Don't Get Holling Mad

In one dream, I was standing on this big wooden bridge with the cast of Northern Exposure. Well, some of them, at least. Holling was there, and Shelly (sic?), you know, the blond who is his wife; Ruth-Anne or whatever her name is may have been there as well, and maybe Joel was around somewhere. Anyway, the bridge gives me the feeling of the one time I was on one of those swinging bridges (yes--I DID manage to force myself out onto one, once, at Rock City when I was visiting my brother--I'm still not sure how I did that), but I'm pretty sure this wasn't a swinging bridge in my dream. It made me think of it because it was all wooden, it had slats; that's about it. It had parts rising above it that resembled the build of a railroad bridge but there was no metal I could see. Very flat planks, like a walking bridge. The wood was grayish-brown, we were VERY high over this big dark river. The water was calm. No rapids. There was forest to both sides, pine, I think, but it might have been mixed. It was overcast and chilly, as we were all wearing coats, I think. And...uh, well, this is where I start to get fuzzy.

It had SOMETHING to do with birds, I remember that much. I believe we were feeding birds. Scattering seed on or from the bridge, and watching the birds come in to feed. Something happened; somebody was acting up or being a doofus, and I think they either scared the birds off, or maybe they were using the food as bait to draw them in and kill them. In any case, I remember watching a big flock of them ascend and turned to look at Holling. He was PISSED. He got this angry look on his face and started complaining quietly about how some people just didn't respect nature anymore. I get the feeling he intended to do something about it, but I don't know what. Shelly (Shelley??) was watching him, maybe Ruth-Anne was also, and they were surprised by the depth of his anger. Frankly, so was I. I woke up right as he was muttering under his breath, so I didn't catch all of what he was saying.

Mighty Morphin' Power Possums

I dreamed I went to look out at the front porch, to see if any interesting critters were feeding out there. It seemed to be late winter/early spring in this dream, as the snow was still thick on the porch but melting rapidly, everything was all ooey-gooey and messy. It was sunny and dripping everywhere. I can't remember this part very well, but--ah yes, I remember now--I looked up into the trees, and the branches were WAY high up--and I saw possums hanging from their tails. HA HA!! Not only that, but they were hungry possums, ready to come in and get food, so they started SWINGING through the branches on their way down to the porch!! I watched them come closer and I made the mistake of moving; they saw me and were startled. This was irritating, as I really wanted to watch them feed; but eventually they came down anyway. Only by the time they reached the porch, they were no longer possums but cardinals.

Yes, weird, isn't it.

I got a good look at one. It's like it was either big, or in extreme closeup. It wasn't a normal cardinal color, though it had the right shape, the little crest and the thick beak and all. It was tawny brown, darker than a female cardinal, and the crest on its head was bright BLUE. You know mandrills? Those baboons with the really bright noses that just seem all out of place? It was kind of like that, the feeling I got on seeing the bird's coloration. I feel that the cardinal saw me, as its eye (it had LARGE eyes) turned right toward me; and it seemed to be smiling slightly, like it knew I was watching and was in on some big secret. What a strange bird! I turned away and then turned back, wanting to get an even better look...but by now, the cardinals had turned into HEDGEHOGS.

(No, I'm not making this up...damn weird possums in this dream of mine.)

It was a very funny-looking hedgehog. It made me think more of those things that live in Australia or whatever--echidnas, I think it is? They've got these big thick spikes or platelets--I couldn't tell if these were quills or protective plates on its body, but they served both functions equally well. It didn't have the long narrow nose of a hedgehog, more echidna-looking, but hedgehog was the only thing I could think of. There was something odd about its color, too. I took a good look at its face in particular, and I feel it STILL knew I was there.

This part gets really hazy. I remember something about beetles. Perhaps some scarab beetles flew down and started landing on our porch, or maybe they entered into the next dream. I think I stepped out on the porch for some reason, maybe that's when I saw the beetles; but I had to watch my step because it was wet, and then toxic waste figured somewhere into the dream...

DAMN this is a strange one!

I believe this dream them morphed into the dream "The Toxic Tunnel," from the same night.

The Toxic Tunnel

This dream may have been a continuation of the earlier "Mighty Morphin' Power Possums."

I was in a long rounded tunnel, artifical, perhaps with ribbed walls. (Jeez...this sounds remarkably Freudian already. o_O ) I was with a bunch of other people. I feel they were working, carrying out the orders of this fascist-Nazi-type guy who was in charge of everything. (I think he even walked around carrying a swagger stick.) He was a real jerk. I don't know what it was we were doing, but you did NOT want to piss this guy off. I feel he was more shriek than substance, but why tempt fate? He was snapping at us the whole time, and I was trying not to lose my footing, as the ground underneath was sloping downward, and not only that, there was a steady, rapid stream of green radioactive liquid splashing past. I was wearing protective boots but it was hard to keep my footing, and I didn't want to fall into that stuff. It barely came up about an inch or two but--again--why chance it!! I think I reached out to the wall to hold on; the guy sensed we were stalling and started shouting harder. Somehow I ended up before him and I stared down at his boots, wondering how he kept his footing so well. He noticed my stare and smugly demonstrated how his boots worked. They were BACKWARDS boots--by this, I'm not sure if they went ON backwards, or if they turned his whole lower LEG backwards! It seemed to be the latter. They were white, shaped kind of like moonboots, but had a funny joint halfway up them that facilitated their moving more easily. They provided a good solid grip so he could walk around in the radioactive waste with ease. He was very proud of them. While he was demonstrating these to me, I woke up.

My Kingdom For Good Hair

This one's not so weird or detailed as my other dreams of the night. *sigh* Anyway, in real life this morning, I woke up to go to the bathroom and caught sight of myself in the mirror. My hair was ABSOLUTELY curly!! Normally, when I wear it in a tail, it's straight or, at most, wavy. But when I looked at myself yesterday it's like I had a perm, and not a half-bad one at that! Well ANYway...this must have carried over into the dream, as in it I had Ma do my hair in a ponytail, which is usually slicked back; only when I went to look at myself in the mirror, I had this curly, frizzy (in a good way) hair, with lots of bangs, that reminds me of the hairstyle that ditzy flaky woman on that Three Sisters or whatever TV show has. Plus, my hair was the same color as hers, light brown verging on blond, not medium brown. WOW! I had these zany curly bangs that just fell in my face, but I looked really cute! I brushed them out of my face but they flopped down again. I leaned out and said something to Ma, kind of sarcastic, like, "You REALLY meant for it to turn out this way, didn't you?" She kind of smiled. I normally would have been upset but I really liked this new hairdo--it made me look a lot cuter--so I was going to go with it, at least for the day.

Maxed Out + Scribbled Down

There was a part of a dream about the speakers in Dad's vehicle--I feel I either maxed them out or they were detachable and I broke them off, but I think I found a way to fix them.

And there was a further part where, as in real life, I had a piece of paper sitting on my bed beside the pillow where I was scribbling these dreams down, only in my dream I ran out of space on the paper, I'd had so many dreams. When I woke up and looked at the paper in real life I expected it to be just CLUTTERED with stuff. Instead, it has a mere five lines, scribbled far up in the right corner. Go figure. <:)

2001 Dreams