Meteor Strike

In this dream, it was daytime. I think it was summer, even though it was supposed to be winter; sunny out, warm, but there was something strange about the sunlight. It just didn't have the same kind of shine it does in summer. It was like a "winter" kind of sunshine. Can't really explain it...it's just the only way I can explain that it was both summer AND winter in my dream. Anyway...Ma and I were at home, doing our own things in the living room; I was getting ready to record my programs, so it must have been around four-thirty in the afternoon. I looked out the front window. (Another reason it may have been winter and yet summer, the trees across the highway weren't full of leaves, so I could see the sky and the field beyond.)

Across from our front yard is the highway. Across from that, a big field. Across from that, trees. Not far beyond that, the lake. But there must have been more land behind those trees in my dream, or else what happened next happened beyond the lake.

I saw a fireball streaking down from the sky, from the north to the south. I had a much better view than I could have had in real life, standing near the TV at the far side of the room, looking outside. I could see the whole of the sky and the slow descent of the fireball, the long smoky trail it left behind it. I just stood there and kind of watched it in awe. "Ma, Ma, look out there, look at that," I prompted her. She was closer to the window than I was, and looked up as well. We both just stood there stupidly and watched the meteorite fall.

Here's the STRANGEST deal of all...I wasn't terrified. Usually dreams like this--and I'm sure the real situation--would leave me terrified! But in this dream, I was more impressed--"WOW, look, a real meteorite!"--and concerned. Because, no matter how unafraid I was, that meteorite was going to hit and it was going to hit HARD!--

And of course, hit it did. It disappeared from view in the distance...I waited for what I knew must be coming...and then there was this gigantic BOOM!!

(I can't describe the sound. "Gigantic" and "BOOM" do it no justice. It was of course a bomblike sound, but not roaring and ongoing--just one LOUD, solid, cracking BOOM.)

A giant smoke/dust cloud rose into the air as if some kind of nuclear bomb had hit. The cloud was brown but it rose up like a mushroom. Ma and I stood and stared at it a few seconds more before I regained my senses. "Ma, get down! Cover your head!!" I shouted, dropping to the floor and doing so. Ma did the same without any argument. A moment later rocks and sparks and debris began raining down over our house. We could hear it pelting the roof above. Nothing broke through, fortunately, but I was most afraid of one of the flaming rocks setting fire to our house. If that was the case we'd have to leave as soon as possible.

We waited until the debris stopped falling before daring to get up and go outside. There were a few people outside along with us, people we knew. We all looked toward the west (where the meteorite hit); I can't remember seeing the cloud at this time, but we were marveling about something. And now suddenly it was nighttime. I looked straight up at the starry sky and while the others were talking I saw a meteor shower cascading overhead. I quickly pointed it out to the others; the meteorite that had struck must have been from one of those. I was confused, though. That last big meteor shower was supposed to be on January 3. So what was THIS light show all about?

I next turned around and looked up at our roof. It was DAYTIME again, as I could see the roof clearly. I wanted to make sure the fallout hadn't set it on fire. A few sections were smoking, and I even saw one part of the roof glowing, but a man standing beside me--I feel it was my uncle, the person who had put the roof on in the first place--said it was expected to do that, it had taken a beating but would be fine. That relieved me.

But that's what's weird, this GIGANTIC meteorite strikes, big enough to resemble a bomb going off, and the thing I'm most worried about is...our new roof getting torched?

I can only assume that there were no people living in the area of the blast. Else I may have been MORE upset.

Wild Dogs In The Night

I was inside, getting ready to record my show (this makes the time around 4:30 PM), when I suddenly realized they were airing a Looney Tunes marathon or some such and my shows had been preempted. Oh. Well, that was okay, it meant I didn't have to deal with the VCR today. A break for once. It was now NIGHTTIME for some reason and I went to the front porch to look outside and see if I could spot any wild animals feeding from our porch. There must have been snow on the ground, as I could see a dark form, catsized, out there right now, even with the light off. I could tell it was a baby black bear, and I began calling Ma to come look at it.

Ma, of course, now decided to take her time. Dad was sitting in the living room now. I started getting irritated and whisper-hissing for Ma to get her butt in here and LOOK AT THE BEAR!! I couldn't shout as I might scare it off, but Ma wasn't listening. The bear left the porch, but then came back, and instead of being all black it had a big patch of white on it; its coloring looked like that on a pig. Ma FINALLY came over to see it, only it left the porch again, and something else--TWO somethings--came in its place. I opened the door and went out to look at them.

And it was...two pigs. /:(

Ma and I stooped down to pet them. They were small, but VERY fat. In fact, I realized they must be potbellied pigs. I think one was white/pink, and the other was black and white. One was bigger than the other. I think Ma picked the smaller one up to hold it and I petted the big one, but I realized we couldn't stay out here very long.

In the distance I heard high-pitched, eerie yipping-laughing-wailing sounds.

"Wild dogs," I said to Ma, and she put the pig down. "We have to get inside before they come along; these pigs will just draw them in."

I shooed the pigs from the porch and we hurried inside. Suddenly it was important to NOT be outside; at night the wild dogs came out to feed, and they would snatch off ANYTHING that captured their interest. Including humans. (Plus, maybe the mother of that baby bear could be lurking around somewhere, even if her baby HAD apparently turned into a pig!!) The fear was palpable; it was almost as if these dogs were human, at least in intelligence, and if you were outside at night even as long as a minute they could find some way to trap you and kill you. The fear I felt reminds me of what it would be like to have been in that movie Tremors. You can't even set foot on the ground without these things KNOWING you're there. It was the same here, only it was the night that gave these creatures refuge, not the ground.

We shooed the pigs off and got inside, shutting the door behind us. Now it was summer again, but still nighttime. There was some part of the dream in here where I was driving my dad's vehicle away from the store toward home, but I don't know where it fits in; it felt weird too, because I can't drive, and I had the distinct feeling I was doing something dangerous yet necessary. In any case, once we were inside the house again, it was now a different house, and Ma and I went into the kitchen. The kitchen was surrounded by windows and sliding glass doors; the porch was off to the left--it was one of those deck-style porches, with a lawn beyond. There were lights above it so we could see the porch, but beyond that was blackness. As we looked a group of guys came up the deck and around in front of us to get inside. I recognized one of them as a guy I knew (but didn't really like) in high school, Tom B. These guys were college students or something and they had just finished up something they were doing outside--perhaps it had to do with the dogs--and were now coming inside. Ma and I stood and watched them, hoping they could get inside the house in time. Sure, they were right in front of the door, but those dogs could be QUICK! The guys looked unconcerned, and Ma and I made no move to hurry up should they get in trouble, but the tension was there nonetheless. Yet I have the feeling the two of us would have just stood there mutely and watched as the guys got mangled if those dogs would have decided to show up. Like we were zombies or something.

Well...that's the dream. Afraid it didn't make much sense this time, as usual. <:)

2001 Dreams