The Runaway Hamster

Nope, not a weird one, this one was surprisingly normal.

In the dream I was playing with the cat and, AGAIN, suddenly remembered that I had a hamster that I had been neglecting. I remembered him when I glanced toward his cage and noticed he was running around like a maniac, scrabbling at things, acting like a spazz having a fit. "Oh dear," I said, and put the cat down to tend to him. I realized I hadn't fed him, or watered him, or even taken him out of his cage for a few days or so. Horrible of me! In real life there's a hole in one part of the cage where a tunnel is supposed to be, but I don't have a tunnel, so I put a little jar over it so a hamster can't crawl out (even if they can't reach it--just in case). In my dream, this was where the water bottle should have been; I took it off, got some hamster food, and started tossing it into his bowl. One little scoop after another. It seemed to be mostly pellets, and as they went into the bowl, some landing on his head as he ran around, I realized he didn't like pellets very much, he would prefer seeds, but this was an emergency--I felt I had to feed him quickly, and calm him down.

Well, he seemed to ignore the food, and I noticed his bottle was almost empty, so, murmuring, "Okay, okay, calm down, hold on," I ran to the bathroom, filled it, brought it back to put it in. I had left the little jar off, and he was crawling out of the cage, as if desperate for something. I hurried over to put the water in--he ignored it as well--and scooped him up just as he tried to run away. (Well--I don't think he was running AWAY, just RUNNING--he seemed to want something badly, but I don't know what.) That was when I remembered I hadn't even held him in days--in real life, when I have a hamster, I hold it at least once EVERY DAY; so I felt even worse now. I cuddled him and kissed his head, trying to calm him down--but he was still fidgeting and squirming and trying to escape.

So, even after all of this, I still had no idea what my poor little hamster wanted.

There were other dreams, but none very impressive, and none that I really remember by now...

2001 Dreams