Tourists Only


I hate it when there's a part you remember so clearly, and the rest of it you can't remember at all...or worse yet if the order is all mixed up...

In one part at least...I can't remember exactly how it started out but I left somebody or this group I was with and went walking quickly along the beach. The water was to my right, the sand to my left. It was overcast and looked like rain or a thunderstorm was coming on. I was REALLY walking fast, almost like a powerwalk--like I had some sense of purpose. I knew the other(s) had noticed I was leaving them by now and kind of hoped they'd try to catch up, but I really wanted to get where I was going before they might decide to leave without me. Still, I tried not to look as if that mattered.

As I walked the Mackinac Bridge came into view, so I must have been walking along the Lake Huron shoreline. It was almost foggy, the air was getting so thick. Somehow, a bunch of trees popped up where the lake would be and blocked my view, but only for a few moments. As I walked it showed up again and got even bigger. I wanted a good view of it.

Somewhere along the way I came to a building and went inside. There was a sort of park or playground behind the building from which I could get a VERY good view of the bridge. I went through the building and had to slip through this tiny little door/opening/exit to get to the park. The place was wooden and kind of rough and worn, like the wooden buildings on a playground might be, but I think it was painted red and/or black. This opening was very small--I would never be able to fit through it. Like a pet door! But somehow I got through and went into the playground beyond.

It was very sandy. Normally I hate sand when I'm wearing shoes--but I don't know if I was wearing shoes or sandals. Trampled sand all over; it had been busy here. Far over were slides and monkeybars and such and there was a handful of kids and their parents playing around on them. I really wanted to join them on the playground, walk across, and get a good view of the bridge, almost near the base, because it was on the other side of the park and I had to go through the park to get to it.

That was easier said than done.

There was this big round barred enclosure around the park. I think the bars were painted red. Easy to climb over or through, if you wanted to look silly and suspicious. I set foot in the park and then hesitated. This was a park for TOURISTS ONLY. I'm a native Michigander, so I probably wasn't allowed. But I wanted to see the bridge so badly!

I tried going around the park on the left, around the bars. But there was something or someone in the way. So I tried the right. And it was the same thing. It was getting really overcast and late, so my time was limited; I had to see the bridge SOON or else the day would be over and I'd have to leave. The only way through was THROUGH.

I caught the attention of one of the moms in the park and asked if I were allowed to enter so I could pass through and see the bridge. She shook her head and said no. I nodded my thank you and turned to leave.

Well, it looked as if I wouldn't be getting my view of the bridge after all, since I wasn't even allowed in the park. What a stupid rule that only tourists were allowed in. Were only tourists to be allowed a good view of our bridge, as well? It was unfair.

I went back to that building and went inside. The strange thing is--I remember EXITING through that tiny opening again, and being surprised that I could actually fit through, like a piece of mail slipping through a mail slot. I have the feeling I met up with some friends but this puzzles me. What was I doing exiting the place when I had to go back in, when exiting brought me to the park and I wasn't allowed in there?

Kind of confusing ending...

(Edited: Sheesh...I forgot to mention that the whole dream seemed to take place during the summer, as it was so warm despite the chilly-looking weather.)

2001 Dreams