Antisocial Socialites

This dream had something to do with antisocial people using a payphone. *LOL* I don't remember exactly how it went. It was just a couple of guys on the street corner, trying to use a payphone, and I knew somehow that they were antisocial. It had something to do with the spinal column too, I believe, because last night before I went to bed in real life I told my subconscious to remember the bones of the skull. ^_^ So maybe that had something to do with it.

Squirrel At Sunrise(s)

It's like I was trying to get to sleep but I couldn't. I went out into the utility room for some reason, I don't know, maybe to get a drink of something from the fridge. I went out there and the sky was red outside the utility room window, and the sun was starting to come up. At first I guess I was looking at this through the east window, which would be correct, but then it's like I was looking through the north window, which would be wrong. I saw the sun rising; as I looked, I saw several other suns rising, all along the horizon! I knew that they were just like reflections or sun dogs or something, cast on clouds, but it was really neat how they were all across the horizon like that. I think I wanted to go tell Ma, but she was probably asleep. I have the feeling this was around six in the morning, even though I wasn't asleep then in real life!

While I was in the utility room, out the window I saw some branches, and a squirrel came up and perched on a leaf or something; it was on something that wouldn't have been strong enough to support its weight. All I could see was its tail flicking. It's like I turned around to leave the utility room, but the squirrel was now inside with me!! It was scurrying around the vacuum cleaner and the boxes and stuff. I started tiptoeing around behind the boxes, trying to get the squirrel out of there. I tried to kick at the squirrel--not to hurt it, but just to try to get it out. But it kept coming toward me. I guess it liked me or didn't want to leave. o_O

This might have been part of or related to "A Bad Taste In My Mouth."

Available illustrations:

* There was a line of suns above a cloud bank.
I could see the horizon though it's normally obscured by trees.

* A leaf blocked the squirrel so that all I could see was its tail.

A Bad Taste In My Mouth

This might have been part of or related to "Squirrel At Sunrise(s)."

I went to the fridge to get a drink of something. It didn't taste good, so I went to get a drink of milk, but it was bad somehow--it had particles in it and stuff. It was really gross. So I picked up my water and thought, "I suppose my water will taste bad, too!" I think I drank it and it was okay.

Dining At The Mart

Ma and I were in some kind of restaurant. I can't remember this part exactly, but it's like we were waiting for a table or something, and I think we finally got one. It was a small weird place; it made me think of eating dinner in Mickey's Mini Mart or something. o_o I was eating soup, I think, some kind of entree. I have the feeling that there were a couple of people there who I knew or who knew me, but didn't like me very much, or thought I was weird maybe. So I was just kind of sitting there talking to Ma and ignoring them.

There was an ad for a videogame. I would've been able to get some kind of ticket to see if I'd won something, but I don't think I did. Anyway the ads for this videogame were all over the wall. It was either a normal videogame or a computer videogame, but I think it was the first kind.

Digging For D's!

I think I was at home; I have this written down but I can't remember it very well. I was digging through stuff in my room and I found some kind of science-fiction-type magazines, like for sci-fi movies, for example (maybe) The Island Of Dr. Moreau, I'm not sure. Then I found a box for colored pencils, but there were no colored pencils in it. :/ I remembered I'd taken them out. But that hasn't really happened in real life. I found a stamper with a D on it and I thought of my story, D Is For Damien. There was something else in there--I was going to pull it out and stamp a D on it like it belonged to Damien. ^_^

This dream might have been part of or related to "Pepper Preys On Poodles."

Pepper Preys On Poodles

This dream might have been part of or related to "Digging For D's!"

I was in the garage and there was a little poodle, either sitting in the car or kind of on the shelf below the windows in the garage. Pepper came in and I think she tried to jump up on the shelf; I exclaimed, "NO, Pepper! You won't get the poodle! You'll leave the poodle alone!" I picked her up and dropped her on the floor so she wouldn't attack the poodle.

I Am Not A Chipette

I was recording and the tape player was recording at the wrong speed, so when I stopped to listen to it I sounded like I was on helium and my voice was really high pitched. >_< This has happened with some cassettes in real life.

This dream might have been part of or related to "It Wasn't That Funny Anyway."

Night Court: The Execution Episode!

I was watching Night Court. First they had one guy on and then he left, then they had this white supremacist guy or something. He was ranting things like, "The white race must prevail!" I didn't see him at first, but then they showed him as Bull escorted him down the hallway, and he was wearing some kind of tan-colored shirt with symbols on it, like a cross and such. He was yakking to Bull. He said something like he was an angel here to do this, and to do that, and to make sure this happened and everything else. The camera showed Bull's face and he started to smile slowly. For some reason what the man was saying about being an angel was believable, but then he started saying a whole bunch of other really weird things like, "Lyndon Johnson's I-think-I'll-try-to-predict-the-course-of-the-future tour"--he talked about the JFK assassination, who was responsible for it...he started saying all this really weird stuff. I knew then that he was delusional. ^_^

He started talking to Bull about some kind of execution or something--I think it might have been his own execution, he was going to be killed--and he told Bull all of these things about what would happen--"You'll see it all tonight!" Then he said, "I think I'll stick around and see it!" That was really weird, because he was going to be executed that night--how would he be able to see it? This was very strange because this was Night Court yet this guy was going to be executed. Talk about comedy! O_o

How Many Times Can I Forget That Book?!

I think I was going to English class...but I realized I had no book. *LOL* The book that I needed was the Allyn & Bacon Handbook. I thought, "Oh, NUTS! I don't have my English book! How am I going to do my work without my book?" Then I thought, "Well, I'll just have to take really good notes, and if anybody calls on me, I'm just going to say I don't have a book!" Nice and honest. ^_^

This dream might have been related to or part of "The Substitute."

The Substitute

This dream might have been related to or part of "How Many Times Can I Forget That Book?!"

I went to English class. I don't know if I had my book or not (see "How Many Times Can I Forget That Book?!"), but there was a female teacher there, who said something like, "I don't know what she does regularly." She was a substitute, I believe. I thought, "The second week of class and we have a substitute already?" When I say second week of class, it's like my Women's Literature class with Mrs. Crawford, not my other English class, because I know that in my dream Mrs. Crawford was supposed to be the teacher. I was kind of worried about there being a substitute so early in the semester.

Then it seemed to be a guy teacher instead. I have the feeling that Ryan P. (student) was there. Everybody was walking around trying to figure out what was going on. They had some kind of syllabus, but I don't know if they were going to follow it; maybe it had changed or something.

This dream might have shifted into "The Watcher Monk."

The Watcher Monk

This dream might have shifted out of "The Substitute."

I went into my bedroom to change my T-shirt for class. I think I did this, then I went outside and sat in the yard, by the side road. I was eating something, I think; I'm not sure. Then I think I took off my shirt so it's like I was naked outside, because I guess I had nothing on underneath!! >_< I thought, "I shouldn't have done that; those people over at the new house probably saw me do that! I think I'll go inside." I think Pepper was outside with me.

I went inside and noticed that there was this bald, Asian monklike guy following me. I believe I went in to put on my shirt again, and I stood in front of the mirror. I was wearing shorts now, but nothing else! I put my shirt back on and looked out. The Asian guy had gone up to my belongings and he was taking something! Maybe he was getting some food or something from me, I'm not sure. I think I locked the door so he wouldn't get in. I'm not sure; I can't remember this part very well. I might have actually been the one taking something from my stuff. Anyway I locked the door so he wouldn't get in and I think I went into the bathroom to use the mouthwash. O_o

I have written down "coat." I don't remember that; I must have gotten a coat. Also, "pizza box." I think I ate some pizza or something.

Anyway...I think the Asian guy came in even though I had locked the door! I have the feeling he was some kind of wizard or magician or something, I don't know, even though he was kind of young. He looked sort of like a monk. I have written down "gerb, phone messages, waking up at 1:30"--I really don't remember this! I think what it means is I went to check on the gerbil, then to see if there were any messages on the answering machine. I never did get to see if there were any. I guess I had a dream also that I woke up at 1:30, but I don't recall that.

With His Salary, Shouldn't He Have His Own Phone?

I was in class with Dianne B. (old friend) and maybe somebody else. Then I seemed to be in my bedroom and I was feeling like telling somebody that today Keanu Reeves had come to use our phone. In my dream this had really happened! Keanu Reeves had come into our house and asked to use our phone!! *LMAO* I thought, "Well, nobody will believe me, but...it's pretty simple, I wouldn't embellish the story--he just came in to use the phone and we didn't know it was him until he left!"

My brother Eric had said, "Do you know who that was? That was Keanu Reeves!"

To which I replied, "Get out of here!" ^_^

All This Over A Telemarketer?

I was out in the living room with Ma and Dad. I guess it was evening. The telephone rang and some guy started to leave a message. He had a Mexican accent--"Hee was talking reely foony!" (He didn't actually say that, but that was how he spoke.) But the thing was, I went over to the answering machine and I could barely understand a word he was saying! It was all staticky! I thought, "We just had this thing fixed! Why is it all staticky?" I couldn't understand what the man was saying; all I got out of it was "Mexico" in one part, and I think he said something like, "Call right away! This is your only chance!" I figured out it must be some kind of contest. Dad and I started to tell Ma, "Why don't you call him back?"--I guess we could make out the number.

Ma kept saying, "Nah, I don't wanna call him back. Nah. I'll call him back tomorrow! I'll call him back later on..."

I was just SCREAMING at her by now, trying to get it through to her--"He said you have to call RIGHT NOW! IT'S YOUR ONLY CHANCE!!" I was getting really ticked off that she wouldn't call. "What if it's $400?" I fumed. "What if it's a vacation in Mexico? You don't know what it is! CALL!" But I really don't think she would call. I don't know why; she was being stubborn. Maybe she was busy watching Simon & Simon. ^_^

I went over to the encyclopedias and picked one up. I think I looked up "vacation" or "Mexico" or something like that. It said something about Mexican vacations, about how the water is bad; and it had a lot of statistics, like "70% of people who vacation in Mexico get diabetes from drinking the water." *LOL* That's what it said. It said all these things about how there's no recovery and it recurs and such. I thought, "Well, if it's like this, I don't want to go to Mexico!" But I wasn't sure if that's what the prize was or not; I was pretty sure, but not TOTALLY sure.

Also when the Mexican guy called he mentioned something about TCI Cable, our cable TV provider, so maybe he had something to do with them. o_o

WELL...I was angry with Ma because she wouldn't call back. I went to my bedroom and I guess Dad went to bed, because there was only one light on, the kitchen light. I went to bed without saying goodnight to Ma. :/ I kind of cracked my door open to see if Ma was going into the kitchen, because I wanted to go out there to get something of mine. She went into the kitchen and turned the light off. I think she was smoking. >:/ But I went out there and exclaimed, "Oh, no, no, you leave that light ON!" I turned it back on. Ma went into the utility room then to do something. I don't know what she was doing--she was supposed to be going to bed. I picked up what I had wanted--it was a bag of chocolate things, on the counter.

I went into the utility room, looking around to see if there was anything else I might like. There was a big box of canned juice of some kind sitting in front of the freezer; it was yellow. I looked at it and at first it said "Corn Juice" or something like that, but then it was "Corn Juice With Alcohol," like beer--so it was like Corn Beer. But it was supposed to be sweet, too. I thought, "No, I don't think I'll drink any." ^_^; Then I went back to my room.

This dream might have shifted into or been related to "Goodnight, Goodnight!"

Goodnight, Goodnight!

This dream might have shifted out of or been related to "All This Over A Telemarketer?"

I'm not sure if this was part of "All This Over A Telemarketer?" or not. I was sitting in my bedroom, and both Ma and Dad yelled goodnight, so I yelled back, "Goodnight Dad, goodnight Ma!" ^_^

Then they started talking to each other, like, "Did you yell too? I thought I was the only one who yelled!"

The Neverending Gerbil Nightmare

I was in my bedroom with my gerbil in his cage. I was just doing some random stuff on my bed when I heard this weird noise come from his cage, like zzzzzzzzzzzzz. I turned and saw that there were GRASSHOPPERS in there with him! :O "Oh nuts!" I exclaimed. "I thought I got rid of all of those!" In real life I got rid of all the grasshoppers I had collected, even though they weren't in his cage; they were in his little travel carrier. Anyway, in the dream, a couple of them were trying to crawl out of the top and one of them jumped away and escaped into my room. "NUTS!" I yelled. "I won't be able to get to sleep with these things crawling around!!"

So I started to panic! I think I grabbed two of them before they could escape, and I tried to find a place to put them! They were really PRESSING against my hands. It hurt! I finally found a container--I think it was the gerbil's travel carrier--and popped them in it and slammed the lid down. I scooped another bug out of his cage and tossed it in, but just as I slammed the lid down, its legs were caught in it and I realized it was a big, huge FLY with a long abdomen!! I thought, "Oh MAN I hope it didn't bite me!!" I looked at my hand; there seemed to be some kind of weird markings on it, but they weren't from the fly. I was so desperate to know that this thing hadn't bitten me! O_O;

I looked in my gerbil's cage; he was in there just doing his gerbil thing, sitting in bed, looking stupid, but there were still grasshoppers in there, as well as a little lizardlike thing--it looked like an alligator crawling in his cage! I freaked out! "Oh my GOD how did all this stuff get in here!!" I started looking for a container to put my gerbil in so I could clean out his cage, because I couldn't catch all those things in there! I couldn't put him in his travel container because I'd just put those OTHER things in it, including the fly. I just could not find a container ANYWHERE to put him in! >_<

I finally found a box and tried to put the gerbil in it, but he could jump out! When I first got the box, it was tall enough to keep him in--even his plastic travel container can keep him in if you keep an eye on him--but this one, he just jumped right out! "Nuts, I can't use that!" Pepper, by the way, was sitting on my bed while I was doing this, so I had to be careful that she wouldn't get my gerbil, either!

I found another box, but it had holes in it--a diamond-shaped hole cut in one side, and a big square hole cut in another side; I had cut those in there to make it into some kind of toy. I grabbed the masking tape--I was going to try to tape over the holes--but I found another, smaller box. I was going to tape it to the top of the first box, or to a pole attached to this box, so for some reason it would be high enough to keep him from escaping--he wouldn't jump out or something, I don't know, it was really weird. It made no sense, but I was desperate. ^_^; I had my gerbil in my hands and was trying to tape this at the same time, and--my gerbil ESCAPED! *S$*#&E*$#!! I looked down and saw him scurry under the junk in my room, near the bookcase. "NUTS!!"

So I reached in and kept digging under there, and digging and digging; it's like I was digging a tunnel! I kept seeing his tail disappearing before me. Only now he was black, not tan. Finally I grabbed him by the tail, but I thought, "No, I've got to get his body." I grabbed him and thought, "I'm probably hurting him or scaring him to death!" But I finally yanked him out. I dropped him in something; I think I tried to put him in the box with the holes in it. I was really desperate to put him in something.

Pepper sat on the bed this whole time with an interested look on her face, as if to say, "If you let him go, I'll get him!" So of course, I was really flustered about all this. >_<

Available illustrations:

* The cut-up box.

Kiddie Heroes

I was watching TV. It showed this man lying on the curb, as if he'd just fallen off of something. He was kind of dirty. He was looking kind of dazed, yet grateful. I realized that his son had saved him from falling off his bike. The boy was lying on the curb too, holding this big log that had been in the middle of the road. I think the kid was all wet. But then there was a little girl and she'd saved one of her parents too. It was some kind of commercial or show like Rescue 911 or something, I don't know. The kids were all wet and dirty and they'd saved their parents from having an accident on their bicycles.

I had the feeling that the boy with the log, or maybe one of the fathers, was wearing a red shirt and looked kind of Latino. I think of the boy who was in the coma in one episode of the television show Sightings, in real life; it was on after the segment about the Men In Black. Maybe one of them looked like him.

It Wasn't That Funny Anyway

I was recording my dreams on tape. Maybe this was the same dream as "I Am Not A Chipette." I stopped and rewound the tape slightly to listen to it. I heard myself stop the tape, but then I heard some noise in the background. I thought, "Oh NUTS, I'm recording over something!" So I stopped it and pulled it out. The reel was at slightly less than how much the reel of the tape this is recorded on is at now--that was how much I'd recorded over. The tape was pink and white. "NUUUUUTS!" I cried. I was getting really upset because I don't like recording over things, I check tapes over and over and over again to make sure if they're REALLY blank, or if I just wrote "blank" on them and recorded on them afterwards! It's an obsessive-compulsive thing.

Anyway I looked at the tape and it said "Agents" on it in big bold print. I had the feeling it was something about my characters and they were pretending to be double agents, like James Bond. "Oh, I can't believe I recorded over it! I hope I didn't miss anything." I realized that I'd recorded over some of it but I don't know, now it's like I was listening to that James Bond thing I'd recorded. In real life I recorded the cat meowing, and it was on one of my dream tapes, but I transferred it to another tape and recorded over it. On the tape it was me tormenting the cat, and you could hear this "Mrrowrr owrrrerr!"...and in the background you could hear Ma talking about beads, and I'm replying, and at the end I say, "James Bond will return in--!" then, "Oh, they don't say." ^_^ In this dream, first it was like I was listening to my characters, but then it was that tape, and I wondered if I'd recorded over the funny part yet. I don't know what part the funny part WAS! ^_^; I think I'd recorded over part of it, but I wasn't sure; at first I don't think I had recorded over the funny part yet, but then I think I did, so I was upset about that.

1996 Dreams