No More New Year's Lights!


This dream I can't remember very well by now, I can't even tell what I've got written down..."Rick"? "Nick"? Okay...I think it's SUPPOSED to be "rich"...there was this weird movie on TV that had to do with rich little kids doing rich little kid things, and it was a comedy. Kind of like Richie Rich I guess. I specifically remember one slick little boy who was supposed to be British. In one scene they showed a city, some kind of huge cement building with strung lights on it, only it was daytime and they were turned off. Something had happened and this little boy crowed, "No more New Year's lights!" or something like that; he was quite happy about it. Pretty snooty too, spoke kind of like a yuppie.

This dream then shifted into "The Dolmen Of The Lake."

The Dolmen Of The Lake

This dream shifted out of "No More New Year's Lights!"

I was going to a lake with a (member of the site where this was originally posted), "G." There was some kind of ancient structure here at the lake--it made me think of Long Lake--and we called it a "dolmen," even though it was more a stone or something. I remember it was supposed to be either Roman, or ancient British, or perhaps both; no one was certain which, or maybe both cultures had added to it--perhaps the Romans built it, and the Britons finished it. I can't describe it very well; it wasn't very big. Just some strange stone rising out of the shallow water, with another part attached, and I went out and sat on it. The water was brownish, but clear. I had a light jacket with me and tossed it back toward the beach; it landed JUST beyond the water's reach and I was glad for that. G. stayed on the beach; he seemed to know more about this place than I did, and was acting sort of like a guide. For some reason when I awoke from this part of the dream the song "Building A Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan was in my head, so I think I was singing it in this part of the dream, or maybe I heard it. I got down from my perch--it seemed to be late afternoon, sunny out but sort of amber--and went back with him and we started to leave. I can't remember this part well; it had something to do with a Latin (?) phrase, some Latin words, only they had been "remade" in modern times--was it a song, lyrics, something that had to do with the dolmen? *sigh* Not sure. But I was thinking about how it had been remade. And then somebody from the woods ahead of us started firing at us. It wasn't normal bullets, it's like they were bigger, perhaps from an older gun. Musket balls? Or whatever? I don't know...I seem to feel it may have been fired from a sort of tube...we weren't panicked, but we knew we had to get out of there. We ducked and started running, off to the left, parallel to the trees.

Naked In The Window

Dad was leaving for work, only it was very light outside, more so than when he leaves; it seemed to be early afternoon like around one. I think I missed saying goodbye to him at the door but I got to wave to him out my window. I could see my reflection in the window, strange. My hair was messed up but didn't look too bad, just a bit dissheveled, and not at all frizzy. I brushed it over to the side and stared at myself, thinking that I looked a little pretty for once. I can't remember, but I was late for SOMETHING. So perhaps I didn't get to wave at him as he went by the front of the house after all? He beeped, I know that, like he always does. In any case I went over to my other window, which is covered by a piece of cardboard taped to the frame so too much light doesn't get in. I untaped it to watch his vehicle disappear in the distance. Then the piece of cardboard that covers my other window, the first window, slipped and fell off the sill so that window was uncovered again. And--I was NAKED!! ?? Again?? I wanted to cover my window up so nobody outside could see me, so I kind of crouched low as I went over to the window, and tried to put the cardboard back up, but I picked it up upside-down...hm...now I'm confused. I seem to remember it was my WEST (first) window that came uncovered, but when I picked up the cardboard, it was the piece with tape on it that goes on my SOUTH (second) window. I know it was upside-down because of how the tape was placed on it. So...perhaps both windows came uncovered? I'm too confused by that one; moving on...

The Yellow Room

This dream is very involved...*sigh.* I was with my brother Eric and a friend of his, perhaps kind of nerdy with glasses but nice. I remembered that I had racked up some points at eTour but by the time I went back to redeem them, they had discontinued their rewards program. >:( Of COURSE. This happened in real life BTW, with eTour I mean. Anyway, I decided I wanted to go to eTour and see if I could still redeem the points, since I had earned them BEFORE they ended the program. And...well, eTour was a real place in my dream, and it was out near my utility room. o_O Hm. Right where the fridge is. We all went out there and where the fridge was supposed to be, instead was one of those music machines where you listen to samples before you decide which album you want to buy. New Agey and instrumental stuff. I felt like checking a few of them out but didn't. Then I saw a picture of some of the rewards that were still available from eTour, and one of them was a decorative branch. *cough* Yep...a decorative branch. It was basically a branch with Spanish moss and stuff on it, you mounted it on the wall, and it just sat there looking pretty; you could also hang things on it. Then there were a couple of them sitting by me, a large one and a medium one, on the freezer. I thought Ma would like one (well, I bet she WOULD!), and checked out the big one, but then thought it was TOO big and examined the smaller one. One of them--can't remember which--was selling for about $8.95. Not bad...for a decorative branch. But then I wasn't sure if that was with the gift points or without.

We walked inside the "store" a bit more--it seemed to be all in orangish wood colors--and I suddenly noticed that it had a lower level as well, since right in front of the "fridge" was a big rectangular opening with a HUGE stairway leading down, down, DOWN. (Not spiraling, but kind of taking 90-degree turns.) It was well lit down there, yellowish lights, but DAMN was it far down! And it looked big enough to be a warehouse! I must have paled as I looked at it, my brother and his friend coming up behind me. "They have another level," I stammered. "Look at how far down it is!!" Still, as afraid as I was of the height, I decided to check it out as well, and down we went. Only by the time we got there...it was UPSTAIRS, an UPPER level.

We got "up" there and I started wandering around. (Eric's friend disappeared somewhere along in here, not sure if he showed up again by the end or not.) There were other people around, possibly kids, but they didn't bother me. I went into a library-like section and checked out the books. They were all on sort of low wooden shelves like in my elementary school library. The rooms here were pretty big but had a "playroom" quality to them. I went over to some shelves on the left. Most of the books were very old, cloth/leather or hardcover, like special editions, many of them worn and in sets. Like encyclopedias and histories and such. I thought some of them looked like they could be interesting, and I don't think they were INCREDIBLY expensive, but I still was hesitant of spending too much. (Not sure why I'd have to, if it was really a library...) I may have looked at a few--can't remember--but then I moved to another section with different books on the bottom shelf, and I crouched down to look at them. These ones were odd. They had sort of...EMBOSSED covers, all featuring horses. But not embossed in the normal way. These things were practically 3D. These horses' heads literally CAME OUT of the cover. They were made of the same (cloth) substance, hard, and only stood up like a few centimeters, but they were in distinct relief. The book covers were all drab, like washed out grays and tans and such. I specifically remember one with a horse's head and neck popping out, looking to the right; I ran my fingers over it. It seemed to be a section dedicated exclusively to books with covers in horse-head relief.

I feel there were toys around this place too, hence the children and the "playroom quality." Can't remember seeing them though.

There was also a section with some really, really, REALLY old books, so old I can't even put a date on them...possibly even Medieval. Most were in quite poor condition. And some had "locks" on the covers, even if only a string to tie them shut. I came to one (lower shelf again) and saw the lock, felt that I wouldn't be able to open it, but then I pulled and it came open quite easily. "Oh!" I exclaimed. It had only a few pages in it; most had been lost over the years, so basically it was a hard cover with maybe two or three pages, very poor condition. Dusty and mildewy. But the print was still visible (print, not actual writing; a machine had done this). I can't remember what it was about, the subject matter didn't really interest me, but the fact that it was so old I found intriguing.

(Somebody older seemed to be watching me in that part of the dream, a "curator" or librarian of a sort, to make sure I didn't ruin anything.)

Dream moved along a little bit and I moved away from the books into the main part of the room, this HUGE room with stuff in it and windows along the sides...big old windows...kind of like a loft, high ceiling, only the window style made me think of my junior high art class...not very pretty...and I feel that the middle of the room was inaccessible, so maybe there was another huge opening there, like we were on a balcony, leading down to the lower levels. In any case, I spotted a toy way, way over near the left corner, perched on a ledge right in front of the window. It was a tall Pink Panther stuffed toy, maybe around four feet. My face lit up; I recognized it as an old childhood toy of mine. (Shades of the book and paper cutouts in "The False Pirate"--I don't have this toy in real life, but in my dream I suddenly remembered having it.) I immediately made a beeline for it, and my brother appeared nearby. He started shaking his head and waving his hands--I think he was in front of me--as if saying, "Uh-uh, no way, don't even try." He wanted to keep me away from the toy for some reason--I think he felt I was going to take it, or try to buy it, and for some reason he didn't think that was a good idea. Kind of like he was trying to keep me away from my past. /:( Hm...well, I ignored him--I feel I was younger in the dream--and went right past him, to the toy, climbing up the little ledge--I had brief thoughts of what he would do should I jump out the window, we were high above the ground and roofs were visible outside, kind of downtown--and picked up the toy and hugged it. He came up to me, a bit resigned having failed to stop me, but not complaining. I didn't mean to take or buy the toy anyway; I just wanted to see it.

(Now that's rather strange, since if this were real, I probably WOULD want to take it back. It's like I DIDN'T really want it after all...)

I held the toy away from me a bit to look at it better. I was chattering at Eric, talking about the toy and how much fun I used to have with it. It was a bit grimy and dirty now, and its eyes were mismatched--I suddenly remembered that it had lost one, and Ma (or Dad?) had replaced it as best she (he?) could. They were plastic eyes, curved/rounded on the top and flat on the bottom like half-circles, and yellowish. I remember being a bit surprised by the flat bottoms, as I had never noticed them before, even when I'd first picked it up. Anyway, I set it back down on the ledge and climbed down, going over to the OTHER side of the room, which was now on my left since I was walking back the other way, to see what else there was. (Once again, I have no memory of what was in the MIDDLE of the room and I never walked over there, but I feel it wasn't empty, which is why I opt for the big opening or stairway looking down below.) Over near the left corner, opposite the Pink Panther, was a set (or one?) of...hm...cabinets or something. Fancy cabinets for storing things, silverware, jewelry, whichever. Lots and lots of drawers. Eric came along and started talking while I inspected it. There was a section with TEENY, TINY little drawers inside drawers, like in miniature; polished wood with fancy silver or gold handles. I kept opening up all of them, pulling the little drawers out and peering inside. They didn't contain anything, but I loved the tiny little drawers. I get the feeling Eric wanted me to pay more attention to him, but I didn't much care; I could hear him fine enough. I started singing while I was over here--I think it was "Clean" by Depeche Mode.

The cleanest I've been
An end to the tears and the in-between years
And the troubles I've seen
Now that I'm clean
You know what I mean
I've broken my fall, put an end to it all
I've changed my routine
Now I'm clean

Yes, there's more, but that's the gist of it. It has this very catchy but somber tune. I was singing this while I examined the drawers, not sure why. I even made my voice deep like in the song, making it all melodramatic.

I noticed another room far ahead of me, a doorway in the wall ahead but close to the left corner. I went that way; Eric may have been trying to hold me back again (not physically, but it's the impression I got, that he felt I shouldn't go over there) but again I ignored him. This door led into a different sort of area. There was sort of a hallway or...foyer or something...and then the other room. And there may have been a door to another room in the side of this little foyer. Can't really explain it. It was dim in here, and all grayish...drab gray carpeting, dim washed-out walls, very old and rather depressing and dingy looking. The other big "playroom" I'd been in had been sort of dirty in a sticky, childlike way, but not dim and depressing like this; it had been all yellow in there. (Yellowish walls, floor either polished wood or painted yellow wood, etc.--not bright yellow, sort of an offwhite-yellowish color...I hate that color.) Before I went into this other room, to my left, right against the wall, I noticed some hamster cages with hamsters and gerbils in them. I thought they were cute; Eric was still telling me not to touch them, I shouldn't go over there, bla bla, I tuned him out. He didn't sound panicked, it was all in more of an "I told you so"-type voice. Kind of nagging, but not overly so. I then started to go into the other room; in the...foyer, vestibule, whatever that was, now I saw a cage or a cat bed on a stool to the left and in it were a bunch of ADORABLE newborn kittens with eyes still closed. Awwwwww!! There was a second cage or bed next to it, and more kittens. "They're so CUTE!" I squealed, crouching down to pet them. I can't recall if the mother(s) were around or not. They were SOOOOO tiny! I seem to remember at least one with black and white or else calico fur...such cute little kittens. Then I turned to look into the other little room...I feel it was a den or something, as it seemed to have an old leather chair, maybe a TV, an afghan...and lying on the floor was a big mean-looking dog. I wanted to say mastiff but its face looked more like a Rhodesian ridgeback. I can't recall its exact color. Maybe it was a pitbull, only bigger? In any case, though it wasn't acting up, it didn't look friendly. I stared at it and I think it lifted its head and stared back.

"You shouldn't mess with it," Eric said, from somewhere behind me, still in that annoying voice.

I brushed him off. I think the dog was getting up and starting to approach me. Well, I had to do SOMETHING. So I crouched down again and held out my hand. The dog came closer and I was afraid it would bite, but then I started cocking my head to the side and whimpering, just like a dog. Remember that scene in the Lethal Weapon movie where Mel Gibson's character is "bonding" with the hostile Rottweiler? Whimpers and rolls around and even shares a dog biscuit with it? Well, that's what I seemed to be doing. I was worried it wouldn't work, as it was pretty silly, but...the dog's ears perked up and when I continued whimpering and reached out to it, it let me scratch its ears and it started panting, all friendly. I got down on the floor and rubbed him over a bit. He didn't look nice, but he was just a big dumb dog after all.

We may have left after that...

I'm An Arteest!

I remembered one tiny segment, probably a part of an earlier dream, where I was trying to draw a group scene of characters from Dragon Ball Z. I feel like I was doing their voices in my head as well. In this scene they were all with their backs to the viewer, looking upward, and the eyeshot seemed to be from ground level as they rose up above it. I think Piccolo was there, some others I can't remember...I remember believing I'd have trouble drawing Trunks and getting his hair right, but I just doodled it in and it came out pretty good, considering it was only the back of his head. I thought of how similar his haircut is to a character I have made up. Then I noticed that Krillin wasn't in the drawing, and had to put him in. He was supposed to be talking to Trunks or something, facing left so part of his face was visible, and this worried me. He has no nose, so he'd be hard to draw. I started doodling like I had with Trunks, but I don't think he came out as well or as easily. I sighed. Well, I should have known it wouldn't be so simple. I think I kept trying though; for the most part the drawing had turned out a WHOLE lot better than I'd thought it would. I feel the drawing was a project for something, or else the TV show was on while I was drawing it; I seemed to be in a room like my own bedroom, but it was larger and more "spare" kind of like the playroom/library in "The Yellow Room," no carpeting or old gray carpeting, but everything else also in shades of gray with dim white light filtering in...I sat where my bed would be, facing where my door would be, drawing on this big sketchpad perched on my knee and possibly with a TV nearby.

The end, I guess...

2001 Dreams