Cable In The Classroom

All right...

Hm, last night's wasn't very interesting...I know I was in high school/college again...the setting was my high school, but it may have been a college course as I had a few night ones there. Some things came before this but my memory picks up as I was going to my next class. I had to go to the bathroom but the nearest one had one of the janitors (a female janitor, which my school didn't have) cleaning it and I couldn't go in. I briefly considered doubling back and using the other one, then decided to go to my class first and then try to get to the bathroom. Maybe I'd ask the teacher beforehand just in case I ended up late.

I got to the class which was held in the equivalent of my school's Sophomore Hall. It was a lot like my HS Spanish classroom. The teacher was Ms...er...well, I suddenly can't remember her name, but she was the daughter of another teacher I had in junior high English class. Her mother--my first teacher--died. She later on took over. She looked a lot like her mother only her hair was long and straight, not curly; she's a big woman who wore glasses. I never saw this so I can't verify it but my best friend at the time told me she'd had her left pinky fingernail painted black, and had told her she was a practicing Satanist. But anyway...

[Note, I believe the teachers' names were Mrs. Meyer and Miss Meyer (sic?).]

I went into the class and sat down next to somebody, a guy I think. In front of us, where the blackboard should have been, I saw instead a couple of big TV screens. VERY big screens, like those flat ones you mount on your wall. They seemed to be hovering in the air. There may have been only one at first but then it was two, like in "stereo." The backdrop behind them was weird--it should have been the front of the class but it looked like white bleachers in a stadium. The TVs suddenly let out a LOUD noise that startled me. Then they started showing a hockey game, the guys hitting the puck, slamming each other into the walls, etc. It was very loud and realistic looking. I turned to the guy sitting to my right--he was a bit nerdy but friendly enough--and said in a dramatic, announcer-type voice, "HDTV!" as if this were supposed to impress us. (I remember almost screwing up when I said that and almost saying instead, "HGTV." *LOL*)

Now this part bothers me. I remember that he said something back to counter what I had said, but the dream has faded so much that I can't remember it. He said one or two words; the gist of it was that this wasn't really HDTV, it was something else, it WOULD be HDTV if it had some kind of attachment or something, something like that. In short, he was correcting me. I felt a tiny bit stupid but not overly so, as he was probably right. Thing was, when I said it I was only joking. ^_^

There may have been more to that dream but not much of interest...

Bath Oils For Kids

I remember a tiny part just before I woke up, it had something to do with bath soaps/oils in another person's bathroom and I was looking at them, first as if in a commercial, then in "real life." They were sitting on the sink. At first they looked one way but then they looked different. They ended up looking like five or six little plastic/glass tubes filled with different colors of liquid, set upright in some kind of carrying case. At first the case may have been shaped like a ducky. I know that it was for children, because the colored liquid was meant to entice kids. The tubes were lined up and looked like a little rainbow--purple, blue, green, yellow, red, pink. I KNOW that there was a color "missing," and it was orange. I'm not sure if those were the OTHER colors that were present, but orange was missing, definitely. They did this because they didn't have enough tubes or something to fit all the colors of the rainbow, ROYGBIV. (Even though, if they had pink, they could have just subtracted that and added orange! Whatever, dreams never seem to make much sense...)

In any case I was pondering over these bath soaps/oils right before I woke up, so they were still fresh in my mind when I did so.

(There was another part that involved me kissing my hand and pretending to make out with myself but I think I can spare anybody that one, including myself. <;) )

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