European Two!

I remember that I was getting ready to run out to the bus for school. It was dark outside. As I was going out onto the porch I thought I heard the bus coming, and I thought, "Well, I missed it." But it wasn't my bus, it was a different bus that went by, so I thought, "My bus hasn't gone by yet." For some reason I had the feeling that the bus driver was Polish. o_o

Then I saw the bus coming up; I was on the porch still (from where the bus would not be visible), but I had a good view. It was coming from town (north). I went running out toward it. I think there was somebody else running to catch it too. I was just running along, and finally I got on the bus. I think Michelle T. (old friend) was in the front seat, and I know that Russell E. (old friend) was on the bus too, and somebody else might have been as well.

I think Russell handed me some pictures. One was a picture of me; I can't remember what I was doing--smiling or something--but I looked almost like I do today, only it was a picture supposed to be from 1985. I thought, "Holy crap, this thing's over ten years old!" I have written down "that girl's asleep" in quotes; I have the feeling that in one of the pictures, maybe a picture of me, somebody said, "That girl's asleep," even though I wasn't asleep in the picture. But I can't remember that very well.

I sat down on the bus with Michelle; we were fooling around. I think she grabbed my arms and stuff. We kept doing that thing we used to do in high school in real life--we would say, "Negative three!" in a funny voice. (This was an old in-joke of ours from math class days. It isn't meant to make any sense.) I noticed that the bus driver--who was now Mike F., my bus driver in real life--kept looking at us. I thought, "We're gonna get in trouble, because he doesn't like people roughhousing." Either Michelle or I said, "Negative three!" and then Michelle said, in the same funny voice, "European two!" ^_^ I don't know why she said that. We were just saying weird things. She grabbed my arms and I tried to get up but it was hard.

I got her to let go of my arms and had just sat down and calmed down when the bus pulled over onto the side of the road and Mike started to say, "Okay, you two--"

Before he could finish I said, "Okay, I'll switch seats," and I started to get up and was going to go to another seat--I think I started looking around. I was either going to move into the other front seat, or into one a couple of seats back, but I think it was the other front seat.

When someone had said, "That girl's asleep," it's like we were looking at a yearbook picture of me, and now I seem to remember things about accomplishments and such, things that one did in school such as you find near yearbook photos.

1996 Dreams