Bad Toilet + Save The Spiders!

I had some the night before last and I meant to post them here but by now I've forgotten most of them. I have written down "SM, DBZ art, Piccolo, Pepper, juice collar, toilet overflow, computer game--spiders--save." Meaning: It had something to do with Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z--I remember I had drawn a picture of Piccolo's face, he was facing left and it was a three-quarters view. A pretty good drawing. I think I had given it to somebody and we were commenting on what a good drawing it was, considering I'm not good at drawing faces.

I don't remember the juice collar...

Our toilet, in real life, makes a trickling sound now, and it bothers me no end. Dad says not to worry about it but it still bugs me. So I dreamed it overflowed. I can't recall the specifics.

There was a computer game that involved spiders and the goal was to save them, I think. It was one of those old primitive-looking games and the main colors were black and red.

Now You Sewer, Now You Don't

This is from the night before last.

We have a spot next to our house that used to be all sewery. Then some guys dug it up, cleaned up the sewer, and installed new pipes in our yard. They seeded it but the dead spot is still there, and lots of grass grows around it, so I think that it's still leaking somewhat. In my dream, they hadn't done a very good job of covering it up, as I looked out the window and saw a big hole where the ground had caved in, and I think I saw the vat or whatever it is holding the sewer. Very icky and messy. I felt anxious because, well, the ground had caved in! How come they hadn't done a good enough job?

The Creep At The Basketball Court

Last night's dreams I don't remember very well based on what I have written down..."Running, Dami, legs stinging, bike path, horses, uphill, court with kids, pervert guy?..."

Well, all right...

One dream involved me running outside during the daytime. What's it have to do with my character Damien? Maybe I was pretending to be him. I came to a "field" (area) full of weeds, just full of them, maybe outside the city or near some railroad tracks--it was sunny out and maybe summer, I was wearing shorts--and as I ran my legs were stinging. I think the weeds may have had poison in them and so when they slapped against my legs they stung. (Not deadly poison, just stinging.) Either that or I was just running through the weeds so fast and so long that my skin was getting irritated. Yet I kept on running. I felt I had something important to do.

I came to a wooded area and something that looked sort of like a bike path, but I believe people were riding horses down it. I ran past them, hoping they'd pay me no mind. I came to a steep hill and had to run up it. Now I was in the woods but the sun still came through in areas and there was still the path to follow. It took a sharp turn left, still going uphill (it was paved), and I went that way and stopped.

Here was a sort of basketball court or parking lot, only nobody was playing basketball and there were no cars. Rather it was a group of kids and teenagers just hanging out and relaxing a bit before they were to go on their way. The paved path was on the left; the paved resting area was to the right of that and was long and rectangular but not very big; and to the right of that was a big chainlink fence blocking it from the woods, but on only that one side. It was open around the rest of it. The people were just standing or sitting around in little groups like they were waiting to go somewhere. I paused. I wanted to go in and rest with them, but I also didn't want to have to talk to them--my shyness, as always. Yet I didn't feel incredibly uncomfortable; I smiled to myself, with how cheerful they all looked. I believe I was going to just go on my way, running to wherever it was I was running to.

However, I think there was an adult guy walking around amongst them all, acting friendly, and I felt he was a pervert of some sort--maybe he was trying to get one of the kids to go with him. I didn't sense he was INCREDIBLY dangerous, but more of a sick person. No one took him up on his offer, if he had any, so nobody was in any imminent danger, but I didn't like that he was there, bothering them. It ruined the atmosphere.

One unrelated dream that I don't remember well involved me looking at webpage backgrounds (I was just doing so last night); I saw a URL on the page, and I went to look at the backgrounds, but they were very slow loading and I was getting impatient. Can't remember the details.

Sully's Assault

This dream is rather uncomfortable for me to relate. In it, there was a show on TV, something like Third Watch, and it involved a male cop or something who had been raped. Yes, a guy. And he had been raped by a woman. This, I thought, was something different. I thought to myself that he must be pretty traumatized. But then they finally showed him and he was lying on his back on the sidewalk where he had been left--a couple of paramedics were attending to him, and he wanted to get up, but they wouldn't let him because he was injured. He'd been hit in the head during the attack so he had a gash or a scrape or bruise on his forehead. But he seemed to be all right, aside from that. He was fully clothed, so I don't know, he HAD been attacked, but of course they weren't showing it. He was dressed dark--a dark uniform like city cops wear. A jacket. No hat, and no badge or any distinguishing marks that I could see. He was talking normally and acting normally, not traumatized at all. He was a stocky guy, not fat or big but not puny either. Then I thought of the woman who supposedly attacked him and it was one of the actresses from Third Watch (I think the cop was too, he was a cop on the show; maybe Sully?)--I don't know her name, but she also plays a cop, she's this tough-looking woman, a hard face, wears her hair in a ponytail. Kind of stocky herself. Faith Yokas, I think. SHE was the one who had raped him. But while she's pretty tough looking, I found it difficult to believe that she'd managed to hold this guy down! I compared their sizes and couldn't understand how it had happened. How come he hadn't been able to fight back? I wasn't disbelieving he'd been attacked--I KNEW he had--but how did it happen?

Dogsitting At Eric's

This dream is very uncomfortable for me to relate, so I'm not going to include all the details. It's too embarrassing. You can fill them in if you want.

It involved me being at a house that was like my grandma's (Ma's side) house, but it was supposed to be my brother's. It was sunny out but maybe like evening because the air had a golden glow. I appeared to be alone in the house so I was exploring it. My brother had a dog in the dream, one at first, but then two. This is funny, it's kind of like the dream where his living room had flooded, "The Watery Den." One dog seemed to be light and one was dark, but they were different breeds. A shaggy sort of dog and a shorter-haired one, maybe like a shepherd. But only one was around at first. I can't recall all the details...I was inside the house, looking out, waiting for something--maybe for someone to come home, and it would be soon, because I was expecting it. I was looking out the windows at the yard. I saw the dog running around--the dark one, I think--and kind of wanted it to come in. Then I went to the bathroom and decided to check out the window to see if I could...break out if I wanted to. o_O I was just pretending--I just wanted to see if it would be POSSIBLE. There was a small window above the toilet. I reached up and pressed on the sides of the windowframe to lift it up, and the window easily came open, although it was dusty and old and looked as if it would be difficult. Immediately a gust of warm air came in, fresh warm air from outside. I smiled; it was nice out! Why not let some of that air in while I was at it? I think I took the front part of the window off--it just lifted out of its slots--and then there was another part, a screen maybe?--that I had to take off. The window was VERY small. Only a small person or a child would be able to fit through it, I know that I wouldn't, but in my dream I would be able if I wanted. It looked down over the yard at first, but then I stood up on something and looked down further. There was a part of roof or a porch--I think it was the latter--below, and one of the dogs was wandering around on it. I think I called to it to get it to come in. At this point maybe the other dog showed up, and I think it came in too. I got down from the window and I think I went into another room to play with them while I waited for my brother and Ma or whoever to come home.

There was a bit more to that last dream, as I said, but I'd rather not go into it publicly...

(Apologies, this hasn't been proofread--it's thundering outside right now!!)

[Note: The unmentioned part of the dream had to do with bestiality. Nothing happened, but there were feelings involved. I do not condone this.]

2001 Dreams