The Bad Food Experiment

I can't recall this one very well. Very strange dream.

It concerned a "food experiment." At first I think it was just outside my window, on the little sidewalk, but then it may have been sitting on the toilet lid. It had something to do with stacking different types of food each on top of the other and letting them sit out for thirteen days. Specifically. Somebody was doing this strange experiment that required food to sit out for two weeks, I guess. I think it was mostly dessert-type things--I seem to remember blackberry (?) pie--but they were stacked atop each other, and of course, bugs were starting to gather. I remember disturbing some flies as they buzzed around it. First there were only a few, then a lot. And then I saw a few ants crawling on it. (It may have been in a petri dish, not sure.) I just HAD to bend down to look at it more closely, it was so bizarre. I was confused but that was when somebody explained to me that it had to be left out for a while. It had already been out about two or three days, but they told me it had to be thirteen. "Sheesh," I thought; "if this is how bad it is after just a few days, imagine how horrid it'll be by THEN!"

Still, that was the point of their experiment (though they never explained WHY to me--this person talking to me was not the experimenter, just an onlooker, I feel the experimenter was a teenage boy), so I never understood it exactly.

Another user (on the site where this was originally posted), C., had something to do with the dream, but I'm not sure what...perhaps she was running the experiment? I have written down "joking" next to her name. Hm. I guess she was joking about something, can't remember what. And I remember in my dream I went into my room (or perhaps I was in there all along) and saw some sunlight hitting my floor through an opening in the paper over my windows.

Anubis & Silverwand

This dream had to do with (this site). Yea, a (this site) dream. I had been posting some answers or soap replies--the computer was in the living room, like I was sitting on the floor in front of the TV with a laptop which was a PC or something--then I logged out and tried to get to the soaps and...something strange happened.

The top part of the page loaded, and it was like the top parts of most of the soaps loaded, but not all of it--it was like the words just kind of faded out or cut off somewhere in the middle. Very strange, incomplete. This puzzled and scared me a little bit. I tried to access the questions and it did the same thing. Strange, since they'd been fine just a few moments before! I think I either tried logging in again or tried to access something else a few moments later, only to find an odd message that said something like, "(This site) is currently down due to a memory problem, while we work on a way to clear up the database." It didn't say that exactly, but I remember mention of memory, and of cleaning the site up. It reminded me of when (the webmaster) had to delete some older responses a while back to combat the soaps problem.

I turned to Ma, who was in the room with me, and said, "They took the site down RIGHT while I was using it! Talk about poor timing!"

I then turned back to the screen. Some time may have passed, but then I was able again to access SOME of the site, but once more, everything was incomplete. You could read the first few lines of something, then it would fade into nothing. The outline of the soapbox or answer or whatever would still be there, but the text would trail off midway. And it may have changed color too, like a link.

I got to the profile of another (member) here, one I don't like very much...for that reason I won't mention their name. And they had a lot of strange stuff on their profile; the section where it says when you joined and what your last answer was, that seemed to be part of their profile too. Very detailed and longwinded. I came across some comments from this person that bothered me because of course they sounded strange and made me wonder about them. Then I found an answer/part of the profile/something else that made mention of the god Anubis, and, interest piqued, I checked it out further.

For some reason, this user had formed some close connection to the god Anubis, and I found this REALLY strange, since they'd never seemed the sort to be interested in that kind of thing before. They included all sorts of information about him, some I'd never heard of. They related a few myths concerning him, and made mention of something...something silver...like "Silverrod" or "Silverwand" or something...at first I thought this was the person Anubis had paired with to father the goddess Kebehut (in mythology he has a daughter, but the mother is never named, and this fact bothers me no end), and I turned away from a different part of the profile to read it more carefully. (I couldn't be sure, however, if this was actual myth, or if this person had made it up as part of their devotions.) But then I realized that "Silverwand" or whatever (I know it began with "Silver," and later on it did seem to make me think of a wand or rod) was not a person but an OBJECT. Okay, I thought; so Anubis must have somehow used an OBJECT to father his child. Strange, but possible. I wanted to find out more. But THEN I read further and realized the story had nothing to do with Kebehut at all. This disappointed me--I was hoping for an explanation as to her parentage--but the story focused instead on some kind of quest or search Anubis went on, and this "Silverwand" had something to do with it, as an object of power. I never did get to finish the story.

There was another partial myth there as well but I can't recall it--some of the text was missing and I didn't have the time to read it all before I woke up. I just remember being VERY surprised this user had this information on their profile.

2001 Dreams