Goldfish Cocktail

This and the other dreams from this date I had in about the same one-hour period of time.

I believe it was summer and Ma and I were in the house with big drinks. I went into the kitchen and took Ma's drink, and...it was full of teeny-tiny goldfish. o_O Now I have no idea why Ma's drink was full of goldfish, and it struck me as weird even in the dream. They were very small, almost like tadpoles, only orange like goldfish; I poked my finger at the biggest one, who was about the size of a very large pea. I was going to ask her why she had them in her drink but I never got around to it.

Chi-Chi & The Bird

In this dream they were showing new episodes of Dragon Ball Z on TV. Now this is funny, because the DBZ series was supposed to be taking place in the year 2000 (in my dream). In these new episodes, it was now 2050, but the characters had hardly aged at all; Gohan was still just a boy. This baffled me; I could only chalk it up to artistic license. In one scene Chi-Chi was on a plane with another character, maybe Yajirobe, and there was a bird flying around acting funny. Like, it stopped in midair and turned over or acted really melodramatic or something, like it was dying. I think Chi-Chi grabbed the bird because she was angry with Goku (her husband) for some reason; she may have tried to strangle it, taking her anger out on another, like she always does. The characters were getting ready for another big fight, which was why some time had passed. There were some other scenes but that's the only one I remember.

The Living Autopsy

In one creepy dream Ma was upset about something and decided she had to cut my throat to resolve the problem. By "cut my throat," I don't mean KILL me; it was more like she had to mutilate me, and not JUST for the sake of mutilating me; I feel she thought or knew there was something "wrong" with me, like maybe I had a tumor, and cutting my throat was the only way to take care of it. She came toward me with a knife and made two slices from the right and left side of my neck, down to my breastbone; and from there she made another vertical slit down my chest. I think she wanted to cut me some more but I stopped her and went into the bathroom while she did something else. "God, Ma," I stammered, my voice really quavery. The cuts weren't DEEP, and I wasn't even bleeding, but the skin was peeling back from them like an animal's skin is pulled back and held down by pins in a dissection. I looked at myself in the mirror; there were the two diagonal cuts on my neck, leading to the vertical cut on my chest, forming a Y pattern.


(Roughly like that.)

It didn't really hurt, but it stung, and I didn't want my skin to peel back any further than it had. Underneath the skin it was pink and raw, like muscle. I put my hands to the cuts on my neck and tried to hold the skin in place. I was thoroughly rattled by this point.

There was one little part in here having to do something with "tub fights." Either people were fighting in a tub, or two tubs were fighting. o_O These were some pretty weird dreams.


One dream right before I woke up had to do with androids or clones of myself, bearing my name followed by a number which went up ten digits from copy to copy, as in, "Rachel_27" (note: my first name), "Rachel_37," etc. (Yes, the underscore was there too; it may have had some bearing on my online name of "Tehuti_88.") It also seemed to have some relation to Dragon Ball Z, as a couple of the characters on there are "artificial humans" (androids, to use the term loosely). There was only one "verified" clone/android, Rachel_27, but there may have been more and their names would just keep going up ten digits, Rachel_37, Rachel_47, Rachel_57, etc.; the only two numbers I specifically mentioned in the dream, however, were 27 and 37. I have no idea why these particular numbers, as they have no apparent significance for me, but I clearly remember them. I remember a field, and it was overcast, very cloudy, and I had to go and find the android(s) before it/they caused trouble. I started running and as I did I repeated under my breath, "Rachel_27, Rachel_37..." and this was when I woke up.

Playing CDs For Better Health!

In one dream, I went into a library looking for a particular zip file. Why a library? No idea; that's where I would find it, I guess. I was really interested in this zip file; it had some articles or something I wanted to look at. But I wasn't sure where I could download it; I felt the library would help me find it. It was kind of like the college library at NCMC (the community college I attended). However, by the time I got to the library, it was no longer a zip file I was looking for, but a CD. I can't remember this part very well; I have "CD player, blood pressure" written down. Hm. I remember a CD player, and it had something to do with blood pressure; I remember going online with somebody. The blood pressure part escapes me, but I feel the CD had something to do with it. I was getting kind of confused because I wasn't certain what I was looking for anymore.

I think maybe it was a special CD player that took a person's blood pressure. I do now remember the cuff that goes on the arm, and trying it on.

A related part showed what may have been the special CD player, and it had a red cord wrapped around it haphazardly. There was a voiceover; it was Kaolinite from Sailor Moon. For those who don't know (pretty much everybody here, I bet <:) ), she was one of the bad guys, a redhead. I heard her voice talking while I was looking down at this CD player (it was like on a TV screen, so maybe I was watching a show), and she was talking to Doctor Tomoe (her master), perhaps about a plan she had concerning this machine. That red cord really got to me. I didn't like how it was wrapped around the player like that; it looked like it would inhibit proper functioning, and it was so untidy. I wanted to fix it.

Foreign Commercials Are Funny

In one dream I was watching some weird TV show with Ma. And I kept seeing pairs of women powerwalking or skating down the sidewalk on the show. Maybe it was a funky foreign commercial, like for Mentos. <:) First it was two Asian ladies, I think, dressed oddly; then it was two little old ladies dressed all in hot pink. Then there was just one Asian lady; she had a fat little radio and she stopped to place it in a trash can sitting on the sidewalk, then started wheeling the trash can around in front of her. Both Ma and I thought this was very weird, but hey, it was probably some Japanese commercial, everybody knows they have strange commercials. ;P She was just wheeling this radio around in a trash can, listening to it, having all kinds of fun. She was wearing a jumpsuit and a baseball cap. I think I saw the two little old ladies in hot pink (also jumpsuits) again, the thing is, all these people we kept seeing were really the same people, they just kept changing.

I Will Not Eat Soggy Pirouline!

Last night (this afternoon) in real life, I kept waking up to eat some Pirouline cookies; they're these long crispy sticklike things filled with hazelnut-cocoa-flavored cream. Very delicious. I'd eat some and then go back to sleep. In my dream I woke up and reached for my can of Pirouline, only to find that I had filled it with water. ??? This was kind of disgusting; there were a few pieces of Pirouline left, but they were pretty much flooded, and there was no WAY I was going to eat them now!! I knew that *I* had put the water in the can, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out WHY!

The Eyes Are Bigger Than The Stomach

In one dream, which I think I dreamed after all the others this night, I was with a group of students (in my dreams I always seem to be a student) and we were going through the line to get food for lunch. This selection of food was VERY weird. I can't remember what it all was, but it seemed to consist mostly of strange foreign dishes and puddings and such. Gloppy stuff. LOTS of gloppy stuff. I remember picking up a biscuit or roll first off, then I got something scooped onto my tray--rice or some other? I moved along and picked up something else more solid. Moved along, put on a few scoops of something--mashed potatoes? Moved along, got some more stuff. My tray was pretty much filled but I wanted more food, and it was cheap. I wanted to get as much as I could without the tray overflowing. Everybody around me was filling up on stuff too. I came to the end and got some gloppy things like pudding or something. I either paid or got out the money to pay when I noticed some fancier desserts right by the "checkout." They were all sitting on a table, as if for display, and included a selection of little pudding cups. These cups had different flavors of pudding, covered with nuts or little candies. They looked VERY tasty. I debated with myself over whether I should get one or not. Could I even afford it?--I mean, I DID have an awful lot of food here to pay for! I looked at the price on the little puddings. I can't remember what it was--it seemed to be one dollar--but even if that was so, in my dream, it was a STEAL. I was at the end of the line, the others behind me were waiting and impatient to pay for their food, I didn't know if I'd even have ROOM to eat it (I had all this other stuff!!), but I knew I had the money, and I really wanted one. I finally decided to pay for what I had first off, then if I still wanted it after that, I could come back and buy one. I'd just have to hurry up and get one before they either sold out or closed the kitchen. I went into the cafeteria--the whole place didn't seem very school-like, it was all in earthtones and primitive, perhaps lit with torches or candles--I feel like we should have been dressed like barbarians and tearing at chicken with our bare fingers--and maybe we were all going to watch a movie or something. But that's as much as I remember; I don't even recall getting the chance to go back and get one of those puddings.

That's pretty much it...

2001 Dreams