A Place Of High Hilly Streets

I'm putting this dream down more for me than anyone else. It's stuck with me so far and I don't want to lose it. I wish I could have it back a while longer, that's how much I liked it.

The other night I dreamed I went down to the ocean to take some pictures. This is strange, because there's no ocean around here. I'm not even sure if it WAS the ocean, but it had to be something...does anyone know of a place with high streets and an ocean view? Because first I wandered around these high, hilly streets--lined little white houses--it wasn't in the country, but it wasn't a big city either, maybe a suburb. Little white houses with little yards, all facing the hilly streets. Very steep roads. They went way up and way down, and eventually you'd come to a sort of boardwalk leading along the beach--not out over the water, but parallel to the land. There was a dropoff: It wasn't a gradual slope down to the beach, you left the streets and the houses--there must have been a stairway somewhere--because then when I was walking along the boardwalk, there was a wall or something to my side, going up maybe six, seven or so feet, and to my other side was the ocean. Or whatever that body of water was.

It was kind of sad to leave the steep streets because they were so pretty. I keep thinking of Mackinac Island. That's the only thing I can compare it to. I went down to the beach with somebody--I don't know who, I sense it was a guy--and we reached the water and instead of feeling sad about leaving the streets, my attention was turned toward the water and that distracted me enough to get over my sadness.

It was sunset. It was GORGEOUS! The sky was turning dark orangish-pink, clouds floating over the water. With my back to the wall/dropoff/whatever (above which was a big grassy lawn of some sort, maybe a park), looking out over the water, to my right at the side of the water was a city. Maybe a marina. It was silhouetted black by the setting sun, which was further to the left, ahead of me. Also ahead of me was a big ship with full sails--a Spanish galleon or something--floating out on the water. :) It was beautiful! There must have been some kind of boat show going on and this was one of the last ones, coming in for the night. It was still far out but coming closer. It started firing its guns, and great puffs of smoke flared in the air.

I fumbled around for my camera--I was carrying our old camera--and I started taking pictures of the sky and of the ship. I ran out of film quickly; it had only had a few shots left. I fumbled around again until I found the digital camera, and held that up, poised to shoot some more.

To the right of the "galleon" now was another ship, but this one was modern, a type of military warship or something. It too started firing its guns, so both ships--old and modern--appeared to be engaged in some kind of anachronistic battle. They weren't really fighting, though. It was just part of the show. I took some more pictures, as it just got better and better, but the digital camera had only a few shots left on it as well and soon I was left with lots of pictures to take but nothing to take them with!! <:( I really wished I had more film, the sky, orange and pink and getting darker, and the ships, great puffs of smoke rising, were so beautiful.

*Well,* that was pretty much all that went on...nothing much else to add. The dream is fading already. I wish it was clearer; I'd love to visit that place with high hilly streets and an ocean view and stay longer, take more pictures--but after all it was only a dream.

Hawk Tamer

To better remember my dreams I write down a few little bits on a piece of paper...for last night I have written down "hawk on arm"...at one point I looked out my front porch window to see a hawk sitting on the railing; I love hawks; and when I opened the door it flew up and landed on my arm. I was a little frightened--this was a bird of prey, sharp beak, sharp claws!!--but it was almost tame, it didn't even attack me. I must have been smiling like a doofus when it did that. I have the feeling somebody was with me then too, but I'm not sure who it was.

The Hidden Door In The Hall

I was in a building and I came to a wall at the end of a hallway, the walls were done up in some kind of carpeting--I needed to find a door which I knew was there and I found it, just by pressing on the wall, it opened up a hidden doorway in front of me by means of which I could find what I needed. A group of people was with me this time; I have the feeling I wanted to impress them with my knowledge, and it appeared to have worked.

A New Office For Lennie Briscoe

Last night I had another dream that for some reason sticks with me. I went into a house with another person and went to show him his "new office." It was a big old house in a suburb or something--perhaps the same suburb with the high hilly streets and the ocean view in my dream "A Place Of High Hilly Streets." I have the feeling the houses are old, but quaint; an antiquey feeling. This was no exception. Big and dark, but homey in a way. I've always had a fondness for dark wood walls--I had dreams long ago of dark wooden walls, lights like candles or lanterns--a bar-like place, but so comforting--it was daytime here, no lights needed, but I had the feeling it could be that kind of place when it got darker...

It was one of those dreams where I'm "acting," and directing the course of events--not consciously, as I can't lucid dream--but it's like I know what's happening, and what I want to happen. I was one of my characters, I believe, a therapist named Lynn Leja. You know, of all the female characters I've created, she's probably the only really stable, likable one, aside from Isis. :) Anyway, I was Dr. Leja and for some reason I was showing this guy around. At first he was supposed to be Lennie Briscoe from Law & Order but then he changed. (All right, so this is kind of silly; but it's a dream, I can't help it.) I told him I had something to show him and led him to this room. It had a very high ceiling, possibly vaulted, but was relatively small in size; dark wood walls; maybe it had books on the walls and a ladder to reach them? There was a wooden desk of some sort, maybe a covered seat; an interesting-looking room, to say the least. LOTS of wood. I turned to the man and said, "This is your new space, your new office. You get this for all your hard work. I hope you like it here." I even showed him his nameplate, "Lennie Briscoe." This "new office" was almost like a new rank for him with how much I talked about it. After showing him his nameplate he seemed to change into a different character; who, I'm not sure; but he nodded, musingly, and looked around the room. For some reason I felt all pleased with myself, like I'd done something incredibly generous for this man, and he would have to be impressed by me...looking back on it it seems rather foolish to have felt that way, based on his low-key reaction (I wished he would have reacted a bit more), and there's also the fact that, HELLO, here I am, a psychologist, and I'm showing a detective around a building like I'm some kind of real estate agent?? Oh well, I feel it also had something to do with an important case, perhaps that's why I felt so pleased; maybe I was helping out on the case somehow. For some strange reason, the dream left an impression on me, and I liked it.

I would have loved to help out some more on that "important case" and put my psychological skills to work. :)

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