Lost In The Funhouse

It's like I was going into some kind of funhouse. I was with Dianne B. (old friend) at first. It was some kind of class thing; I think we were supposed to get something out of it, or maybe there was something to be won--I have the feeling it had to do with The X-Files. Dianne and I started running up the front steps--it was like the front steps to the Haunted Theater on Mackinac Island--but then I stopped and said, "No, we'd better walk up or we might get in trouble." So we walked inside.

First when we got in there we had to climb over this kind of obstacle course--it was all these different things we had to climb over, like big poles with things at the top. I think we had to climb up, but I don't remember anything about climbing down and going over, I just remember climbing up several things. I kept doing this. I got to the last one and was going to climb up it but there were no footholds; there was just the thing on top. Somehow I got to the top and couldn't get down. But I finally managed to do so. I had the feeling that John Mack--the Harvard psychiatrist--was behind this, or that he was in here somewhere, I don't know.

There was a doorway at the other side. I peered inside and could see a room; there were like these curtains or cloth drapes hanging on both sides of it. I could see people moving around behind them, like in colored light. I don't think I was supposed to see them, like you were supposed to walk into the room and these people would yell "AAGGHH!!" and touch you through the cloth and it would scare you. But I knew they were in there.

I think I went in a little bit but then I went back out and started going into all these other rooms that I wasn't supposed to go in. I can't remember what was in any of them except for one. It was like a big dining room or living room, kind of. At first I kept coming across a cat, and then there was another cat; they were all longhairs. I think I was pretending to kill them. Then I came across two black longhairs like Persians and I pretended to grab and strangle them both. I wondered if I would try to save the other. It was a joke--I wasn't really killing them, but you know how things are in a dream; it was really weird. I don't know if somebody came in and stopped me or not. I was trying to fool the people in the funhouse; they're always behind the walls trying to scare you, so I was trying to go into another room so they wouldn't be able to scare me--catch them at their own game.

Earlier, when I started to go into the room with the people hiding behind the drapes, it's like the other people were behind me and they didn't want to go in. I was the bravest one there, because as I said to them, "I'm used to people jumping out at me!"--like in the Haunted Theater on Mackinac Island. But I just went and looked into that room and saw the people hiding behind the drapes, and then decided to go into other rooms to trick them for some reason.

Available illustrations:

* One of the bars in the climbing course had only one foam grip at top, to hang from or climb over, with one or no steps.

* My view into the draped room was somewhat like this.
[left arrow] doorway. [down arrows] people hiding behind drapes. [left arrow] doorway. [right arrow] wall (?) inside room

Isn't This Called "Stalking"?

I went home and looked at the answering machine. It said something like 112!! I exclaimed, "Holy CRAP there's a lot of messages on this thing!!" I played them and it turned out there were only three messages, because when I played one, one of the "1's" disappeared, and when I played another, another number disappeared, and when I played the last message it turned to zero.

The first message was one for my brother Eric from someone, I think his name was Tony, but I'm not sure; it wasn't my cousin, I don't think. He said something weird like, "Hey. Eric. Are you there? Call me," or something like that, in a sneaky voice. The next message was him again--he just said something like, "Huh," and hung up. The third was him yet again, but he left a longer message, like, "Hey Eric, it's me, call me," or something. I thought, "Well, I may as well tell Eric he's got all these messages from the same guy!"

This dream might have shifted into/been related to "Sexual Frustration!"

Sexual Frustration!

This dream might have shifted out of/been related to "Isn't This Called 'Stalking'?"

I was standing near the side window (the northwest one), looking out onto the side road. I think I had my foot up on the counter and was thinking about my character Puck, how he doesn't have a girlfriend and can't seem to get one. I think the two words that went through my head were "sexual frustration." *LOL* That's what went through my head. ^_^; I was just thinking about him.

Clothing Not Optional

I was in my bedroom and it was nighttime. Dad was getting up to go to the bathroom or something, so for some reason I hid behind my door so I wouldn't be able to see him. It's kind of like I was manipulating the dream too, because Dad kind of pushed the door open and I moved over a little bit. Then I came out and I think he saw me but we were both fully dressed so it was okay. o_o

A Mystery In The Middle Of Nowhere

This dream was kind of like a movie but I was manipulating it. These country people came outside and saw that there was this car parked out front; then it was a van, and nobody was in it. Somebody had parked it and left. I was trying to figure out how that would work, how this person would get away; then I made it so that they could tell that the van had been pulled or towed there and the person had driven off in whatever had been towing the van. In the middle of this group of people there was like a woman and a black man and a little kid, and some other people; they were all walking around this van, wondering what to make of it. I think they'd heard a thumping noise from it or something, but I'm not sure. So they started to check it out.

They looked inside it, but couldn't find anything. They looked in the trunk (if it was still a car); they couldn't find anything to say why it was there. I think they called the police, and this young cute cop came. He looked it over and couldn't find anything either. So I think he left and this one woman--maybe she was blond--came around to the back and it's like I was playing her part, kind of; I was switching between characters. She/I went to the back of it and there were some stickers stuck to the back. They kept changing--you know how you can't read the same thing twice in a dream? Well, first there was a name, then it was the name and part of a Michigan address. It kept changing; there were then several names, plus that first name; it's like things kept getting added to it. Then there were several nicknames. I said, "You guys! C'mere, look at this! Maybe this is the guy who drove the van!"

One of the names was like the name of a cop or something. We took the mixed-up nicknames or whatever and tried to match them to all the other names. I think the first view matched, but then I started coming across these really tentative matches; like, "Well, this is probably who this is." The names were weird; I can't remember them at all, but I remember one had a Michigan address on a state highway; it was M-something. But part of it was cut off so you could only see the M and tell that it was in Michigan. For some reason I think of the number 23, like M-23, but I'm not sure; I don't even know if there's such a highway. I think I turned and yelled, "Hey! Officer! Come back!"

Now I was the cop, and I was walking down a side road; it was kind of bluish outside. I turned around and looked back at the people. It was kind of like the dirt road that goes by the front of my Grandma H.'s house, only I think it was prettier. I started jogging back. I have the feeling I had this cylinder in my hand or something. First I had been standing in the road and I had jogged out to a suitable distance to make it seem like I'd been walking away, then I started jogging back. But then I started wondering what it would be like if I could pretend to be running really fast, in slow motion, so I started running in slow motion--jumping, leaping through the air. I finally got there and I think we were still looking at this car, trying to figure out what was in it and everything.

I think we heard a thump from inside. One of the men there was a black man, like Danny Glover; either he or the cop said, "Check under the hood in the engine. Maybe they hid somebody in there. They sometimes do that when they try to sneak people across the border." So everybody went and looked under the hood, but they couldn't find anything.

Now I was playing the part of a little girl or something, and I crept in and peered way under the dash and there was a kid wedged up in there! I screamed, "AAAAHHHH!!" The people came in and I crawled out and said, "There's a kid in there! Stuck under the dash!" So we all got in there and tried to help him out. At first he was really suspicious and didn't want to come out. But finally we coaxed him out. At first this was going to be a kid who was abandoned by his parents, but then I changed it and he was evil or something, because the people were talking about it. I think the little girl was getting up on a horse, but then another black man came over to the Danny Glover character and said something like, "I'm sorry, but she fell."

Danny Glover or whoever he was just freaked out and cried, "No, she was just standing, she was just standing!" They kind of coaxed him into this trailer home.

The scene changed now and they were inside the trailer home. There was this thin black woman with frizzy hair. She had a bottle of brandy or something, and this big huge jar of water. She was asking if Danny Glover (or whoever) wanted a drink, making smalltalk and stuff. She poured a little bit of brandy in the water so that it diluted very much. Then she walked away and I thought, "She could've put in a little more."

Everybody was talking, and the camera kept panning around. Then the black lady came up into the picture and she was still pouring brandy into this water. Dad was watching this with me--it's like it was on TV now--and he said something like, "They'll get drunk." ^_^ Because this woman was REALLY pouring in a lot of brandy now. That seems to be all I can remember of that dream.

How To Really Scare A Crab

I had my cage of grasshoppers and I was shaking it around to see if they were all dead. I think there was something like my gerbil at first, but then it was a small crab with a red dot or bump on its back. I picked it up and put it in with all the grasshoppers. The crab freaked out and jumped all over the place and the grasshoppers did too; for some reason I found this scary.

Available illustrations:

* The crab I had had a red spot or bump on its back.
It was about this size or slightly smaller, and I believe it was rounder. It was dirty yellow.

Escape From The Island Of Dr. Moreau

I had a dream about the Island of Dr. Moreau. I haven't seen the movie, the one with Marlon Brando, but I have a magazine that has lots of scenes from it and pretty much sums up the story, although I haven't read the whole thing. In my dream, it's like parts of it were a movie and parts of it were just views of the costumes. This is going to be pretty disjointed. I remember seeing some costumes and I thought that they looked kind of fake, but they were cute. I said to whoever was watching it with me, probably Dad, "They look like Muppets!" I remember seeing a guy who had a goat head, and that was when he met some other main characters in a tunnel underground. I think I remember seeing Lo-Mai or whatever his name is, the cat man. I kept seeing all these characters with weird heads.

Then it's like they were in some kind of dirty parklike place and they were going to rebel, but they had to keep it a secret. I think they were doing something, I don't know; the kids had something to do with it. There were beast children or something, and maybe they were leading a revolt.

Certain members kept getting caught and punished. I remember I was picking some clothes out of a basket and cutting certain parts of them with big shears. One of the characters who'd been trying to escape was caught and screamed, "No! No!" They had a knife or something and while they were grabbing him, I remember I had these big shears and I cut off a tag on a piece of clothing, and somehow that had something to do with the show. I wish I could remember more so I could explain it, but it was really weird. It was something almost like a beast men prison camp.

It was like they were at some kind of carnival place--there were rides and such, but of course none of the rides were working; it was just where they lived. I think there was a baboon man. Just wish I could remember how this thing went. >_<

It's like I was looking through a box of knives and such, and seeing how sharp they were. I was sharpening them, I remember that. I had something in my hand, maybe the shears, and I just kept sharpening them. I seemed to be doing this on the couch while we were watching the movie, and Ma said, "Will you stop doing that?"

I said, "I'm sharpening knives!" One of them was plastic and I thought, "This won't help very much! A plastic knife!" I think I remember a part about big eggs. There was more sense to this dream, but I really can't remember how the rest of it went.

This dream might have shifted into or been related to "Eyeses Of All Sizes."

Eyeses Of All Sizes

This dream might have shifted out of or been related to "Escape From The Island Of Dr. Moreau."

I went into my bedroom and started digging through this little box to see if there was anything else in it, I don't know, maybe knives or something (see "Escape From The Island Of Dr. Moreau"). I found a black lava Hawaiian-like statuette; actually it looked more like some kind of Hindu thing. It was maybe 5-6" tall, but I thought, "I should put this in my medicine bag." It was a little dirty so I started brushing it off. I set it down and continued digging through the box and found a pair of white plastic eyes. First they were completely white but then I believe they had pupils. I thought, "These might be interesting," and put them in the hollow slots of the statue's eyes; they didn't fit all the way, but they looked kind of interesting there.

I just kept digging through this box and finding more and more plastic eyes of different sizes and such. This dream just went on, and I think that was how it ended.

1996 Dreams