The Uprising

Well, this is depressing. I had an impressive dream last night but it was already confused, and now I can hardly remember it. :( I know it involved a LOT of people, some kind of group or uprising...

Beginning? Uncertain. I ended up being some guy...I was supposed to be a man, but it was roleplaying again. I was supposed to be a thin, nervous guy (paranoid would probably be more like it) in my forties maybe, and I decided to toss in that I would have PTSD. I was in some kind of room in this building. It was like a huge lobby. Dark red carpeting, kind of dim or distant lighting, made me think of an auditorium; there was a wall off to my left. There were a bunch of other people with me, only at first I was apart from them, by myself, and they were all in a big group ahead and slightly to the right of me, talking noisily. We may all have been guys, but I'm not sure. I have the feeling there was a leader of some sort, and the other people--well, either they were prisoners or some kind of subjugated group that was rebelling, or they were followers, following this guy's orders. We all wore the same uniform, probably orange like prison uniforms. And we were restless.

At some point the group of people in front of me changed into people standing/sitting in high bleachers, like in my junior high school gymnasium. They were REALLY restless now. The dream began to get strange; I finally joined the group of people, jogging forward (all the while keeping in mind that I'd been through some kind of trauma and so I might react strangely to stress) and getting engulfed by them. This is even stranger. As the crowd began to surge forward, down out of the bleachers (on command?--or in rebellion?), it's like I rose into the air and RAN OVER THEIR HEADS, sort of flying, soaring upward over the bleachers and over the people. (They were running toward me and I was running toward them, in opposite directions now, I believe.) I wasn't afraid, and they didn't seem to care or notice. But it was weird. I think maybe the fervor of the moment made me go soaring like that.

I believe we left the building and started out on our mission, whatever that was, but this is where it hazes out. I have the feeling we made several stops or raids. At one point it became like a scene I was watching in a movie; there was a chainlink fence somewhere in a city suburb or just outside the city, it was late afternoon and the sun had tinted everything yellow, it was hot, and it may have been outside a basketball court surrounded by weeds. I think Will Smith had something to do with it--he was near the fence and someone else (a boy?) was with him, and they had to hurry up and do something, it was urgent and rather like a drama, but something was deterring them. Now I entered the picture and I believe I tried to climb the fence--perhaps I was now the boy?--but I think my foot/ankle got caught on it somehow, and that was why Will Smith was urging me to hurry up. I lay down on the ground and tried to work my foot free but didn't seem to be having much luck.

There may have been more after that, concerning what this huge group of people and myself were doing, but it's all gone by now...

2001 Dreams