The Courtyard In The Swamp

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This wonderful dream I had last night. I was in this strange big house (I think it was supposed to be my brother's) and I was trying to find the bathroom, only the bathroom wasn't very private--when I went in there, it was difficult to sit down and get anything done, plus I could see a person in a room beside me. They were reading a paper or something, oblivious to me, but that didn't matter, I couldn't "get the job done." So I left the bathroom and went looking for someplace more private.

I wandered into a den or bedroom. The walls were white--they made me think of fiberglass, or some kind of fibrous substance, since they were porous, but they were all "jagged" (too strong a word since it implies sharp edges, of which there were none), gnarly, and twisted looking, making me think of spun cotton candy. The room as a whole was rather dome shaped. I didn't find a bathroom--I found a niche at one side of the room, but it led to nowhere--so I decided to try the way into the private shower. If there was a shower, maybe I could find a toilet; and if there was no toilet, well, maybe I could just use the shower. No one was around. ((o_o))

I entered the shower room and it was like room leading into room after room. You know antechambers? Like that. I went into one, and it led into a little hallway that led to another. The walls were all pale blue, and I knew I was surrounded by open space--the walls weren't solid, they had archways leading outside--since it was so light around me. I found the shower, but it, too, was like the rooms, one small part leading into a big part. The whole was surrounded by drawn shower curtains. I briefly considered going into the shower and drawing ALL the curtains, leaving me enclosed in this HUGE space. (I'd just about forgotten about going to the bathroom by now.) But I felt that guy who had been reading the paper would show up and ask what I was doing.

But...there was something else beyond the shower rooms.

I left them and went out a door at the other side of the room. And stepped out into...a garden.

I couldn't believe how BEAUTIFUL it was!

It wasn't an ordinary garden. It was HUGE and WIDE. A giant square. And FLAT. Nothing rose very far above the ground--it was all grass level. And there weren't even all kinds of beautiful flowers. In fact, it was more like a swamp than a garden. Every step I took, it was slippery and wet underfoot. But it was very green, and there were lotuses all around, and it was surrounded by marshland. The sun was shining very brightly in a blue sky. Perfectly cloudless.

I suddenly realized I must be in an ancient Egyptian-style courtyard, probably somewhere in the Delta (swamp) region. Someone came out behind me--probably the guy with the paper. He said something to me, knowingly, but I can't remember what. I was mystified by this place. I somehow reached the far left corner of the "garden" and either put my foot out toward the marsh surrounding it (which was more watery than the garden and possibly "dangerous"--who knew what creatures were living in it) or tried to turn around a bit too fast. In any case, my foot either sank or almost slipped and I nearly fell over. The man smiled; he knew I'd have to spend some time around here before I could get used to it. I believe he walked away, back toward the shower rooms, while I stood out in the garden and looked around. It was so sunny and warm, almost humid. I tried to imagine what it would look like with a big fountain in the middle.

I know that what I'm seeing in my mind would NOT be considered beautiful by most people--this place was SLIMY, fit for frogs to be sitting around in--but there was just something about how large and flat and spreading it was, and how sunny and warm, not to mention the beautiful rooms I'd had to pass through to get here. It was so large and open I felt I could run and run and never get tired. In fact, I wanted to try. I walked about halfway back, decided I wanted to run--then decided I would go to the front of the garden, turn, and run all the way to the end and back. I wanted to run the length of that thing! But my curiosity got the better of me and I started running when I was only halfway there. I suddenly imagined myself as the god Anubis, and I was racing my brother Horus--we were both young, maybe teenagers, and we were having a friendly race in the garden. It was kind of dangerous in that my feet could slip, but I didn't care, I wanted to try.

At first I was behind, but then I pulled ahead and actually WON. That surprised me, Anubis winning something over Horus. But they (we) were young and there wasn't any rivalry between us. I wasn't even winded when I was done, and, laughing, we went back into the building.

The only thing is...I never DID get to run the length of the garden...I remember vaguely going back into the house, seeing my cat resting on the back of a chair, and petting her, meeting my mom, and maybe getting ready for dinner, but I never got to go back into that garden.

I wish I knew how to lucid dream. I would love to go back to that place before it begins to fade in my memory. <:(

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