The Ice-Top Sky Redux

Okay, I'm a bit rattled by this one. It's sort of a repeat of another dream I had in the past, and that kind of disturbs me since I hadn't thought it would be a recurring dream.

Have I described my Ice-Top Sky dream around here? I had it about a year ago, last June. I don't know if I posted it here. :( I guess I'll have to copy it...please see "The Ice-Top Sky" entry.

Melodrama aside, that was the gist of it.

Well...the sky fell in last night.

My dreams seem to fade so fast lately, I have trouble remembering it now, even an hour later! I'll do my best...

It was as if I was at home, yet was visiting a relative as well. Sort of like a cross between my house and my brother's house, yet other relatives were involved, maybe young cousins. I remember at one point I went into something like the computer room to find a large cartoon gray Great Dane perched atop the computer or TV, talking to the person using it. The dog's name was something like "Dusty Doo." You know--Scooby's cousin. "I thought his name was Scaredy Doo," I said (at least I think that's what I said), because he'd been in a cartoon and his name had been Scaredy, not Dusty.

(In the REAL cartoon I think his name was Scooby Dum.)

Anyway, some of the dream seemed to involve me wandering around the house. It seemed to be evening but when--IT happened it was light out. Maybe afternoon. There were lots of people around. I finally made it into the living room (now it looked like my house again) and looked out the window to see--

The sky was frozen over!


Once more, in my dream this was NOT a very strange thing. It was cold outside--there was even snow on the ground in this dream--and this sort of thing just happened. It was all gray and overcast...well, I guess it WOULD be overcast, with ice covering the whole thing up! It was much higher than it had been in my other dream, I think, but still pretty low. And it had an odd look to it. It wasn't just plain white ice. It was patterned somehow. It had geometric shapes all over it--pentagons or hexagons, I believe. Like a honeycomb, that's it! There were patches of these in some areas, then some areas would be blank; the honeycomb pattern was in shades of gray, darker than the white background. The sky was mottled with them.

I got that ANXIOUS feeling again!

I went to the front porch and looked out and up. There were great hunks of ice hanging from the roof and from a tree branch hanging right over the porch. In my dream the porch had a little roof overhang that I don't think it has in real life. I looked up and to the left and saw that there had been a bit of meltage or slippage, and some hunks of ice had slid down the roof, taking some tiles (or whatever) with them. That bothered me. I knew it was damaged and we'd have to pay to repair it. :( I wondered why my uncle couldn't have done a better job since the ice had so easily wrecked the roof.

(Isn't it WEIRD how damaged roofs seem to pop up in my dreams so often? Remember my dream with the meteor, "Meteor Strike"?)

In any case, I looked back up toward the tree again, and noticed a big piece of ice come sliding. I backed away, and it fell down onto the porch with a crash. Another part started sliding and I turned away from the door, into the house.

"It's starting to come down," I said, not TOO worried, because a little damage had already been done, nothing could be done about that now. I knew some ice was falling from the roof and from the trees. But I didn't know it would start falling from the SKY!

Ma came into the room. I looked out the window again and now I saw the sky starting to crack apart. Anxiety and fear welled up inside me as a huge section of it began sinking inward. I picked up the cat and hugged her to me tight, as if to protect her, even though I knew that should the ice fall upon our roof, it would kill us all, instantly. Ma and I stood and watched out the window as the sky destabilized and started caving in over us. I squeezed Pepper tight and tried not to start crying.

The big chunk of sky finally tore free and CRASHED to Earth--tearing into the roof overhanging the porch, ripping off the front of the porch section from the rest of the house so that it was open to the outside. With a tremendous racket it shattered to pieces as it landed, and then everything grew silent again.

Ma and I stared at the damage. I think maybe I did start crying now. Get this, I was more upset about the cost of REPAIRING this damage than about the possible death hanging just overhead! (Though that thought frightened me, too.)

Well...the dream shifted a bit. Now we had to leave the house and go elsewhere until it was repaired, and until the danger was past. Apparently we'd be safe elsewhere, but not here. We were going around gathering up our stuff and packing to leave. It's strange because we were leaving HOME, yet we had also been staying at a relative's house and so a lot of our stuff was already packed. ? I can't explain it. The house looked more like my brother's yet unfamiliar now. Dim narrow hallways with dark brown carpeting. We went from room to room getting our stuff. There were more people here again, young relatives. I wasn't running but I felt frantic--HAD to get my stuff packed up fast, HAD to get everything I needed, HAD to get out of there as soon as possible! I checked each room for my stuff to make sure I forgot nothing. All the while I worried about leaving "home." I didn't want to go. I loved my house. Where would we go now, and for how long? It all seemed so final.

I went into the computer room (now different, like my brother's) and tried to gather up the stuff that I'd had in there, as that was where I had been sleeping, but I couldn't find anything. Somebody else had packed it up for me. I went into a room that was more like my own and I dreaded having to leave things behind, so I tried NOT to. Not possible, in real life, since we weren't entirely MOVING everything, but somehow I managed to satisfy myself, even without packing everything, that I remember. ? Once more, no idea...

I picked up a few things and packed them--I seem to remember cassette tapes, and now I remember, I had a few books too--at first I had maybe four of them and a booklet, then Ma--who was suddenly standing there with me (I was at the foot of my bed, she was in the main part of my room, beside it)--got a disapproving look, like, "We can't carry all that." I didn't want to, but I dropped two of the books on my bed, while looking up at my cassette player--seeing another paperback perched atop it, something about true crime--decided to leave it, then gathered the two books I decided to keep, one of them with a red cover and sort of like a Bible or the New Testament only a lot bigger--I think Ma was wondering why I decided to bring THESE books--and went outside to the Explorer, where Dad, Eric (my brother), and Ma (now outside) were waiting.

Dad was putting our stuff in the back. I went up beside him with whatever it was I had and put it in too, then said, "I need something." I noticed a big olive green cloth bag/case with pockets on the sides--"We packed up all your stuff," either Ma or Dad said, and this was the bag it was in, however small it seemed--and unzipped it, fishing around for what I wanted--a book that I WANTED to read (the ones with me were boring, yet I needed to bring them somehow), and then possibly my blanket, because it would comfort me. (Don't ask, please don't ask.) Dad was talking while I was doing this, chattering sort of, I don't remember about what; I replied a few times, we both seemed pretty casual for what was happening.

I glanced up at the sky with apprehension, however, as I dug around. The ice was still up there, that eerie lowering sky, and I was again afraid it would come falling, crushing us as we hastily prepared to leave. And again I worried about us never being able to return to our home, but then I told myself, all we need to do is repair the roof, after this ice is gone, and we can come back, just like it was before. This is only temporary, we aren't leaving home for good.

I wasn't certain if this were true or not, but it gave me some comfort--I tried very hard to convince myself it was true.

Now, HERE'S the sort of scary thing. After I woke up and came into the living room, I noticed chips on the floor. I glanced at the ceiling, where there's this crack that's been there for ages, but it's gotten worse looking recently. There was a clamp on it. That ANXIETY again!! I turned to Dad (who has been theorizing about fixing it) and asked, quavery, "Did it cave in?"

"No," he said, as if puzzled about where my fear came from. "I was just checking to see if it had a board behind it to support it. It doesn't, so I'm going to have to build that thing over it after all." (He's been planning on putting a faux trapdoor over it to "fix" the crack...however that'll work...)

I let out my breath. "I had this dream the SKY caved in," I said, and he started laughing.

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