To Alias Or Not To Alias

This dream concerns how I don't have an alias here (the site where this was originally posted) and don't really want to take one. There have been PLENTY of times when I was tempted, and still am, but there's another part of me that just feels it would be..."false" or something. What good would I do with an alias? Even if I did take one, everybody would recognize me!! I'd have to write in monosyllables!!

"Hi. I'm new.

"I like it here.

"I hope I stay a long time.


*UGH.* I sound like Hemingway!! >:P

Anyway, in the dream I was at (this site)--in my room (don't ask, no idea)--and I was agonizing over taking an alias. But then I suddenly realized--"Tehuti, you're stupid, you HAVE several aliases here already!!" Thinking on it, I realized that was true. I was already registered under about three or four different names! Why was taking yet ANOTHER one such a trial for me?? That of course solved my entire problem. The end.

Ponies For Sale

There was a dream (about this site) I had recently that I've been meaning to send to F. (name omitted--a user at the abovementioned site) but haven't been able to yet. In this dream, F. left a message in my guestbook, telling me about some kind of canine rescue service she owned. (By "canine rescue," I mean that she ran a place that rescued abandoned and mistreated dogs. Why F.? I have no idea.) Anyway, in the dream, she told me to come visit her, so Ma and I did. La dee da. We show up at F.'s house--it's like a ranch house or something, and there's a garage off to the right that we walk through--all kinds of junk and stuff in it, and lots of animals wandering around. It was kind of like a farm, only with a ranch house. I remember seeing some cats and going to pet them--and they had these RED EYES. BRIGHT red eyes!! They weren't even albino! Oh well, at least they weren't evil. Ma and I went toward the back of the garage and came to a big enclosed pen where some horses and ponies were being kept. All of a sudden, we were there to...buy a pony?? Yep, for some weird reason I wanted a pony. I checked them out briefly, F. was selling a horse for about $1200 and a pony for about $600. (I had seen these same prices posted on a horse-and-pony-for-sale sign at Glen's in real life.) Sounded reasonable, to me (for someone who has no idea about these things). While Ma checked out the horses and talked with F. I went back inside to look at some antiques on the shelves. Seems F. was also an antiques dealer. (Man, you were a jack of all trades in this dream, F.!! :D ) While I looked at them it suddenly struck me--"A PONY? But, those things cost a FORTUNE to feed every day! Plus, where would I KEEP it? And Dad would KILL us if I got a pony!!" Suddenly, getting a pony didn't seem like such a good idea anymore. I really had no idea why I even wanted one in the first place.

Fortunately, Ma and I left without buying anything. (Well, fortunately for us; not so fortunately for F., I guess.)

Ripping Dad A New One

The night before last I dreamed that Dad got drunk and wrecked the Explorer. Well, THAT was a nice dream. He wrecked a truck a long time ago; in my dream, this was the second time. He was unhurt, but the vehicle was totaled, and he's the primary breadwinner, whose place of work is about a half hour away from home. Niiiiiiice! Ma wasn't happy, but I was LIVID. Dad was sitting on the couch, still drunk, but kind of dazed; on hearing what happened, I came out of my room and just started SCREAMING at him! I was swearing up a storm!! "That was REAL smart of you to get into a f**king accident like that! You know what? We can't afford to buy ANOTHER f**king car! Just because you F**KED UP!!" I just laid into him like nobody's business. He stared at me in shock. I couldn't believe what I was saying but I was just SO MAD!! He was ruining EVERYTHING for us! How were we going to get the bills paid now, when he didn't even have a car? I was FURIOUS!

Needless to say, that wasn't a very pleasant dream...


In my dream, last night, Ma brought home a bunch of little tiny plants in their own little planters--cheap little plastic things. All sorts of little plants. Some looked like grass, some were leafier, etc. I went with them into the living room and accidentally knocked one over. The soil and the plant spilled out--and I FREAKED. I was just so upset that I'd uprooted this poor plant! I began bawling like it was the end of the world and tried scooping the soil back into the planter, and putting the plant back in, but the soil was very loose, much had been lost, and the plant wouldn't stand upright. Ma came in and now a lot of the plants were falling out of their planters; I was sobbing and trying to scoop them back in to save them. I felt so horrible that they might die. Ma didn't seem very concerned, even though they were *her* plants; but I was so upset, I can't even understand why. I mean, they were just PLANTS! What got me so rattled about that??


I should clarify here, when I said "cheap little plastic things," I meant the planters, not the plants. Eegh, even *I* wouldn't waste time worrying about plastic plants dying. That's dumb. >:P

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