Putting On The Brakes

I think I'd have to start posting these earlier in the day to remember them better...

This dream involved me having to help Ma with her car brakes. It seemed to be summer (it never seems to be cold in my dreams, it's always warm) and I was lounging around the house; I get the feeling I was supposed to go shopping with Ma, but when she showed up and needed me to go with her, I was suddenly reluctant to go. She pulled in the short driveway and parked at the beginning of the long driveway, car facing west. She told me that she was having some kind of trouble with the brakes and that I needed to help her--I was the only one who could do it. It involved me getting in the car and lying down, I believe, keeping my hands or part of my body pressed against the brake pedal so it...I don't know...wouldn't fall off or something. o_O I was VERY reluctant to do this--I just DID NOT want to. She was sitting in the car telling me this while I stood outside it fidgeting around. She stopped talking and just gave me this LOOK, like, "Please?" (She was wearing her glasses and leaning over the seat toward me.) I knew I was the only one who could help, and not helping (even though I didn't WANT to help--I had something I wanted to do at home) would have made me feel guilty, so I reluctantly went back into the house to change my clothes.

I took an inordinately long time to decide what to wear--not sure if I did this on purpose (to dally) or not. But nothing seemed right. I can't remember exactly how it went but at one point I ended up only half-dressed, part of me bared, so I would hardly have been appropriate; I think I went back in to change again.

I'm not certain if this part here was another dream but this is the order I have it written down in...I was recording a show on TV and it was running late, until a little after six PM. Dad was getting antsy because HE wanted to watch TV. And for some reason the channels were acting up. Static and such. Must have been sunspots. I can't remember if this was interfering with my recording or not, but I was hurrying up to finish it before Dad got mad.

In any case, same dream or not, back to the car dream--I finally got myself dressed, grabbed a book that I wanted to take with me to read (now I think we were going to Grandma's house, not shopping, and I no longer felt I had to lie on the brake pedal)--the book I grabbed was this lavender-colored softcover psychology book I had in my first year of college and kept. ? I guess I thought it would make for interesting reading. I also went to grab a cassette tape to bring along, and looked at my selection. I remember looking at this strange older one that I'd hardly ever listened to, it was supposed to be some early Eighties group that had only one song I sort of liked, so I wasn't even sure why I'd gotten the tape (albeit used). I don't recall actually taking THIS particular tape with me.

One part involved me writing something about the TV show Dragon Ball Z on my pillow. ^_^ I can't recall it clearly, or even what it was I was writing down, but, uh, I guess it was important if that's where I was writing it...

Just In Time, & Yet Too Late

One dream involved me recording a TV show yet again. It was night, and I believe I had just finished watching a tape when I realized it was about one minute to midnight and I had to record Dragon Ball Z! I didn't even have the tape ready!! Dad was up for some reason, and I panicked and grabbed the tape--praying to God that it was at the right spot in the recording so I didn't record over anything important--jammed it in--the TV was on AUX (play mode) but I didn't change it, I hoped it wouldn't matter, I said "COME ON COME ON COME ON!!" and pushed RECORD as fast as I could. It was about halfway through the theme song as I did this--I remember seeing Trunks on the screen--and I hoped I could get the whole show. Dad sat and watched me as I panicked. At one point I heard some thunder--perhaps it was after I'd started recording. Lots of thunder, just rolling and repeating itself for a long time. I was still standing near the VCR, and I craned my neck to look out the front window--now it was like late evening, I think there were mackerel clouds in the sky--dark silver and gold, all wavy--and the thunder just kept rolling. I was distracted for a time until my show ended, at which point I rewound the tape and played it back. And...the program HADN'T RECORDED AT ALL!! By leaving it on AUX (playback) mode instead of switching it to record mode, I'd missed the whole thing!

I was so upset I started wailing and crying, holding the tape in my hand. This whole time Dad just watched me kind of neutrally, which is odd as he probably would have been yelling at me if I'd started wailing like that.

That's it...

(Why can't I have another pirate dream?)

2001 Dreams