Into The Cult

This dream had something to do with a cult. I think it started out with me looking through some kind of book. It was a kind of old book, maybe from the Seventies, and had pictures in it. It was written by this guy who espoused some kind of group or something. I was interested in it, but then I thought, "Eh, this guy's weird! He leads a cult!" They thought that everything material was Satanic. There was a picture of something in the book, like an hourglass or something...I don't know what it was. There was also something like a Ouija board, only it was on a stand of some kind, and it said something about it being Satanic. Intelligence and such was considered spiritual. I think I found out that this book was written by one of the members of the Gin Blossoms. *LOL* I thought it was kind of interesting at first, but then I just put it back because I thought it was weird.

Then we (myself and ?) went to the compound where these people lived. I think there was a black woman there, who was a member. The leader was using mind control over them; they were kind of willing, but only because these were the same beliefs they espoused--they agreed with him, but were mindless. I think in the book this guy had written that he prayed or wished every day so that he would die and join God.

I have written down "boss," so I think that somebody in the cult was the black woman's boss and maybe she was a servant of some kind.

I don't really remember this dream. I think we (?) were eating pizza too. I have written down "bit book," but I don't remember exactly what that was.

Available illustrations:

* The Ouija board-like device was thicker and set on some kind of stand.

Piano Horn

I was with a couple of other people and we went into a dark room--I don't know if it was a darkroom as in where you develop photos, or if it was just a dark room. They were playing horns in here. I remember somebody playing a saxophone, I think, then somebody started playing something else. Somebody said, "Play the piano!" The horn started playing but it sounded like a piano!

I think I might have dreamed something about Robin Williams too, but I'm not sure.

Jumping To Life

I was in some kind of store. There were a bunch of Disney songbooks. I went over to look at them to see if they had any interesting pictures in them. But most of them were for the older movies. One of them was called Seventh Son or Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. I thought, "Oh, I've heard of this; I'd like to see this." It was kind of like The Sword In The Stone, I think, or whatever that movie is. It had a boy and an owl...the owl had some kind of name that was a word. The only thing I can think of is Inspector or Investigator; it was some kind of profession or something, and this name was given to the owl. The boy fell in the water, I think, and the owl pulled him out. Then there was a mouse in the story too, and it had the same first name as the owl. It was like Such-And-Such Owl and Such-And-Such Mouse.

Then it's like these books were videos too. I put the one I was looking at back and a mouse jumped out of the book and landed on the floor--a real mouse! I yelled, "Dad!" because Dad was there all of sudden. "Look, it's a real mouse!" At first it's like we were in a store, but now we seemed to be at home and the mouse was sitting on the floor.

Dad said, "Well, just leave it there and it might eat the cheesies on the floor." There were some cheese crunchies on the floor for some reason. :/ But it didn't eat them, it just kind of sniffed them and maybe nibbled a little bit. I think Pepper came in and tried to attack the mouse, but I yelled, "Don't let her attack it!"

I think the mouse jumped on Dad. He kind of scooped it up and dropped it on the floor. He wasn't scared of it, he just didn't want it on him. ^_^

The mouse was kind of chunky--it wasn't a scrawny little mouse. Maybe it had a short tail and smaller ears like a vole.

Run Like The Wind

It seemed I wrote a letter to Eric V. (see "Eric's Last Chance"). I don't know what it was about. Maybe it was a nasty letter. I was walking through the high school toward the cafeteria. There are two ways to get there and I think I took the other way so I wouldn't meet up with him or something. I have the feeling that Joshua W. (old friend) was in here somewhere; he's somebody I knew in junior high. I can't remember this very well.

I went outside and the song "I Love You Always Forever" by Donna Lewis was playing--"I love you, always forever..." (I don't really care for this song much.) There was lots of grass--I now seemed to be on the grass outside of Black River Elementary School, on the side of the school away from the road. There was tall grass everywhere and I started running through it. I just ran and ran and ran, wondering how fast I could go. I remember that I could hardly hear the song at some points because I was getting too far away, and I didn't like that because I wanted to hear it. I remember I came to a stand of trees and wondered if I should try to run through them. No matter how long I ran, I wasn't even getting tired! Finally I stopped near somebody, and I think I was pretending to be my character Puck Benteen, I'm not sure. The other person said, "What were you doing?"

"Oh, I was just running and seeing how fast I could go," I replied. They were kind of worried that I had been running that fast, but I was barely even tired.

I have written down "switching something," but I'm not sure what that means. :/

How Many Flags?

This dream had something to do with my fictional cult Scorpio. They were leaving some kind of building and it was raining. That was kind of strange because according to my stories, the Scorpio members HATE water--they won't go out in the rain! So I don't know if they were dressed in raincoats or something or not. But they went out to this van, I think, and were getting in and driving away. I remember I was one of them or was with them. We started going up this road and I turned to look behind me. It sloped way downhill. There was the White House, and there were American flags flapping in front of it. I wondered how many flags there were so I counted them. I think there were either six or seven. I believe I mentioned that to one of the people in the van. But I don't know if they really cared.

Available illustrations:

* The White House was at the bottom of a hill, possibly before a body of water; the flags flanked a walkway down to it (not this wide, though).

Conspiracy Theorist

I had one little dream where I was at home looking at a book. It had the Men In Black in it and it talked about conspiracies and things like that.

I'm Either Pregnant Or Have Pica

I was making potato salad with chocolate. !!! It's like I had some chocolate stuff and I started putting potatoes for potato salad in it; I kept scooping them out, and scooping more out and on and on. Ma came in and I said, "I'm not gonna take them all, I'm just taking some of them." Even though I was taking a lot. Then I started mixing it all together. It was kind of gross, to say the least.

Two Fries For The Price Of One!

I was eating fries with Ma in some kind of restaurant, or maybe it was the high school cafeteria. Ma looked at the box; I think we'd gotten the wrong kind of fries. So I went over and got another box from a counter. It was a different kind; I said, "Won't they make us pay for this?"

Ma said, "No, no! We got the wrong fries, so we don't have to pay for it."

This dream might have been influenced by something that happened in real life yesterday when we went to Pizza Hut; we ordered a medium pizza and they gave us a large for the price of a medium, because they were out of medium crusts.

Broken Tapes & Sorting Books

I was cleaning off the top of my stereo; it had a lot of junk on it and I was cleaning all of this stuff off. I had a plastic purple box--it was kind of like my plastic portfolio--sitting nearby. I wondered if I could fit audiocassette tapes in it. I tried to put them in but the box was too short. So I took them out and I think I started putting some of the junk on my stereo in it instead.

While I was cleaning I came across this paper doll made out of a Post-It notepad. In real life, I had made one of these when Mya (old best friend) last visited, and we called it Charlene; it was supposed to be a showgirl. Her arms or legs or something fell off because she was made out of more than one piece of paper. ^_^ Well, in my dream I found part of her, like the main part of her body, and then I found another part of her. I didn't throw her away; I put her in the box, I think.

I had a whole bunch of tapes out so I started putting them back into the tape cases (by "case," I here mean a large wooden shelf with slots for holding audiocassettes, not a plastic tape case). In real life I have two tape cases sitting on the stereo, but in my dream I looked and noticed that one of them had crashed to the floor behind the stereo! I exclaimed, "Oh, NUTS!" I looked down and it was broken straight down the middle, and part of it was on top of my tapes. :( "Oh, I hope my tapes aren't ruined!" I thought. It's like one of them (tape cases) was broken and half of another one was broken, and another one was fine, when in real life I only have two. So I started cleaning some junk away from behind my bed. I was getting kind of impatient and throwing the stuff around, trying to get to my tapes. I stopped and looked and thought, "How am I going to do this without hurting them? I hope they're not broken." I was going to pull them out carefully, then I was going to have to put them back in order.

Then I was in the living room with Ma and Dad; I think they were sitting on the couch. I had my broken tape case; it was sliced right down the middle. I started sorting out the tapes...only now they were books! Old books, like Ma's romance novels. I was sorting them out and putting them back in in some kind of order. While I was doing this I was trying to shove them into a straight pile but they kept nearly falling over, so I was struggling to keep this nice pile. Ma was sitting on the couch nearby.

I kept putting these books in order, and I started looking through them. One of them was called White. It had a picture on the cover--it was some kind of goblin man, and I think he fell in love with a woman or something. It was set in the 1700s or 1800s because they were dressed in old-fashioned clothes. He was some kind of gargoyle or gremlin or goblin or something who fell in love with a normal woman.

Another book, I can't remember what it was called, but on the cover it had a picture of a couple of guys standing in a swamp, looking horrified, maybe shining flashlights; inside the book there were dark little silhouettes of symbols all over the pages and stuff. It was a story, but it had these symbols on so many pages. That had to do with the story. I think it had something to do with voodoo or something like that.

As I sorted these books, I believed I was going to put them in a different kind of order when I REALLY put them in order (now I guess I was just sorting them for convenience). I wondered if I was going to order them by author or by book title. I thought, "Well, I think I'll go by book title, because I won't remember who wrote these." I was interested in reading the one called White and the other one, because at first I'd thought they were all just romance novels.

Earlier in this dream, before I had figured out that my tape box had fallen over, I noticed my tape by Toad The Wet Sprocket, and another tape by another group that had Toad in its name too. I thought, "Two Toads. I never knew I had two Toads in my tape collection." ^_^

This dream shifted into "Bad Dad."

Bad Dad

This dream shifted out of "Broken Tapes & Sorting Books."

While I was sorting my books (see previous "Broken Tapes & Sorting Books") it's like I went to the window. I'd had my sandals on, but when I got to the window I noticed I'd left them in the middle of the road outside! o_o So I went out to H. Road (side road), walked over, and picked them up. While I was doing this, a car came by. It had a couple of thuggy-looking guys in it. They were staring at me, maybe with shades on. I started to walk back to the house, looking casual, but I knew they were following me. I think Robert Urich might have been in this but I don't know. I ran inside now and hid upstairs.

Now the dream had something to do with Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey, and Louie or something, because I had the feeling that Donald Duck was after me--he was a bad guy. Either I was one of the ducklings or they were just hiding too, because there were some other people hiding and I think the ducklings were among them. I was hiding too, only now it was all white upstairs. I was supposed to be hiding in this little room, but there was no room there, so I crouched and pretended there was room and that I was hidden. I guess it worked because the bad guy came up and I think he found the others but not me. I came out of hiding and there were now two bad guys, I think; I knocked one out and started beating on the other with some kind of pipe. The other people in hiding came out and said they wanted to kill him or something. I said, "You can't kill him! He's our dad"--because NOW it's like this was my dad or something! The beating was just to teach him a lesson, like, "Don't chase us!" He was a bad guy, but he was Dad, and it was really weird. He was just lying on his back, unconscious, and I was standing here with this pipe or whatever it was.

Spare Change

I dreamed I was counting my allowance. In real life I had $10 in my can, but here I had $20 and I was counting that out. So it must have been a dream because I don't have $20. ^_^

1996 Dreams