The Girl In The Latex Suit

The question was asked if I have any special "technique" for remembering my dreams or not. Truthfully, the answer is no. Some of them just "stick" with me more than others, others just fade away. If I set them down not too long after I've had them it's a way of remembering them longer, but I believe that holds for anybody. I'm wondering if, based on what anybody's read so far, I have normal recall of them or if it's any different? Though I suppose it differs so much from person to person, one can't really tell. <:)

This one, not very impressive, but it stuck with me anyway...it's kind of convoluted and I'm not sure what order it goes in, but anyway...

Yesterday--or rather, the day BEFORE yesterday--I saw a program about latex suits. You could go out clubbing wearing just about nothing at all--you'd wear maybe a thong and a bikini top, and they'd paint this latex "suit" over your body, add some frills (feathers, ribbons, etc.), and then off you'd go. Personally, I thought they were incredibly tacky--like going out wearing nothing but PAINT--why didn't they just go out in their undies, if that's what they wanted?--and too much trouble to deal with (I'd hate to think of how they went to the bathroom--and those things could NOT be comfortable all night long!). But anyway...this program seemed to have carried over into my dream.

Most of the dream was centered at my high school, so I guess that's where I'll start.

Let me tell you what I have written down to remind me. :) My notes can sound funny sometimes: latex, halls/fat girl/handicapped, Mihoshi teacher--"You can go. You can't. You can. You can't," Texas chips, message boards. You know, looking at this, I'm not sure if I will remember it all!!

Anyway...I was at high school, walking around the halls. It must have been between classes, and as usual, I was trying to find out where to go next without being late. I hate those kind of dreams because I can NEVER find the class I need when I need it!! I went into one hallway--I believe it was Senior Hall (there are four main halls in our school for the different grades)--and I think the students were setting something up. I seem to remember something being in the hallway--maybe streamers or something. I have the feeling they were setting up a project. I had to go to the bathroom before going to my class so I stopped in there--and the bathroom was full of teenage girls putting on their latex "suits" and apparently getting ready to go clubbing.

I kind of elbowed my way around them. I never got to go to the bathroom but I wasn't in any distress or anything about it. I thought about how ludicrous they looked, especially being "dressed" (or undressed?) like that in the high school lavatory. Didn't they know how stupid they looked? What was even sadder was that there was an overweight girl among them. The others hardly paid any attention to her, but I have the feeling she too was wearing a latex "suit." Needless to say it didn't look very good on her. (And this from me, I who think these things look good on NOBODY.) She kind of stood over to the side, apart from them, as if hoping they'd notice or invite her to join them; it was kind of pathetic because they obviously didn't care for her. I remember something about "handicapped"--perhaps she was handicapped in some way, either in a chair or mentally handicapped; or else I came across somebody later on who was. In any case I didn't care to tell her what her chances were of going clubbing or whatever with the other girls. Maybe it was for the best, considering how she looked in that latex. If the others looked silly, she had no chance. And I'd rather she felt left out than go and totally humiliate herself with the rest of the gaggle.

I left the bathroom to go to my class. Now I apparently knew what it was. I think it was in Sophomore Hall (which is to the right of Senior Hall, the bathrooms being between them), at the end, on the right. I went in there and had to talk to the teacher for some reason--and the teacher was the character Mihoshi from the anime Tenchi Muyo! Oh LORD. If you've never seen the show (and you probably haven't), I should just say that she brings a whole new meaning to the word "ditz." I had to ask her something and of COURSE I knew I wasn't going to be able to get a straight answer from her. What's more, I was in a hurry--I think I had to get to my NEXT class. That meant this one must be over. Whatever! It's a dream, they don't always make sense. I leaned on the desk--more like a table--at the front of the room and tried to ask her whatever my question was--maybe I wanted to leave early. There was something in this part about some special potato chips from Texas or something, and I think Mihoshi was dipping them and eating them. Perhaps they even LOOKED like Texas. <:) I should have typed this out earlier today, I might have remembered more!! Something having to do with message boards--like online ones--fit in here somewhere as well--I have the feeling I was leaving messages on a lot of them. Anyway, I asked Mihoshi whatever it was I had to ask her, she answered my question, and then she said to me, "You can go now." I turned to go and she said, "Wait! You can't go!" When I stopped and turned back she said, "All right, you can go. Wait! No, you can't go! Okay, go." I don't know how long she kept this up because I finally just turned and left her arguing with herself. That's Mihoshi for you. I knew I'd have no argument with her afterwards for just walking out on her; she's too ditzy to hold a grudge.

Pennies From Heaven

This dream may have been tied in with the earlier "The Girl In The Latex Suit."

Somehow I ended up at a sort of cliff overlooking either a sandy place or a sandpit. The "cliff" was like those cliffs you find at sandpits, just a sort of washed-out section of land (though there was no water around it); where the grass drops off suddenly and you're left with a big sandy wall, weeds and roots sticking out of it. It wasn't INCREDIBLY high, but it was high enough--maybe as high as a two-story house such as mine. And for some odd reason, I had to climb up it.

I met a girl there, get this, ANOTHER girl I had an issue with in elementary school. I suddenly can't remember her name. I have the name "Jennifer" written down, but that's not her name. The truth is, Jennifer was the name of her best friend, and it's also the name of my cousin, who reminds me of this girl. Drat it, I WISH I could remember her name, I'd know it any other time. >:( She has dark hair and a chubby round face; in high school she was one of the "line cutters" at lunch, those people who always begged for your spare change because they "forgot" their lunch money, then if you gave it to them they'd cut in line, snickering about how gullible people were, and complaining about the food--the same kind of people whom I couldn't stand. She was rather snotty toward me in elementary school; I was the weird one with the imagination and she and Jennifer were the "snobs." (Yes, even elementary school has its snobs.) On one occasion when I was hanging out near a mudpatch and poking around, pretending to be some kind of weird mud creature, she came up to me and asked, "What are you doing? What are you supposed to be?" I replied, "I'm a mudsucker," which to me sounded really cool, that was what kind of strange creature I wanted to be for the day. The girl--whatever her name is--got this look on her face and grinned and said, "Riiiiiight." It was a long time before she let me forget that one.


ANYway...I found myself next to her at the base of this cliff, or else she was slightly above me. The problem was this: I had to climb this cliff, and she was there, in the way. (Note, there was no acrophobia involved in this dream, oddly enough.) I was dismayed at seeing her, but hoped I could work my way around her; we hadn't been in contact with each other for a good long while, maybe she was past her snobbery by now. I grabbed onto a hunk of sand and started pulling myself up. She kind of got in my way at first, but then I realized she was trying to climb up too; her detaining me was only incidental.

She said hello and we started making smalltalk. I sensed she was being friendly only in a false way and so I was guarded. She asked how I was doing, I asked how she was doing, what have you been up to lately, so you have to climb this cliff too, do you think you'll make it, etc. etc. As the time went on and we climbed together, I noticed that yes, there WAS still a snobby element to her, but no, it wasn't in a condescending way--it was just the way she WAS. She didn't really KNOW any other way. She WASN'T trying to insult or offend me, and she wasn't being false. I sense she had the impression of "Jeez, this person is kind of weird" about me, but it was merely her impression, and perhaps it wasn't unwarranted--it wasn't meant to upset me. As I talked with her a little more she began to realize a similar thing about me--I was so guarded because I thought she was trying to tease me, yes, I may have been weird, but it was only the way I was, it wasn't an attempt to get attention or to go against the flow, it was merely who I was, the same way she was who she was. We were both completely different, and this whole time we'd taken our differences as signs of antagonism when there was nothing more to it than...being different. We were so foreign to each other that we just couldn't understand the other without assuming too much about our motives--when we didn't HAVE any motives! With our smalltalk, however strained, we learned we'd seen each other the wrong way all along--and no offense had ever really been intended. We'd just gotten off on the wrong foot because we didn't understand each other.

As we climbed she got ahead of me. I kept grabbing at hunks of earth, because that was all there was to grab at (yeah, there were roots, but not very big ones--and no rocks that I could see). These hunks of earth kept breaking off and slipping under my hands, and the way up was very rough going--but I kept doing it anyway. I didn't really have a FEAR of falling, I just kind of had an anxiety--like, "I got THIS far, I'd hate to fall now and have to start all over again!" I feel we had some kind of schedule to keep.

The girl--whatever her name is--got ahead of me but continued talking. We'd opened up a bit more now that we understood we weren't actually fighting with each other. The climbing was much easier on her than it was on me. She moved with ease, while I struggled. She even turned to look back over her shoulder at me as I followed. I began to resent her and her ease a little bit--she COULD have seen how much trouble I was having, and slowed down or at least acted a bit more concerned--but eh, that's the way she was, not to notice my predicament, so I couldn't really hold it against her. I was envious of her ease, though. She chattered cheerfully while I nodded and tossed out a word once in a while, all sweaty and dirty. A few pennies suddenly rained down over me, like little chunks of earth being dislodged. I can't remember if I tried to catch them and keep them or if I just let them fall on by. I may have tried to catch a few, but I couldn't catch them all because I had to keep my hands on the cliff and keep moving up.

The girl--"Jennifer's best friend"--kept on chattering and once in a while a few more pennies would rain down. I sometimes got the impression she was TOSSING them down at me, for whatever insane reason, but maybe I was just being paranoid and they were actually dislodging themselves from the cliff along with the dirt that kept falling on me. Pennies in the cliff? Well, it WAS a dream.

I never reached the top of it before I woke up. And it wasn't even my alarm clock that was responsible this time, it was having to go to the bathroom. Foo. It would have been nice at least to figure out WHY I had to climb up that stupid cliff. Don't you hate how these things never have any decent conclusion? >:(

I WISH I COULD REMEMBER HER NAME!! I'll probably remember it later on today, and then when I have the chance to come in and post it--I'll forget it again! Figures!!

(Looking back, I remember now--the girl's name was Tonya or Tonja W.)

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