2000 Dreams

This is the start of my "casual" dream journal, begun when I went online in 2000 and continuing to the present day. Unlike in 1996-7 I now keep track of my dreams only on occasion, when I remember them well, when I like their imagery/meaning, or when I feel like typing them up. As such the 2000-current day dreams represent only a sampling of what I've actually been dreaming.

The bulk of these dreams, from 2000, were posted at a now-defunct web community; thankfully I was able to search out and copy them all before the site finally crashed, though "The Courtyard In The Swamp" was very nearly lost! *whew* A few more are from an old online diary of mine. This is the total number of dreams I took note of for the year 2000.

Please click on the dream date, in --- dashes ---, to be taken to that day's selection of dreams.

--- June 7 2000 ---
The Ice-Top Sky

--- June 15 2000 ---
I Was Sailor Mercury, Dammit!!

--- July 19 2000 ---
The Family Slaughter

--- August 4 2000 ---
The Gemini Ring
The Tree Finally Falls
Murder On The Train

--- November 15 2000 ---
Star Paths
The Alien Light
Just A Knock To The Head
The Hamburger Wasn't That Good

--- November 27 2000 ---
The Courtyard In The Swamp

--- December 16 2000 ---
To Alias Or Not To Alias
Ponies For Sale
Ripping Dad A New One

--- December 29 2000 ---
High School Revenge
Return Of The Watchers