Fighting Flames

Well, I've put them off again...

One dream concerned me getting some reviews on my stories at FanFiction.net. I THINK that's where I got them...you get an e-mail notifier whenever you get a new one. I believe a few of them were nasty, nothing more than flames, really, so I was trying to delete them, with little success. (The actual deletion process requires you to contact the FF authorities and have THEM remove them--a tedious process.) I was also trying to post something and I think I kept screwing up on the centering.

Sinner At The Family Gathering

These parts are mostly fragments, out of order.

There was something about a family gathering, at my Grandma B.'s house, I believe--I have written down "table" and "boys?" I seem to remember a couple of boys, maybe twins, but I can't recall the specifics. Food was being served; this may tie in with the part after the next.

In another part of my dream I heard the sound of the rain falling outside, yet all day it was dry...

One part involved my Uncle Melvin (he's a snot, he likes to tease so I've never gotten along with him) and myself, and other family members, at my Grandma B.'s house. There was a table set up by where the bedroom doors are and he was sitting at it, I think Ma was too, and I was standing nearby taking some food from the table. It was some sort of gathering with all kinds of food and I was hungry. Melvin turned to me and asked me something, I can't remember what, but it had to do with sin. I replied and my reply must not have been the one he was looking for. His eyes grew wide and he suddenly started quoting some sort of Biblical passages; I seem to remember the name "Josiah" or something like it. He was telling me I was sinning, I think. I grew angry but decided not to retort. It was obvious he couldn't be swayed; I knew I had said nothing offensive.

I have written down "type I can beat up" and "wolf girl?" /:( Not sure what I mean by that, or even if that's what it says...there was more to this particular dream, but I don't remember it. There may have been a feral wolf girl involved somehow.

In one more part a priest asked me if I'd done something bad (maybe this is mixed up with the Melvin dream?); I can't remember my response. And I have written down "long hair"--there was something about long hair--but I can't remember what it was!! :(

Man, sorry these are all so partial...they just slip my mind so easily when they aren't very interesting.

(Not proofread, I'm in a bit of a hurry!)

The Nuclear Sunset

A dream I remember better involved me trying to take pictures of an interesting sunset. (AGAIN!) I was in the front yard and the view of the sky above was a LOT better than it would be in real life--fewer branches in the way, a really good view. And even though it was a sunset, it was bright out. Ma was there with me, and maybe Dad. I was looking up at the clouds--the sunset involved interesting cloud colors up ABOVE us, more to the east than to the west. I ran inside to get the digital camera, having some trouble getting in the door and then back off the porch, and griping because I assumed I'd miss the sunset. I didn't though, and while Ma and Dad (?) stood nearby I started taking pictures. It was GORGEOUS. The sky was light, light blue I think, and the clouds were rippled and pale pink and gold. VERY beautiful. I think when I ran to get the camera there was some kind of big rodent on the porch, like a cross between a rat and a squirrel, but I scared it off.

I turned east but still looking up; the roof of the house wasn't even in the way. The clouds started changing, and then they formed what looked to be a giant atomic explosion. A mushroom cloud. "WOW," I said. "It looks just like a nuclear bomb went off!" I thought for a moment about how I've always felt that, if I were close enough to see a mushroom cloud, then I felt I would be FAR too close to ground zero! However, this weird sunset cloud must be pretty far away, so I felt that if I should ever see a real explosion, I'd be safe.

That was when Dad notified me that that WASN'T a sunset cloud, but an actual atomic explosion!!

WELL...suffice it to say, suddenly I didn't feel quite so safe anymore.

The Great Train Chase

One small dream involved a big train and a GeeBee (see my "Manitou Island" series)--I think the GeeBee was on top of the train, scaring people--and the train tunnel ran through our back bathroom. (These things don't have to make sense!) The train had been cut off from Minnesota by a mountain range--no idea what that means! And there was some sort of chase involved--I believe I was chasing the GeeBee, or maybe it was the other way around. Some other people were involved; it was all sort of old fashioned, like Wild West, maybe.

2001 Dreams