Castle In The Clouds

So many of them this time...I can't even get these straight. Some separate dreams may all be the same dream...I remembered all of them scattered when I woke up, so I had to scribble them all down.

One dream involved me--you guessed it--getting ready to take pictures of the sunset. I did that just last night, and the morning before I had taken pictures of the sunrise. I can't remember how it started in the dream but I went out into the yard, perhaps on Dad's recommendation, with the digital camera. It was still very light out but the clouds in the north and west were all beautiful orangish-pink and fluffy. I believe I took some pictures. There weren't very many leaves on the trees; it was either spring or autumn, or perhaps winter, because at one point Dad (and Ma, and maybe my brother) came out to look too and Dad was either mowing the lawn or blowing snow. I seem to remember walking through melting snow in bare feet, but it wasn't very cold to me. That discrepancy again.

I kept moving around to get different angles and shots. But I wasn't satisfied with anything. Oops, I almost confused this with another dream I posted once, "The Nuclear Sunset," with a mushroom cloud in the east. Well, this WAS similar to that. Anyway, I couldn't seem to get a good shot, so I moved around some and then tried again. Now I noticed an unusual cloud formation in the west or north, a big dense poofy one, kind of like a squashed mushroom, all bright oranges and pale purples; I aimed the camera at that ("Perfect!") and started shooting. I noticed another interesting cloud formation to the left of it (NOW they were definitely in the west--there were no trees in my way) and turned to take pictures of that as well.

The landscape was vastly different. No highway, no trees or field. I have the feeling a coast was nearby, like near the ocean; it seemed to be somewhat chilly or windy. The second cloud changed and I lowered the camera to peer at it more closely. It now didn't look like a cloud, but resembled a large Medieval castle on a hilltop (not exactly a hilltop, perhaps a stone ridge). It was all in sepia tones, like an illustration from an old fantasy book; it was even in illustration style, not COMPLETELY realistic, with tall spires and towers and everything. It was so beautiful...I smiled and put the camera up again, taking a picture of it. Something like that HAD to be captured for posterity. There was a vast expanse of field or grass before me, leading up to either a distant woods/mountain range/something dark above which were these clouds, looming over them. It was ALL in shades of brown, like a sea of dead grass.

Seeing as the cloud was right next to the "castle" (which was SUPPOSED to be a cloud, but apparently now was a castle--?--like both at once?), I decided to capture both in the same image. I framed them carefully and shot, but when I looked at the preview image, I had caught one (the cloud?) but only the bottom part of the other (the winding brown "ridge" upon which the castle rested--sheesh I can't describe this--I saw an illustration once of the Tower of Babel and it was this big spiraling tower, wide at the base and tapering more the higher it went--the hill the castle was on reminded me of that). That made me sad. I really wanted to get BOTH of them as both were so beautiful. I sighed and decided I'd have to just settle for separate pictures.

Well, now Dad was blowing the snow or whatever, and I moved toward the north side of the house to try to get more pics, but it was starting to get dark. I tried futilely to get more pics before going toward the paved part of the ground at the east side of my house, at the ends of the driveways, near where Dad parks. I think Ma was nearby. I looked upwards and the sky--well, it was like it couldn't decide whether to be day or night. It was light, then it started darkening, then it would lighten again, then started darkening; not consistent. When it finally started darkening and keeping, stars started appearing, and I just stared at them; they were difficult to see at first. The whole sky seemed sort of hazy or misty, perhaps due to the clouds. I started thinking of that character of mine who was abducted by aliens, wondering what he would be thinking if he were staring up at the stars like this.

Open House Party

I was with Ma and my brother, I believe, and we were downtown somewhere (here?), going into this house for some kind of party. An open-house party or something. Downtown. We went inside and then we ended up going up (down?) some stairs. It was a nice place, cream-colored walls, dark wood trim, carpeting on the stairs (red?) and everywhere else. People were coming and going out of rooms, walking around, chatting, and '80s-style rap music was playing. (By '80's style, I mean back when rap was about having fun rather than shooting cops and such.) I distinctly remember Ma and Eric and myself starting up one set of stairs, and as we went I put my hand on the left wall, running it along some kind of trim or railing. (It was like a patterned trim in the middle of the wall, texture like burlap but knotted--I don't know what that stuff is--coarse brownish-colored stuff in a crisscross or woven pattern.) As I did this, I sort of floated up and used my hand on the wall as a sort of balance or stabilizer, or else I WANTED to float.

Ma made some complaint about the music. "I like it," I said. "It's not all violent like the rap music they have nowadays. Old school. I like old school. It sounds like they're having fun here."

She kind of muttered that she STILL didn't like it, but we didn't pursue the argument.

This dream may have then shifted into "Theater Hopping."

Theater Hopping

This dream may have shifted out of "Open House Party."

I was downtown with my family--all of us, I believe--Ma, Dad, Eric. I think we were walking along the sidewalk but it's like I could never see all of us at once. We were going to see a movie at the Kingston (local theater).

Ma and Eric went in; I think they were going to see The Mummy Returns or a related movie, as I seem to remember something about The Rock. I lingered outside with Dad for some reason; I was uncertain about if I had the money for the tickets or something. Dad nodded at me and I then went in; he made it clear to me that I should go in at the same time with Ma and Eric, and I would be covered. I went inside and looked up at the movie times or prices, then down to see Ma accepting tickets from the man at the counter. I think she said, "Two."

"Ma," I said, to let her know I was there now, it should be "Three." (Dad was still outside. I guess he wasn't coming in with us.) She seemed to ignore me, took the tickets, and went on ahead, maybe to get some popcorn (I think I may have been eating buttery popcorn in one part of the dream). Eric had gone into the theater ahead of her.

"Ma," I said, more loudly, then, "Ma! MA! MA!!"

I was practically SCREAMING at her by now! She didn't even listen! She kept on going straight into the theater, unable to hear me. Frustrated and angry, I jogged forward, and followed her inside by a few feet, still yelling, "MA!!"

Only AFTER I had entered the theater--ILLEGALLY--without a ticket, without paying--did she turn and notice me, wondering what I wanted. Well...that was it. It really WAS illegal to enter a theater without tickets, and a couple of guys (one maybe in white with a funny chef-hat?) came forward and started putting cuffs--on HER. "No, no, please, cuff me instead!" I begged. I'd already been starting to cry when Ma had turned around, because I knew I'd broken the law; now I just started crying more. "She didn't do anything wrong, it was me. Cuff me instead."

So they took the cuffs off of her and came and cuffed me, first behind my back, but then as soon as I realized I wouldn't be able to wipe my running nose or scratch an itch with them like that, they seemed to be cuffed in front instead. (Though they didn't uncuff and recuff me, it just sort of happened--even though I DID consider asking them to.) Now we had to go and I had to pick up a few things. The front part of the theater (lobby) was now like a sort of cafe, very light and airy, all white and sunshiny. There was a little table near the doors where we'd left our stuff and I went to get mine. Some papers, I think; I had difficulty holding them with my cuffed wrists--and then a stuffed toy goose. I have one just like it in real life, an Easter goose with long orange legs. It was sitting on the little round white table (mesh metal top, like in an outdoor cafe) and I decided I wanted to bring it along too. I had to keep repositioning things so as not to drop them, and I think the goose went under my arm. I didn't want anybody to see my wrists, and NOW I seemed to have a jacket over them, my jacket, even though nobody had done that and at first it wasn't there. Now I didn't seem so upset anymore, I just wanted to pick up my stuff--and it was like the "police" or whatever they were weren't even around anymore.

Anyway...we (?) ended up going outside and walking along the sidewalk. Now it's like I wasn't under arrest anymore, I was just with my family (not sure if Dad was with us now), and as we walked, back to the vehicle, I noticed a couple of funny cars either parked or driving in circles near the side of the street. We were supposed to be on the right sidewalk going into town (the side the Kingston is on), but now we seemed to be on the left side, watching the cars on the right. I pointed them out to Ma. They were like some kind of big blocky racecars, or old-fashioned ('40s?) cars, but very brightly colored. I figured they were for some parade or event; I think I remember something special was coming up. Two of them, like dogs chasing each other's tail. I wanted Ma to see them too because they were so strange.

(In this dream it was like late afternoon/early evening in summer, still light out and warm. We were headed back for the parking lot behind the Kingston, where we'd left our own vehicle.)

A Furry To Love

This dream may have had something to do with an online "furry" story I'm currently (sort of) reading, "The Adventures Of Simion Lonewolf." Story about a guy who's been reincarnated as an anthropomorphic wolf...bla bla...unrelated. Back to the dream. I think I may have been narrating at one point, but then it had something to do with a new creature that was being created. Perhaps just for me, perhaps not. First it was created, and it was a very small, roundish, soft thing, kind of rodentlike, but then Dad and I were watching it on TV and they were "reinforcing" it--making it stronger, improving it. It was like being passed along on an assembly line, new parts added every step of the way. I remember one step involved wrapping a metal band around it so its front half (face) and back half (behind) were "two parts." (They didn't really separate it, but it looked as if they had. Think of two halves of a mold. The creature was standing upright, like humans do. It was small and orangish at first, like this little creature on a new Japanese cartoon Toonami is airing, Cardcaptors.) It didn't seem very happy while they did this; it looked very sad. Then they started caulking it, as if it DID have two halves now, and they had to seal them by squeezing some kind of thick goo in. Dad was sitting beside me watching this and for some reason he muttered to himself; this part he found hard to believe, like they wouldn't REALLY do that. "Oh, I don't know," I said--what I was watching seemed reasonable enough to me--but I didn't argue.

I can't remember what happened next, but now we had brought this creature home with us. And I was having some problems keeping track of it. I went over to sit on the couch (Dad was in his usual seat, I was going to sit where Ma does, on the right end) and found that there was a bunch of junk in my seat. Pens, pencils, papers, all sorts of stuff cluttering the seat. "Ohhhhhh!" I groaned. "Ma put all her junk on the couch!" I was holding something in one hand or under my arm--maybe my blanket?--and started scooping the stuff off the couch, putting it on the end table. I think Pepper came along (either that or I was holding her), but then the little creature got underfoot and I may have stepped on it or kicked it or almost did while I tried to clear out the seat. I was getting very flustered and irritated but I scooped it up too and tried to finish clearing the couch off while holding my stuff WHILE holding this creature, and tried to keep my anger to myself--after all, it wasn't this little guy's fault. I think I finally got the couch cleaned off and sat down.

This part with the couch may also have involved something about a baby lying on the beach. I saw a mental image of it, just this baby wrapped in a white blankie, lying in the sand, head toward the water, with the water splashing up around it, the sand a golden-taupe color. It wasn't upset, but I had the feeling it had to be picked up and taken care of, the way I'd picked up Pepper and this little orangish-yellow creature.

Wrath Of The Follower Of Isis

One small dream involved a woman author who liked to write about the goddess Isis. I think she worshipped her and perhaps displayed her writings on the Web. At one point she described several other websites or groups where other people wrote about Isis as well, but in ways that she considered very degrading. The two I remember are about putting Isis in a bikini, and one about rape. There were several others, a few perhaps vulgar, and this author was complaining about them--"They're shameful to the goddess Isis. They portray her in horrible ways and I find it offensive to my faith." I also seemed to see one thing she didn't like, an illustration of Isis and she was wearing a bikini. I thought it was goofy and rather dumb. There may have been other illustrations but I can't recall them.

Smash Mouth's Greatest Felonies

This dream involved a news story that was airing on TV about a popular band that had killed a fan by spraying him with pepper spray. ? Don't ask me, I thought it was strange in the dream, too. Pepper spray? Kill? I guess they'd just sprayed him too much and it killed him. This caught my attention (I seemed to be in my room, even though I have no TV in there, and my parent(s) were around) and I started watching. Onscreen they were showing either a concert or the band members being taken into custody or something, lots of people, kind of dark like nighttime. (The band guys had done this on accident, of course, but it was still pretty serious.) I recognized one musician and said, as if talking to Ma, "Hey, that's Smash Mouth!"

I couldn't believe it. Something this horrible happening to such a good band! The thing is, the guy I recognized is NOT a member of the band Smash Mouth, he's a member of Barenaked Ladies. The guy who sings really fast on the "One Week" song. Dunno his name. I saw and recognized him, and I said "Smash Mouth," and in the dream I THINK the band really WAS supposed to be Smash Mouth, but they LOOKED like Barenaked Ladies. So that in itself is confusing. As I watched this I heard the newsperson saying something about SIX people, so maybe six people had actually been killed, or had been affected by the pepper spray, or else six people were involved somehow, but I'm not sure how. I just couldn't get over how shocked I was.

2001 Dreams