HAL 1996

I had a very major dream--I remember that it was important and detailed, but I really can't remember it at all! I think it might have had something to do with computers, or some kind of computer program that wanted to control humans. There might have been something about the TV, and Hulk Hogan, the new one--Hollywood Hogan of the NWO and WCW Wrestling. There might have been something about something that I've eaten affecting something else--I can't remember. :(


I guess I was going to some kind of class, and water had something to do with it. I was in some kind of room; it makes me think of a breeding room in a cult (something in the fiction I write), where all the women are kept, only they had some babies with them. A couple of the babies didn't want to go into the water or something. I think one of the women shoved a baby in the water and drowned it.

This dream might have shifted into/been related to "ˇBienvenido A Mi Bano!"

ˇBienvenido A Mi Bano!

This dream might have shifted out of/been related to "Hydrophobia."

I went into the bathroom. There was a curtain on the shower, but there was like a new wall protruding partly from the wall that was already there. It had a door in it. I'd never noticed it before, but then I told myself I had, even though I hadn't. This door led from my bedroom or from outside or the basement, maybe, and it was like some kind of place where people could sneak in. I looked at the thickness of the wall--it was about a foot or less wide--and thought, "I wouldn't be able to fit through that!" I think some Latino guys had to force their way through it and come into the house. I thought, "Dad wouldn't like this!"

I have written down "leaving on trip," so I have the feeling I was leaving on what was going to be a trip, but it wasn't really a trip; I don't remember that at all. I also have written down "tape recorder"; can't remember that.

This dream might have shifted into/been related to "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?"

Available illustrations:

* The "Hispanic" tunnel wall would have looked roughly like this from above.
my room. [up arrow] window. tub. wall. garbage. [left arrow] door out. toilet. [up arrow] wall leading to tunnel somewhere? sink. closet. [down arrow] door out of bathroom

Why Does This Always Happen To Me?

This dream might have shifted out of/been related to "ˇBienvenido A Mi Bano!"

I went to Mr. Cady's (high school literature teacher) class in the high school; Mr. Cady was still the teacher. I went to take a seat and I think I put my stuff there. I went out into the hallway again and there were a bunch of people walking around; I started talking with them, I think. I went back into the class and my seat had been taken by somebody! >:( So I sighed and took my stuff and went to another seat. I think there had been stuff in the basket under the chair at the first desk, so I had to kick it or move it around to get it out of the way.

This dream might have shifted into or been related to "Hawk Captive" and to "That '70s VR."

Hawk Captive

This dream might have shifted out of or been related to "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?"

I was looking through some books that were on a rack, maybe in the classroom (see "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?"). Several of them were like Mary Poppins's Scrapbook or Mary Poppins's Notebook. I started looking at one because I thought maybe it would be in scrapbook/notebook form, which I kind of like; but it was just a story about Mary Poppins, and I didn't like it very much. One book had weird drawings and such in it. There were some other books. One had a picture of what I think were two weasels, and they were grabbing a hawk to prevent it from escaping; it was a really weird drawing, all curves. I had the feeling that there might have been an orangutan in part of this, but I don't remember where.

Available illustrations:

* The weasels capturing the hawk.

Tree Houses

Ma and I were in a car, driving along a road. We had to get to some destination, but in order to get there we had to drive through the water. So the car was driving along this big long walkway and it started going into the water; water started spewing over the hood! Ma said, "I don't like this!"

I said, "Well, we have to drive through the water for about seventy miles; it's like seventy miles long."

We started going past these houses and I described them while we went by. I think I was recording this on tape; maybe that's why I spoke aloud? One of the houses was blue and had kind of an open structure; it was in a tree. The base of it was built around the trunk of the tree and there was a smaller part, maybe a garage ^_^ , even though they had nowhere to park; the smaller part was attached to the bigger part and to the tree. There were some other houses. I continued describing them--"Oo, I like this house here with the blue sides..."

We just kept going through the water. I think I was singing "On The Road To Mandalay," or else I mentioned it. The thing is, I don't know the words to that song! I have written down "turned off tape," so I either turned off the tape recorder or a tape that was playing in the car.

This dream might have been related to "Puck's Pentacle."

Available illustrations:

* The houses were built around the trunk of the tree & had many sides.
[left arrow] supports? [inset, up arrow] top view. [left arrow] tree trunk. [left arrow] house

Puck's Pentacle

This dream might have been related to "Tree Houses."

This dream took place before "Tree Houses." I was my character Puck Benteen, and I/he was walking out of some kind of building at night. I wondered what kind of necklace he was wearing. I thought it would be a pentacle, only it would be upright--like a witch's pentacle. I thought, "Isn't that associated with witchcraft?" I thought that's what I wanted in my dream, but that isn't what Puck wears in my fiction (he's not a witch). I have the feeling he was sliding down some tubes, like a waterslide or something.

Dang These Newfangled Contraptions!

I was at home, playing some kind of game on the computer. First it looked like a screensaver because there were things moving around, but then it turned into some kind of trivia game. Ma had been playing it and I tried to play it myself, but I couldn't even figure out how it worked, or how I was supposed to play the game! That was kind of annoying.

That '70s VR

This dream might have been part of/related to "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?"

I think I was back in a class (Mr. Cady's class?--see "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?") again. I have written down "notebook," but I can't remember what it was. They were listing some things on the board--things from the 1970s or something, and I think one of them was Shaft. There were some Eyes of Horus up on the board or above it. Somebody said something about virtual reality of the '70s; I thought, "They didn't have VR in the '70s!"

I went over to sharpen my pencil; I did so, but then it broke off and I thought, "Oh, this is really GREAT!" So I started sharpening it again...and I just kept sharpening my pencil. >:/ I finally got it almost sharpened. I think there were a couple of psychiatrists standing out in the hallway talking to each other, but I'm not sure where that fit in.

This Is What Happens When I Wake Up Late!

This dream is convoluted. In one little part it seemed I was waking up late. I was getting ready to go to class. When I say late, I don't mean late FOR class, I just mean later than I wanted to get up. On Tuesday I have class in the morning in Petoskey (in real life), but on Wednesday I have a night class in Cheboygan. The class starts at seven PM, so I can get up pretty much whenever I want. But in real life I wanted to get up earlier, so I got up two hours earlier than I usually do. In my dream I slept in to the usual time. I thought, "Man, I didn't want to do that, I wanted to get up early!"

I went into my room and there were some things on my bed that had to do with Aleister Crowley, the occultist, like a book that talked about him, and some etchings or pictures of Egyptian-style things that were inspired by him. You know how much I hate Crowley. ^_^

Well, I think a helicopter crashed on our pavement outside, so I went out. There were some guys out there standing around. I think somebody was talking about somebody else who was supposed to have been a former boyfriend of mine. It was somebody I'd known and met at the county fair. I think of the bald guy who was in the episode of The X-Files with the Men In Black in it ("Jose Chung's From Outer Space"), the guy with the glasses who played Dungeons & Dragons and wanted to be abducted by aliens. ^_^ Maybe he was my boyfriend. I had met him at the fair and we got to be friends, but when the fair ended he was gone, so I thought, that was really worth it. :/ They were talking about this, I think.

Anyway, the ground was wet and these guys were standing off to the side talking. I started picking up all this stuff that was on the pavement. There were little bits of metal and such. I kept finding lots of little springs. As they talked I kept finding tufts of what seemed to be hay or something, and it was wet. I picked up a bunch of tufts, put them in my hand, and squeezed them to get the water out of them so that they wouldn't be as bulky. I just kept picking up big gobs of this and putting them in my hand so I could throw it away. The guys were looking at me while I did this. They turned and started to leave.

While they were leaving, I looked up into the sky; it had been lighter earlier but now it was darker. I could see the stars, and there was some kind of pale luminescence in the sky; I wondered if it was clouds or the Northern Lights. I started getting dizzy looking up there. I thought about HP Lovecraft and what he would say about a sight like this.

Then I turned to the road and it seemed to be daytime again. At the end of the driveway there was a yellow car and the guys were getting in it. As I looked at it it turned into a Lamborghini--it's like at first I didn't quite realize it was a Lamborghini, but then I saw it was. This got me excited--"A Lamborghini!" I yelled, "Wait!" at the guys, but they drove off. :( I had the feeling that they'd heard me yell and they were going to turn around and ask me what I wanted, but I turned away and started walking down the driveway again, back to the house, thinking, "I don't want them to drive back for something that insignificant." All I had wanted to do was look at the car. *sigh*

Available illustrations:

* The wet clumps of "hay" I found on the pavement outside.

Mix Tapes

In real life, I copied two audiotapes for Marie, a family friend; one was a Crash Test Dummies tape, which she wanted, and the other was a mix tape of some songs by other artists whose songs I could copy for her. Ma told me that she'd discovered the tapes and I said, "Did you tell her what they were for?"

"No," Ma said.

"Well, you can tell her that."

In my dream, I was telling Marie what the tapes were about. I said, "This one's Crash Test Dummies, and this one is a mix tape. If you're interested in any of the songs on this second tape, just let me know and I'll record more."

Marie was sitting on our couch and she got up and said, "Oh, this is really great! Thanks!"

This dream might have shifted into/been related to "To Stand Or Not To Stand?"

To Stand Or Not To Stand?

This dream might have shifted out of/been related to "Mix Tapes."

Dad and I were watching The Stand, or else a show that had to do with it. I saw some kind of lithograph of The Stand. It was like a room and in the background you could see the entrance to another room with Mother Abigail sitting in a chair. Dad was saying that Marie (family friend) would probably like it or something, because it had to do with religion and it didn't have too much violence in it. I thought, "It has some violence in it!" But I couldn't think of any in my dream! :/

I then talked about how Marie probably wouldn't like seeing The Stand because of the violence in it, but as I couldn't think of any, I ended up thinking, "Well, maybe she WOULD like to see it!"

Ready Or Not

I was getting a bag ready for school, I think. First when I was getting it ready I was putting tapes in it, then later on it seemed I was cleaning it out. I cleaned out a lot of that colored paper I used to make beads, and a bunch more junk; then I thought, "Wait, I have no pencil!" So I was going to have to get one.

Team X-Files

I think I was going outside. I believe Pepper might have been trying to escape, only I felt kind of sorry for her. I have a feeling that in part of this the radio was on and they were telling the weather or something. Anyway, I went outside. Next to the garage there was a bag or a trunk; I started digging through it. It's like someone was watching me and looking at my facial expressions. In the bag I found a bunch of shirts that I had worn like two years ago, I think, when I was with Mya (old best friend) or something. I can't remember when this was. The person who was watching me said, "She looks kind of eager, like she's looking for something."

In real life I just wondered the other day, whatever happened to my X-Files shirt? In my dream I was looking for that in this bag. I found a dark shirt that had like animals painted on it, but it wasn't the one. I kept looking and the guy commented on how eager I looked. Then I looked kind of disappointed when I couldn't find my shirt. This person was narrating as if I were some kind of animal digging through something! o_o

I started pulling out the shirts to see if any of them would be wearable. I pulled out one that I'd worn before. It was really small and I thought, "Ha! I'll never fit into this again!" I tried to stretch it a little bit. It was really small; it looked like something my mom would wear, and it would be tight on her!

I think I quit digging in the bag and maybe I went back inside. While I had been digging through the bag I'd found a paper or book on the ground by it--this was taking place in front of the garage, closer to the side where Smokey (deceased dog) used to be kept (the south side). I found something; I don't know if it was a book or a schedule or what, but it was something about The X-Files. They were having an X-Files baseball team and I wondered what they'd call them--the X-Filesians or something like that? ^_^ I didn't know; I thought, "Well, that's kind of interesting, but I don't see what it has to do with anything!" I had the feeling that this had come about because of Kazaam, the genie played by Shaquille O'Neal--I felt some kid had wished that The X-Files be made into a baseball team and this genie had granted it. It was really weird.

I went back inside and I think The X-Files was on TV, because we saw the beginning of it; whatever it was, it was something that I wanted to watch. Then they went to what seemed to be a commercial, but it was some sportscaster talking about baseball. I think I'd started to record with the VCR, but this made me say, "Baseball? They're gonna put on baseball now?? But the show already started!"

Dad said, "Well, it looks like it."

However, after these guys stopped talking my show came back on, so I guess that they weren't going to show baseball after all.

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