Star Paths

Note: This is a recurring theme in my dreams, the "darkness falling" that I speak of. I'll include the "original" darkness falling dream in a later entry.

I had another one of those "darkness falling" dreams of mine again early this afternoon. Only this one was different.

Ma and I--BOTH of us--were outside where the sandbox used to be, sitting on the ground. We were doing something--some kind of outing. It was detailed, we had food and we were doing something, but I can't remember exactly what. It was dusk and the sun appeared to have set in the north: All the trees and the new house weren't in the way, so we could see the northern sky clearly. It was purple with little wisps of pink cloud, and the stars were shining. Ma told me to keep looking at it and we'd see some sort of time shift, like time speeding up. So I did so. And the sky RAPIDLY grew darker and darker, the beautiful pink wisps disappearing, the purple being replaced by blue, and I saw streaks in the sky which I knew to be the paths of the stars as they traveled. I watched in vain for shooting stars; for some reason I really wanted to see one. But it was getting too dark outside to see anymore and Ma and I got up and got ready to go inside.


Those darkness falling dreams really freak me out, even while attracting me. I wish I knew what they meant. This one was WAY different from the others, but that same feeling was there.

The Alien Light

I dreamed that I was lying in bed on my side, and I started pretending in my head about this novel I once started to write, about alien abduction. My character was a teenager again, sharing a room with his younger brother; he was fast asleep, but his younger brother was awake and noticed the bright light shining in the window over his older brother. He sat up and started calling his brother's name. The older brother--my character--was in a very deep sleep and difficult to wake up, but he/I mumbled and murmured and finally sat up to say, "What is it?" It took a moment to notice the light pouring into the room and murmur, "What's that?"

Just A Knock To The Head

I was some Australian guy going up to visit with a friend on this type of tall metal porch, only the steps had disappeared. He told me to go under the porch and find some new steps there. I went under and banged my head on the bottom of the porch and fell over, pretending to be unconscious, only with my eyes wide open, like I'd been conked REALLY good. He came under and found me and had to wake me up, and I said, "I'm all right, just a knock to the head."

The Hamburger Wasn't That Good

I somehow ended up in school unable to find my locker, standing in line to speak with the teacher, tears streaming down my face--I was going to miss the bus, I knew it!--THEN at my grandma's with Dad, after all the relatives were leaving, noticing the huge empty taco shells and mounds of sour cream they'd left behind, untouched. "What a waste! How could they not eat so MUCH?" I lamented, because I hadn't had anything to eat.

Dad shrugged. "The hamburger wasn't that good," he replied.

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