Forgetful Friends

I think I may have been influenced by a Law & Order discussion I engaged in. A big chunk of the dream involved me walking down a hallway with a group of other people, and we were doing voices of characters from the show, making up our own story.

I had several characters--probably a majority of them. I know I did Logan, and I think I did Cragen and maybe Van Buren, maybe the attorneys also. It's like we had all the characters from the different seasons. A few of the other people (students?--I feel they were all around my age, and the hall we walked down looked like the high school hallways, only with more light coming in the windows, but no lights were on above so aside from the white light coming in from the sides it was dim) did other voices, but mostly one each. I can't remember what the story was but it sure involved a lot of talking! And of course, I did most of it. I don't like how I hogged things but nobody seemed to mind and we were laughing and having a great deal of fun. But then we hit a sort of a snag when we came to a part that required Lennie Briscoe. I stopped talking and paused a moment, then said, "Well, somebody ELSE is going to have to do Briscoe, because I can't do his voice worth the crap!" And we laughed again.

Now we got to class and it seemed there were fewer of us. The only one I distinctly remember at this point is Michelle T., a girl I've known since elementary school. When I was in elementary school a girl named Jessi W. was my best friend, but then ended up moving away bla bla bla, you know the whole deal...at one point she and Michelle were great friends too, and I was always jealous of them. It was like she refused to pick a best friend and hung out with both of us at different times. I truly remember this. She would divide her time between us. One time I wanted to hang out with her, she said she was sorry, but she'd already promised Michelle. That made me very hurt and angry. In high school I don't know how close they were, but Michelle and I were good friends during a part of it, sharing art class and lunch and such...but anyway, back to the dream...

Michelle and I went into the class. It looked familiar, carpeting and all, but I can't quite place it. Hallway, when facing the front of the class, was to the left, and the door was at the front of the room (left side). A nice cozy-looking room like from junior high. Michelle had already sat down at the front, nearest the door; the desks were arranged kind of oddly, about three or four side to side in rows, and I wanted to sit near her as we'd been having fun in the hallway. But as I moved forward (for some reason I was closer to the back of the class), I noticed that Jessi already sat next to her, and also Dianne B., another friend I'd had in high school, and the desk I had thought was empty and free for me to sit in, in fact had someone's belongings sitting on it. Michelle, Jessi, and Dianne were up at the front laughing and joking, and I, well, of course I was the one left out of it all. As always.

My heart fell and I turned to look for an empty seat. Finally found one. At the very BACK of the class. Next to some girl I didn't even know. With heavy feet I went over to it to sit down, all of my earlier enthusiasm gone. I wasn't only hurt but angry as well. They didn't even notice me as I went all the way to the back. They'd forgotten about me already.

This dream may have then shifted into "Readers Don't Make Good Hostages."

Readers Don't Make Good Hostages

This dream may have shifted out of "Forgetful Friends" so at least it was more positive, thank God. I was still in a class, but with different people, users from the defunct Switchboard message board, I think it was. One of them--I'll call her A.--was there, and there was also a guy but I'm not sure who he was supposed to be. We were near a bookrack in the left corner of the class, talking about what we had chosen to read for class. (It must have been some kind of literature course.) A. said, "Well, this is what I'M reading," and showed us her book. I can't recall what it was but it was deep or philosophical, stuff I would never understand. I can't remember what the guy was reading either (A. was to my right, he to my left), but I showed the book I had selected. It was something by Jung and concerned dreams. It was a bit difficult to understand, but I wanted to read it because Jung's theories interest me, and so do dreams. I explained that a bit but not much. There was ANOTHER guy with us, to the right of A., kind of hidden from my sight, but we weren't talking to him. Why became obvious in a moment.

I think another person, a teacher or just some guy, came up to us and asked us what we were doing and why this other guy was with us. We looked at him as if he were stupid. "Well," I said, in an "It's OBVIOUS" voice, "he's holding a GUN on us, in case you haven't noticed!"

Now we all looked at this other guy. And yes, he was standing beside us, a big revolver aimed at us. Crazy-looking guy, maybe like Ted Kaczynski. And, well, I'm not sure what was going on, but for some reason he was holding us hostage, and...we were looking at books. We weren't in any fear or anything, it was just like, *shrug,* well, guy's got a gun, better not piss him off. Oh well. This OTHER guy, the observer, was surprised by this, but none of US were. I guess then we just decided it was time to end the standoff or whatever and so we somehow psyched him out of the gun. I may have shown him my book and tried to engage him in a conversation, or just coaxed him out of it, but finally I think I pushed the gun to the side so it wasn't aiming at me, or else took it from him. He seemed sort of dazed now, not sure of what was going on, but nobody was afraid. The only person surprised by it all was the observer who'd asked us what was going on in the first place.

Message Board Shenanigans

A tiny dream involved a message board I visit but no longer post on. After Switchboard went down, some members formed a new board at Yahoo! and migrated there. A certain member...I won't give his name because of what happened last time, I'll just say C. and you'll know who it is (note: This is a person who has harassed me online for over a year, pretty much nonstop, and even followed me, TWICE, to the site where this was originally posted, just so he could flame me)...was also a member there, and well, he was the same as ever. Unfortunately, only those of us who were horribly flamed by him seemed to realize he would never change; the boardmaster and a few others had no idea. He tore them apart again and again, the owner instituted some rules, he griped, he broke them repeatedly, there were multiple unsubbings and resubbings, he even returned under an alias once and DIRECTLY THREATENED me but she ignored it, more unsubbings and resubbings, she welcomed him back, bla bla, every time people got chummy with him again, he'd flame them again, they'd get pissed and demand blood, he'd leave, they'd forget, he'd come back, they'd get chummy--you get the picture. People in perpetual blinders. At one point the owner even unsubbed ME because I'd indirectly referred to one of his posts, which was a lot less than what he'd been doing...bla bla...at the same time she unsubbed him, but he hasn't returned. (He has since returned both to the board and to his old ways.) Groused and asked another member to send him the messages that mentioned him (how modest), while asking another one to post his e-mails to the board--in short, becoming a member yet again, without having to subscribe. He's free to come back, but hasn't yet. He will though. Which is why I don't post there.

But ANYWAY...this board figured in my dream somehow, and in my dream the owner of the board, T., had ANOTHER board that had stricter "rules" than this one (if I can even call them rules with how often they're broken). It had like two different "sections"--a regular section, and one where you could go if the regular section was too meanspirited and you wanted a "nice" place to post, without flaming. Somehow she was able to separate the board into two parts. There were lots of messages (not as many as the first group though) in the regular section, and...only one in the nice section. This bothered me. I had been thinking of going to this board, I'd heard she'd had another group, but if nobody ever posted in the nice section, there was no reason to go. No way I was going to post in the regular section when HE might show up! I also had sort of a feeling of persona non grata, like I shouldn't be there anyway--I've been, well, not RUDE to her in e-mail (in real life), but I have been blunt in stating my mind on how she's handled the whole "C." issue. Therefore I felt I shouldn't ask to join her other board anyway.

I think I also had some strange e-mail, some older messages, and maybe a few from C. himself. I can't recall exactly how this part of the dream went. It had something to do with the original board and e-mail. That's all I can recall of it.

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