The Lady & The Tiger

Hm...this one hardly seems worth sharing, but it's all I can seem to remember from last night...

I was with my brother and somebody else, a person around his age (five years older than I am), and we were on a trip somewhere. Perhaps we were in Georgia, where my brother lives; the setting made me think of when we went on that tour of a Civil War battlefield. We stopped and got out of the vehicle and walked across into this sort of roadside park. It was slightly overcast but nice out; I keep thinking of the green grass, sort of grayish-green, not overpowering or bright. There were some trees (piney-looking things, but not the kind we have around here--the needles were higher up on the trunk and they weren't cone-shaped) and tall wooden stakes with birdhouses atop them. We walked past one but my brother stopped to check it out for some reason. He ended up knocking it over abruptly and walked on. I stopped and had to check it out because he hadn't done so very thoroughly before knocking it over; it landed on the ground and something started moving inside it. After a moment a big crow struggled out of the house and started bobbling along the ground. I called out to my brother and when he looked back I pointed out the crow, telling him it had been in the house when he'd knocked it over. I wasn't angry, but surprised by his indifference. He should have checked the house more carefully to make sure nothing was living in it. Even after I pointed this out he didn't seem to care much, and just went on walking.

Now the scenery changed somewhat and it looked as if we were merely walking down my driveway toward the garage. Evening was coming on. There was a dog with us now--a black Lab--like my brother's dog. It also made me think of Max, the dog my grandma used to have, at least in temperament. As we went toward the garage I knew we had something important in mind, but the dog wandered off to the side, into our garden, and began snuffling at the plants. I stopped and called him to come out. He wouldn't. Instead he snuffled harder, then began rubbing his head around like a cat would do as if the plants were intoxicating him. He even started rolling around a bit.

I did NOT like this, as we have poison ivy in our garden and if he got it all over him, he'd get it all over ME, too. I kept yelling at him to get out but he would NOT listen! By now my brother and his friend had reached the garage and were doing whatever they needed to do. I sense now that we were all important, high-ranking people, my brother and his friend like two courtiers or something; we were rather snobbish about it all. If I couldn't get the dog to obey me, perhaps I could get his owner (my brother) to pay him some heed!

I turned toward the garage and raised my arm. "ERIC!" I yelled in my most authoritative voice. He and his friend turned to look at me, all snooty. Suddenly I was like the queen or something--I imagined myself as looking somewhat like that picture of Bjork dressed as Cleopatra ^_^ --and I flung one arm toward the dog in the garden--

--only now the dog was a TIGER lolling around acting like an idiot--

--and I said in a loud, authoritative voice, "Your pet REFUSES to obey me and get out of the garden! Perhaps you'd best come over here and command him YOURSELF!"

...and that was pretty much the end of the dream. Never did find out if I ever got the thing to obey me or not. <:)

All righty, that's it...like I said, it wasn't much this time.

2001 Dreams