The Orphan Girl

I should have posted earlier; I'm beginning to forget now.

In my dream of last night I was inside my house with someone, a guy around my age, when we realized that somebody outside had been hit by a car. It seemed to be summer and warm out but overcast. I went to the front window to look outside. There was something lying in the road, on the highway, to the north of my house. I couldn't make out what it was and so I went outside into the long driveway to get a better look. I wondered if it might be a person, but at the same time I refused to believe it was. I didn't WANT to believe it was. It was too horrible a thing to happen near my house.

I had a hard time making it out. I had to squint. At first it was like one big shape lying in the road, draped in white. A couple more people were kneeling around it. Then it moved and I think it was one person lying near another, maybe injured or maybe just checking them out; but then there was definitely a dead person lying in the road, dressed in white. I don't know if it was a man or a woman. But they had been hit by a car and they were definitely dead.

The guy I was with came out with me and stared at the road.

My memory gets fuzzy...I have a few things written down here that I don't remember. I can only guess.

I started crying, or rather, trying to. I know that I WANTED to cry, and I FELT like crying, but tears wouldn't come so easily. My chest was heaving but my eyes stayed pretty much dry--I had to FORCE it to come. I believe the guy with me tried to comfort me somehow; he made me stay behind, I think, while he went to check it out, to see what had happened. I have written down here "hiding behind car" and I can't quite remember what that meant. I think the people near the body had noticed us watching and I didn't want them to see me staring at them so rudely so I hid behind a car parked in our driveway. The thing is, I think it was too late, we had already been noticed, so I would have to face these people. Even though I had only been staring because I wanted to know what had happened. I hadn't meant to be rude. Plus I just didn't want to face anybody.

The guy came back and we discovered a little girl running in the driveway. She stopped near the open door of the car and we tried to get her to talk to us. She was shy and timid but we were friendly with her, and asked her, as tactfully as we could, if her parents had been the people involved in the accident. From what I could figure out they were--the dead person was one of her parents, and perhaps the other one was dead as well. She wasn't crying; I think she still didn't quite comprehend all that had happened. She KNEW something wasn't right, but wasn't ready to face it. She was young, but not incredibly young; maybe around seven or eight. I'm not good at judging age in people. I noticed then that she had a drawing of a dragon or a pegasus/unicorn, but then it was a toy of hers. I believe it had silver wings--it was most likely a horned pegasus with dragon wings. (I came across an animated gif online the other day that was a pegasus with dragon wings and I thought it was quite strange; I've never seen one like that before. I saved it to my hard drive.) The wings flapped when she played with it. The two of us smiled at her. She wanted to play; I didn't quite feel like playing, but I knew she must be hurting, so we decided we'd play with her. I took the pegasus/dragon and flapped its wings and I remember I liked it a lot. She liked it too.

After School At Errol Hall

This dream is very hazy. I was in the hallway of some sort of school after hours and a group of other people and I were getting ready to go home. I have the feeling the "regular" buses had all left, so maybe we'd made a special arrangement. The halls were dim but the light from outside was coming in. It made me think kind of like downtown Cheboygan, but different somehow. Lots of trees around it but definitely in the city. Concrete and pavement outside it. Kind of old and a bit rundown. Again it was overcast and evening was coming on. I had a heavy, HEAVY backpack, it must have been full of books, and I remember swaying it around on my back as I waited for whoever was with me to get their stuff together. There was a lot of talking going on. I knew I was involved in some important project and we were going to work on it. But we had to get ourselves out of the school and time was passing.

I have written down "cop door" and I'm not sure what it means. I think there may have been a special door that was meant for only policemen to use and we may have used it. I do know that when we got outside we stood in a sort of lot, waiting, and I was imagining my police characters and pretending to be one of them involved in a case. It was nice and warm out and we stood around talking--or rather THEY did, while I waited. I cast a glance toward the building we'd come from. There was a sort of wing or hall branching off to the left and it said something like "Errol Hall." I had the feeling this was a Catholic (?) school though I don't know where I got THAT idea. There may have been an old stone fountain (maybe with a cherub?) in or near the lot too. I believe I was wondering if we'd be late for our ride, even though it should have been coming right up to meet us and shouldn't have missed us.

Looking For Nephthys

I was at a computer (in a library?) and I was doing a search for the word "Nephthys" at any spot on the page, using the Find function. (Nephthys was an Egyptian goddess of barrenness and death, the wife of Set. I was performing a search for her name online just yesterday.) I think I found it and all the occurrences of her name were highlighted, but then I came across some pictures on the page as well. The page had a black background and the pictures were in sepia tones, rather orangish-brown. One of them I thought was Nephthys at first, then it seemed more like Isis with a horned crown, but it was also kind of like a pharaoh. It was an animated gif. The person's head was at the right side and was the part closest to the viewer, and it was the back of their head with just a bit of their profile visible to the left. They were stretching out their arms ahead of them, taking up the rest of the picture; their arms were foreshortened, heading away from the viewer. They seemed to have wings and they were raising and lowering their arms as if flapping them. They wore a crown sort of like the Red Crown or the Double Crown, but like I said, at one point they seemed to wear horns. The other pictures were the same color but weren't animated. I liked the graphic and was considering saving it to the hard drive (even though, looking back at it, this didn't seem to be my computer), but I thought I should save the OTHER graphics as well, so I didn't get around to it. The animated person (man? woman? deity?) had a determined look on their face as they moved their arms.

That's pretty much it.

2001 Dreams