cartoon--similar to Mike, Lu & Og, but with adults--and then they were showing an ad for DBZ. It had Gohan in it, his haircut was different (similar to his haircut on Planet Namek but longer), and he was standing there with wind whipping around him. It seemed to be nighttime in the cartoon.

While I was watching this a big crow came flying into the room, swooped right in front of the TV, and zoomed away again; I had just enough time to say, "Oh!" before it was gone. For some reason that had been a pleasant surprise. It didn't seem to be black, perhaps it was brown.

The tape just kept REWINDING and REWINDING! Neverending! I may have checked it a few times but it was never at the right spot. I kept tapping my foot impatiently. I thought I might be missing my show already as they were showing this DBZ thing, but then I realized it was an ad for a new movie they were going to air. It looked interesting, more mystical than the show usually is. I wondered when they were going to air it.

When the heck was this tape going to finish rewinding!!

I decided to check the Toonami schedule online, to make sure there was another ep coming up. Now in real life Ma and I have this thing about leaving the computer on. When I get off it in the morning, I put it in PARK just in case I have to use it again before I go to bed. I usually don't, but it seems every time I turn it off, I have to use it again! Ma hates that I put it in park--"Just turn it off! You're not going to use it!"--we had this argument just this morning. Still I kept it in park until I went to bed.

WELL, in my dream, she had just turned off the computer (even though it was daytime), and I went out there to look up the TV schedule online, only--I would have to turn on the computer again! "SEE?" I fumed. "I have to use it, RIGHT after you turned it off! See what I meant?!?"

I thought for sure I would have missed my show BY NOW, but when I went back in they were showing the caveman cartoon again. I checked my tape a few times. It's strange that I never seemed to miss anything, though I never got to start recording either.

I believe I may have dreamed something about a hamster...I had a pet hamster...it was doing something funny...like trying to run away, or maybe it was smarter than average...but I can't recall.

And one part seemed to involve my Dad's Explorer, maybe we were going somewhere, but I can't remember that either.

2001 Dreams