The Ice-Top Sky

I had the weirdest dream last night...there was ice blocking the sky.

The whole thing. Ice blocking all of it. Well--I'm getting ahead of myself now, aren't I, so maybe I'd better just back up.

Whenever I have winter dreams, it's never cold. It's like the ultimate fantasy-type winter, where you can go out and have all that fun in the snow without getting cold! You see, I'd really like winter a whole lot more if it weren't so damn cold all the time...that's why it sometimes sucks living in Michigan, where winter is winter and summer is, too. <:)

But anyway...in my dream, even though I didn't feel cold, it turned out that it WAS so cold that...the sky froze over!! Seriously! I went outside--it was like a cross between late evening and early morning, a twilight thing...and I looked up into the trees. I saw so much ice hanging from their branches--huge icicles, gigantic chunks...but I squinted and started looking harder, it grew lighter, and then I noticed that the ice really covered the whole sky--it was like a ceiling of ice over my head!

I instantly felt anxious. What if all that ice came falling down on me? Because, even as I looked at it, it was melting. It was blurry, but clear enough that you could see through it--only a few inches thick, and it was all shiny and dripping with runoff. It wasn't very high up--maybe twelve feet or so. And I had the feeling that at any minute it would give way--crushing me instantly.

Dad came out, and several other people were there, also--Ma? My brother? There was a big group of people just walking around my house talking and occasionally looking up at the sky. Nobody seemed very worried or surprised to see such a phenomenon. And even as I looked at it more my anxiety began to die away...because it was just so beautiful.

It was early morning now, and the sun was just beginning to rise--in the west. Yes, that's right--it's a dream, okay? I looked up through this melting ice and could see the sky changing colors right above me--it was swirling pink and orange and yellow, all over the sky, not just on the horizon; the melting ice only magnified this, blurring it and making it appear more mystical...I couldn't believe the sheer beauty there. How could I stay afraid of something that was so beautiful?

At one point I turned and looked to the west, where the sun was rising. And it was HUGE. It was rising so quickly that I could mark its progress--the whole thing rose right before my eyes! It was the size of a giant apple! It didn't burn my eyes--it was a deep yellow, dimmed by mist and just barely obscured by cloud. "Wow, look at that sun," I said, to whoever was nearby. I don't know if anybody noticed...I don't think I really cared. Unless they hadn't seen it, either.

It was such a strange dream...it makes me think of the "darkness falling" dreams I always have, but in this case the darkness was fading--it was the light that was growing. ("Darkness falling dreams"? If anybody bothers to read this and wonders what I mean by that, just ask and I'll tell you. That's a separate entry altogether.) The anxious feeling I always get was there, but the beauty of the situation--even though it was so dangerous (that sun could do nothing but melt that ice!!)--made all of my anxiety go away. It's just such a strange conflicting situation--how often is one so entranced by something so gorgeous and yet so deadly that they forget their fear and place themselves in danger?

I could have gone into the house to avoid that almost certain death...but I never did. Not as far as I remember.

I do wish that I could explore my dreams a bit more. I think I would have liked to maybe break that ice on my own--crawl up on top--and see what I could find out there for a change.

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