The Hamster-Bird

Just a short one, the only one I can remember at all; yet another loose hamster dream, only there weren't negative feelings in this one. I was in my house and I discovered a strange small blue bird wandering across the floor. It was dark, maybe midnight blue; small sized like a chick, and "fluffy" like one too (I put that in quotes because it wasn't quite SOFT fluffy, but more like deep terrycloth or even deep-pile carpeting--hard to describe). It was funny looking, with a big round head and a tiny body, and a tail that stuck up like a peacock's and was pretty much just blue filaments with smaller filaments coming off the sides, sparse looking. Its feet were thick and "hairy" (feathery); they would be good for walking on snow, like ptarmigan feet. The whole bird, feet and all, was dark blue; the beak may have been black though, but it was still dark.

I squealed over this strange little bird as I watched it waddling across the wooden floor. (We didn't seem to have a rug anymore.) "Look at the CUTE little bird!!" I almost screamed. "It's so ADORABLE!" It was making funny noises and wandering around like it was lost, so I wanted to pick it up. However, I wasn't sure if it was friendly or not. I didn't want to take any chances with that thing!

I tentatively reached down and touched its head. When it didn't react I petted it a bit, and it was still docile, so I put my hand around it to scoop it up. THAT was when it decided to fight back and it clamped onto my right index finger with its beak. (That's when I saw its beak was black. The beak, BTW, was very thick and heavy, a nut-cracking beak.) "Oooowwwwwwww!" I let out. It didn't HURT so much, just a little, but it was squeezing HARD. "Okay, okay, LET GO," I said between my teeth, carefully trying to pry it from my finger. It came off gradually, since I had to pull it off all the way, but I finally got it loose and held it in my hands. It was the most ADORABLE little blue bird, even though it was weird looking and apparently confused beyond belief.

Where does the hamster come in? Well...somewhere along in this dream the bird changed into a hamster. I believe it was the same color, midnight blue, but I'm not sure. And it was still friendly, like the bird had been, so I didn't complain.

That's pretty much it.

2001 Dreams