1997 Dreams

These dreams were part of ambitious project I engaged in from August 1996 to August 1997. I decided, for some insane reason, to keep track of EVERY SINGLE DREAM I could remember, for an entire year. Needless to say it was quite an exhausting process, and I do not believe I will EVER do such a thing again.

This journal was in fact kept on audiocassette; I would awaken several times a night and jot down notes on paper, then later on after awakening would describe the dreams as best I could into a tape recorder. This project resulted in over sixty 90-minute cassettes; it was during this time that I believe I finally got the knack for description down right. I planned to transcribe them, but the process of merely keeping track of them had been so tedious that I stored the box of tapes away and "forgot" about it. (Not really, but I did the best I could. o_o;)

It's only recently that I have finally started to transcribe this audiocassette "journal" to paper, and then to type the paper transcription up to computer. So far I have only up to the beginning of January 1997 on paper, and into mid-September 1996 on computer. This is going to take a while. *sigh*

These are the dreams which have been fully transcribed and proofed so far. The "Available illustrations" bits are taken from four composition books in which I sketched what images I could from the dreams I kept track of; as I can't afford the bandwidth it would take to include these images on this site, they have been omitted. (You can e-mail me if you wish me to send you a scan of any such images.) Some modifications and clarifications have been made to both versions of the transcription to make these easier to follow, yet they basically follow what was originally given on cassette. Some dreams are very long and shift plot often, yet have no clearcut beginning or end, so I have divided these up as best makes sense; possible connections to other dreams are given in the text. Keep in mind these were described back in 1996-97, when I was still in college and my life was somewhat different; I try not to interject modern-day thoughts into the dreams, though once in a while this is necessary; such notes will be made obvious. More dreams will be coming along, so please check back here often.

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More To Come