The Naughty Picture

This one's kind of embarrassing so I considered just rolling over and forgetting it, but that's not the point of keeping track of your dreams anyway...

The only part I can remember, I was in the bathroom taking pictures of myself for some reason. I stood in front of the mirror but I wasn't using it to take the pics, I was just looking into it and such and then aiming the camera at myself and snapping. It was the digital camera. First I held it up above my head, right side, at an angle, and turned my head so I would get a three-quarters view; I noticed the flash wasn't on, and considered turning it on, but then decided against it as it makes me look really pale, and it works just fine without the flash. Things look grainy, but at least they come out. I turned my head and snapped a picture. Then I checked out the preview screen and saw that my aim had been all off. You could see only the top of my head (my hair was in a ponytail, as usual), and it was really dark and hard to make out. I laughed to myself. What a lame picture. So I started taking some more instead.

Well, I think that was when I noticed I was NAKED. Yet again!! o_o Why on Earth does this keep popping up??

The way our bathroom is set up, when I looked in the mirror I could see my torso, but not below the hips and not above the chest. When I stretched a bit all you could see was my belly, nothing "naughty." (Junk on the shelf obscured my face from the top mirror, for the moment--think of the Venus de Milo without a head, I guess.) And for some stupid reason I decided to take a picture of that!! How stupid can I get? I did so but I had to aim carefully or else pick up something I didn't want to. After I snapped the picture I noticed that...*cough*...I must have aimed a little higher than intended, or else just caught them in the view, but, well, you know...it was no longer a not-so-naughty picture. WHY DIDN'T I JUST DELETE IT THEN AND THERE?? I didn't! I turned the camera off and left the bathroom--now my hair WASN'T done, and I was going to have Ma do it for me.

I was dressed for some reason when I entered the living room.

Ma was there, watching TV. I get the impression it was early morning and I was getting ready to go to school. ? No idea. In any case she was seated on the couch and I either gave the camera to her (stupid!!) or put it down nearby (just as stupid!!), then started to go back to the bathroom to get my hair ready. (I get it wet before putting it in a tail.) Ma started talking about something...I think Bill Kurtis was on TV (that guy on A&E), and he was talking about endangered animals or something. When I went in the bathroom I wasn't paying much attention to Ma, but then I realized she had gotten hold of the camera and was checking out the pictures on it!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!! I decided silence was the best policy as she must have viewed the..."naughty" pic.

Surprise entered her voice, but I can't recall what she said. Then she said something about me looking like my cousin Jennifer. (I don't look like her; maybe she meant I looked slutty or something? No offense to Jennifer!) Then I heard her sigh and say, "Oh Rachel, you're a bad girl."

I was frankly surprised that that was the ONLY reaction she had!

I was by now getting my hair wet so she could put it in a tail, but I was also brushing it back a bit and getting upset that it didn't go back smoothly and evenly. I'm very anal with my hair. But I don't understand why I was getting upset, since SHE is the one I have do it--why was I trying? I started crying because I was so frustrated, and went out to have her do it. Once again, that part simply doesn't make sense, so I won't bother explaining it.

I had a nice flat belly in that dream but that was so embarrassing!!

And later on I had a dream that I was remembering that dream, putting down notes about it, but that's not much of a dream to describe anyway.

2001 Dreams