Barn-Top Cuisine

I may as well get this out of the way while I'm at it.

In a dream fragment of last night Dad said something about us going to a special restaurant sometime soon. He showed me a picture of it in a magazine. It looked just like a big red barn. He pointed to the top of the barn and said the restaurant part was in the top. I think I kind of shrugged and that was it. Dinner in a barn struck me as rather strange, but if it was what he wanted...

This dream may have then shifted into "In The White House At Night."

In The White House At Night

This dream may have shifted out of "Barn-Top Cuisine." I was in what seemed to be my elementary school hallway and Dad or Ma--not sure which, probably the first--said to me, "Have you been in the White House at night?"

This wasn't a weird question in the dream. The White House was nearby--apparently we were in Washington DC--and he wanted to know if I'd been wandering around its hallways at night, exploring it (which wouldn't be taboo in the dream). I said no, I thought I would get in trouble for being in there at night. "You can wander around in there if you want," he said, kind of surprised I hadn't already. It just seemed like something I would do. I looked out the windows. It was dark outside and the orange outside lights were on, flooding the pavement, but I believe there was also a full moon. I imagined wandering around the White House hallways at night during a full moon and it was an intriguing thought. I decided I would do it sometime soon.

Bathroom Rafting

This dream involved me going into a public bathroom. At first there was one line of stalls, all in gray (perhaps the walls were short), but then there were two lines, forming a V I think, so getting in them was rather difficult, they were at such strange angles. I couldn't decide which one to use--I seemed to keep going into ones that were for the handicapped and had two toilets in them--and then a group of people came in so I had to hurry up and choose. But then it wasn't really a bathroom but some kind of strange water ride we had to go on. There was a HUGE round inflatable raft and we all got in it, lying back against the sides with our legs stretched out toward the middle. I was a bit anxious because I can't swim and water scares me. We were still inside a building, but now we were also in a rapids--well, they weren't THAT rapid...I was afraid of us capsizing but the thing went slowly at first so I tried to get accustomed to it, clinging on tight. I looked down at my legs and saw that the legs of my pants were all dirty. I must have smudged them up getting in the raft; there was sand all over them. I didn't like that I'd gotten dirty, but I figured it was part of the price I had to pay for being on this ride, the others were probably dirty too, I'd have to deal with it later. In the meantime the big raft just kept bobbing over these slow rapids. (Yeah, oxymoron, I know...) I kept waiting for it to get faster and more frightening. I seemed to be wearing a jacket and everything was damp.

(By the way, the ride was not for fun; it had an important purpose, whatever that was.)

Bad Salad & Doggie Art

In one dream I went to the fridge, determined to eat the remainder of this huge salad I had in there. In real life a while back I had this GIGANTIC salad and worried about having to put some back as leftovers, but I finished most of it. In the dream part of a similar salad was left over. I don't like "recycling" salad because the lettuce goes funny but I was hungry and I had some new fresh cheese and I wanted to eat it. I got the salad out of the fridge and at first it didn't look that bad. It had plastic wrap over it. I took out a couple of pieces of lettuce since they'd gone funny, but then I saw underneath them these weird white objects and yelled out with surprise before I realized what they were.

Oh...they were just chopped eggs...and they'd frozen into little cubes. ^_^ Weird looking but harmless. But still frozen...uck. I started examining the rest of the salad and it didn't look so good anymore. This was a real disappointment, I thought all I had to do was remove some of the top lettuce, put on the new cheese, and have a nice meal, but not anymore...*sigh.* I would just have to throw it out.

I went into the kitchen and noticed the bacon pieces in a jar. I picked that up and was going to toss them also but ate a few--why throw it out if it was still good? I think I was going to put it back but then decided to throw it out too, or I may have eaten it. Not sure. THEN I noticed some pieces of REAL bacon on the counter. Dad must have made them and set them there for me to eat. I picked one up and ate it. THEN I noticed a raw egg just sitting there. Well, may as well put it to use. I picked it up too and went out to the front porch.

Looking out the window, I noticed some long slinky creature scurrying up a tree. It looked like a cross between a squirrel and a weasel or ferret. I opened the door and now there was a squirrel sitting on the porch or on the ground near it. I started tossing out the salad, then the bacon pieces (if I hadn't eaten them all), and then the raw egg; it cracked open and splatted against the ground. It's like I was giving slop to a pig. The squirrel gave me a look. "Enjoy," I said, and went back inside.

Sometime in this dream, perhaps when I went through the living room, there was a program on TV talking about dogs knowing how to paint. It even showed a golden retriever painting a picture of what was supposed to be a horse, but it looked like an abstract painting to me. Apparently dogs liked painting each other and other animals in abstract forms.

Suiting Up With CSI

After waking up and going back to sleep...

One dream I had involved the TV show CSI and had something to do with Gil Grissom. Not sure what; maybe I was with him or was supposed to be him? There were also a couple of spacesuits that we had to get into for some reason. But of course, I didn't know how to put one on. I think you had to put your feet in the boots first and then put on the rest, but it was very awkward and it wasn't working. It all seemed to be plastic. The mask part was shiny and golden. I put my feet in but couldn't get much further. I'm not sure what Grissom was up to, if he was with me. Perhaps it had something to do with the case we were working on.

My Hair Belongs To Michael Bolton

In one dream I had Ma do my hair and I went into the bathroom to apply some gel. My hair was sandy blond now and it looked like it was in all right but I tried to tighten it a few times, and when I put another twist in the tie it messed it all up. "Ohhhhhhhh!!" I groaned, taking the tie out and leaving to have Ma do it again. "It was too loose! I messed it up!"

But now it wasn't really MY hair but Michael Bolton's hair--I was looking at a picture of Michael Bolton on his latest album and he'd grown his hair long again. It was straight and sandy blond. And when Ma put my hair in a ponytail it's like he did the same with his. I was puzzled at first, as he usually wore it down and it was wavy, but now it was straight, in a tight tail, and long again, when it had been short before. Oh well, I thought. Maybe he's going for a new look. He actually had a genuine-looking smile on his face, too.

This dream may have then shifted into "Mom's Always Hated Adiemus."

Mom's Always Hated Adiemus

One little dream, possibly part of "My Hair Belongs To Michael Bolton," concerned Ma and myself, possibly in her car driving somewhere, and Adiemus was playing one of their slower songs. I was humming along to it and maybe singing a bit but Ma said, "THIS one I don't really like." I felt like telling her, "Give it a minute and it'll get more lively," but decided not to, she'd find out when the time came. Besides, I think she just doesn't like Adiemus very much period. ;)

2001 Dreams