What's In My Inbox?

In this dream I was checking my e-mail. I think it was nighttime yet Ma was up and she seemed to be near me or in the same room. I waited for the mail to come in but I was impatient because I had to eat; I was hungry. The mail seemed so slow. I started scrolling through it even though I hadn't received it all yet. I got three from F. (a user where this was originally posted), each one from a different e-mail address; she was trying to reach me at three of my addresses or something, and didn't know which one to use, so used each, and used each of hers too. One of them went something like F(her username)@enet.isdnet.com (not sure about the com, but pretty sure about the isdnet). I think she had forwarded me some jokes or something, but I wasn't mad, I was kind of pleased to hear from her since--well, I'll keep that part out...

Oh wait, no, it wasn't jokes; it was hieroglyphics. A hieroglyphic font. She had sent me a message typing it up in a hieroglyphic font and she wanted to see if I could "translate" it. For fun. I have a font like that on my computer and I was thinking of writing back to her, "Yes, I can translate it; but you're not really writing in hieroglyphs, just using symbols for each of our letters..." but as I said I was hungry and in a hurry.

Another e-mail was from a little girl who was a fan of Dragon Ball Z and had sent a drawing of Kami (a character) or else wanted a drawing of Kami. The e-mail didn't seem to be meant for me, so it was like I was checking some strange public e-mail inbox. I don't know.

I think I also got some e-mails from D. (another user on the site).

The Lion King, Live!

In this dream Ma and Dad were both home and I think I was getting off the computer (possibly the same dream as "What's In My Inbox?" then?) to go watch a TV show with them. It started out kind of strange, so I was thinking it was The Lion King but then discovered it was live action, but still had talking animals. It was kind of a dramedy about lion cubs in the wild. I seem to remember a black screen, the top half of the screen being black or the top and bottom being black with the video in the middle--widescreen format? In any case, the animals were talking, and one of the cubs had this little kid voice. The cubs were out in the grass, maybe on a slope. I remember we kept talking throughout the show, making comments on it, but I can't remember what we said. It was rather pleasant. We don't really do things like that in real life.

The phrase "Topher the Read" figured somewhere in my dream. I think I read it. I could SWEAR I read it somewhere in real life, so that's how such a strange phrase worked its way into my dream, but I just did a search at Google and nothing came up. So I have no idea where it came from.

(Note: This is actually a username on the site where this was originally posted. I have never communicated with this user, nor do I know anything about them.)

The Lost Heir

The longest dream of the night concerned a man who was trying to run away from somebody else. I was playing the part of the man--more roleplaying, only I feel I really WAS the man. I was kind of big but not tall, dumpy, hunched over, longish greasy dark hair (curly, I think), kind of an ugly face--like an ogre, but not mean. Of course, this may actually be ANOTHER character I'm confusing for me. I think I started out as myself just playing a game, but then I really DID have to escape somebody, and I was this guy instead. I went down into my basement (here comes another one of those TUNNELS dreams). It was light down there; it was daytime. I was feeling desperate--this guy was coming after me, and I had to keep running, so he wouldn't see me or catch up to me. I think I went into what used to be this little storeroom in my basement, where we used to put jars of stuff; now it's full of junk and cluttered and really MESSY. (Our basement has suffered sewer leakage, so it's not a pleasant place.) I went into this room--it was different in my dream, of course--there was some junk stacked around, but nothing messy except some dust and maybe a few webs. Still light (in real life the room has no windows). I think I may have gone into another room or maybe this one changed? I came to a sort of furnace or stove, one of those old iron ones or whatever they are. And then either that was off to the side and the door resembled the stove, or it turned into a door, for there was an odd metal door before me. I kept casting anxious glances over my shoulder. I wasn't hurrying very much but I had the feeling I should be. I wanted to get through before the guy even saw I was there, so he'd get off my tail. I put my hand on the door and at first it was hard to open but then I pulled it open and went through, trying to remain as quiet as possible.

(I think of Lennie Briscoe from Law & Order so maybe at one point I was supposed to be like him, but I'm not sure; I know I was kind of schlumpy.)

Now I think I may have gone through some more doors--in succession--and then I was going down a hallway. A strange hallway, not straight, but going every which way. I came to a room at the end of the hall, though the hall just continued on the other side--it was sort of like a hub. Roundish or like a hexagon, octagon, whatever. In the middle was some kind of stand or pedestal. I don't remember windows, except maybe on the right side; the other side didn't have them, and the walls were all like light wood, kind of tan colored (maybe not wood, but wood colored), nice matching carpeting, and it was still light.

I stopped here and checked out the pedestal, walking around it. I couldn't see it at first but when I started playing around with it, I noticed it contained some sort of crown jewels.

Now I was roleplaying TWO parts. I was some disembodied voice talking to myself, a soft, soothing, quiet voice. I think of the voice of Helios/Pegasus on Sailor Moon Super S. My "oafish" character was kind of bewildered but the voice--whatever it was--was trying to calm me down and explain things.

The voice had something to do with a royal family. Perhaps it was the sort of "spirit" of someone who had gone before. Now it was kind of watching over these jewels to make sure they didn't end up in the wrong hands. There were new royals living in this building, and they had inherited the jewels. But, the voice went on, they did not deserve them, as they were cruel, violent people. The truth was, I was the rightful owner of the jewels. Ugly, oafish me. Somehow I was related or tied to the royal family and I should have inherited them, when the others took them instead.

I (the oaf) was nervous but I (the voice) tried to calm me down. And even as nervous as I was I took down the crown and turned it this way and that in my hands, examining it, possibly trying it on--in a sort of childlike, "Will it fit me?" way. I think it was gold with purple velvet, you know, the classic crowns you always see on TV. It was kind of funny shaped at one point, like flattened, but perhaps that was just the perspective. I didn't like the thought that I was messing with somebody else's property, but I (the voice) started telling myself that I would have to claim it. I would have to face the other royals and win my jewels back. Somehow.

(I really liked the sound of my own voice! I remember relishing it, saying words just for the sake of hearing them. It was so dramatic.)

Well, so I had to put the crown down and go find the other royals. This would not be pleasant. From what I knew they were practically barbarians, very ill mannered and crude, yet haughty and full of themselves. I left the room and started down the (continuing) hallway, which again kept zigzagging every which way.

There were rooms and doors along both walls in each zig and zag. I loped along as quietly as I could, but there was noise from the others everywhere. I kept meeting people as I went, running into a few (not physically, but coming upon them), getting startled each time. A few of them weren't so bad, they were surprised but didn't try to stop me and I felt no fear of them. It was kind of like meeting animals in the woods, they didn't have anything to do with my current mission--neutral parties, not to be concerned about. A few more weren't so pleasant. Now this is a bit embarrassing. I guess it was just the right time of day but all the couples seemed to be--*cough*--having sex at the same time. And they were noisy and rough about it . In one room (on the right side?) I think it was a dark-haired guy, big and oafish looking also (lots of oafs in this one, it was all pretty Medieval seeming); I never got a good look at the women involved. (No, no orgies, each guy was with only one woman, but there was more than one woman in this part of the dream!) I went past them; there may have been another couple, and then I came to another, on the left side of the hall. The door was open and I could see the room--big and kind of sparse, everything in muted brown tones--and their bed. That diffused white light saturated everything in this dream. This guy was big and oafish (surprise!) but with blond, long wispy blond hair, like Norwegian. He could have been somewhat handsome in a big brutish way. Again I didn't see his wife/partner but at one point he got up and smacked her across the face, backhanded, I believe.

I knew this was one of the guys I would have to face--after all, he was being violent to a woman, he had to be a bad guy, right? I stopped by his room but didn't say anything. A couple of kids--his kids, very young, curly blond hair--came running up to him yelling and shouting, perhaps climbing up him, and I think he knocked them out of the way. Strike number two. He came out into the hallway and didn't seem to be expecting me. He was really tall and so just gaped down at me. Now, yes, I was still supposed to be this big oafish guy (I think I was supposed to be "simple," not quite Rain Mannish but close--remember the giant in The Princess Bride?--I was a lot like him, only not as tall), but in this part it's like my strength and everything else were what they would be like in real life. I seemed small and weak next to this guy. Still, I plucked up my courage and swung at him, trying to punch him in the face and knock him out.

Well...I think I punched him...but even if I did...it had no effect. He just continued gaping at me, like, "Do you REALLY think you can take me on??" He was far too surprised at first to fight.

The thing is, I'm not sure what happened next. I don't remember fighting him, but I think some of the other "bad guys" started getting into brawls, and maybe he got involved too. I wasn't sure how I was going to beat him, though, when my best punch didn't even make him blink! I had to get those jewels back somehow.

I never felt any overwhelming fear in any of this, just anxiety, first in trying to escape the guy chasing me (I think he was sort of villainous looking, dark curly hair, hawkish face, dark clothes, haughty, not sure why he was after me, maybe he wanted me as some sort of slave), and then in trying to fight this prince or baron or whatever he was. (I just suddenly thought of the term baron. That's not exactly royalty but I seem to remember it being implied in the dream.) I honestly had no clue what I was doing.

Here's a kind of strange addendum. I really do seem to believe this "voice" implied that I was the rightful heir to these jewels--yet as I was fighting this guy (well, punching him), I had the feeling that I worked FOR somebody rather than for myself. Like I was trying to win the jewels back for another who was worthier than I was. Is that what I really believed, that I wasn't fit for the jewels, even if I (the voice) said they belonged to me? So I denied that they did and insisted on winning them for someone else instead?

2001 Dreams