Adventures At The Mall

It seemed like Ma, my brother Eric I think, and I were going somewhere. In part of this she did my hair and it seemed okay but I went into the bathroom and there was a bunch of it sticking out. "UGH!" I thought and pulled it out so she'd have to do it again.

I went to my room to get some tapes to take with me, I believe, and I just kept pulling out tapes and pulling out tapes...I had about six to eight of them and I thought, "This is a lot of tapes." I think I might have narrowed it down, but I'm not sure. I brought some with me and went to the car.

We went to some kind of mall or something. It had several escalators. We were almost there and I realized I hadn't listened to any of my tapes! I thought, "Well, that was really useful!" I went inside the mall. I had brought a container of oil or something on the escalator. I was taking it with me but I think I accidentally left it on the escalator. It's like some kind of Muppet or cartoon character was with me, maybe Telly Monster [sic?] from Sesame Street. I went back to get my oil and it fell down to the bottom of the escalator, and we were all searching for it all over the place.

I saw, as if on a television, the individual bricks of the basement of a building. There was a head brick, like a foreman; he was having each brick pull itself out and show itself, because they were looking for my oil or whatever. Finally the foreman brick said, "Eh, we're not gonna find it," and instead of looking through the rest of the bricks they all just put themselves back into place. I thought, "Won't the building fall down if these bricks keep pulling themselves out?"

I got to the top of the escalator and found this little girl. She was playing with a container of oil. I think it was mine, only now the color had changed; earlier it had been green or blue, maybe like a Quaker State bottle, but now it was yellow or amber. She was playing with this and I said, "Oh! Where did you get that?"

"I found it at the bottom of the escalator," she replied.

I was going to tell her it was mine, but I thought, "No, she's a kid; she probably won't react to that very well." So instead I said, "Okay, just make sure you don't drink it because that can be dangerous! It's a toy."

I started walking away, hoping she wouldn't drink it because I didn't want her to poison herself...but as soon as I turned away and then turned back, she was unscrewing the cap and starting to drink it!! >_< That was stupid.

I went back onto the escalator. Somebody had handed me a chart. First it was of classes that had been cancelled, and I started looking at it to see if any of my college classes had been cancelled. There were a whole bunch of cancellations and I was looking for Global Environment, which in real life is a class that has been cancelled, now that I've had this dream. Like I said this chart started out being a list of cancelled classes, and there was a wildlife picture of a deer or something. This is strange, because on the corner of the Global Environment textbook, in real life, there was a picture of a deer. o_o Some of the classes were like English courses on science fiction and I thought, "Jeez, all these interesting ones were cancelled!"

Then, instead of looking at a list of classes, I was looking at a list of things that were considered not good for pure Christians. They had a thing about Madonna, I think; either that or I thought, "Why isn't Madonna on this list?" There was a picture of B'elanna Torres [sic?] from Star Trek: Voyager, and some other things. I kind of took issue with this list. I thought, "Well, I'm Christian, and I don't find these things offensive!" This list seemed to be a long, shiny foldout poster-type thing; its width across was maybe the width of a page turned sideways (approximately 11"?), and it was long. It might have had printing on both sides.

We walked around on the escalator a bit more, it seems, then I think we went back to the car. We came home and I went into my room and wanted to get a shirt or something. In front of my bookshelf is where the shirt was sitting. First it was a shirt, but then it was a coat; so first I was looking for a shirt, but later on I was looking for the shirt and the coat. They were WET--the shirt was completely soaked! Somehow there had been a leak in front of my bookshelf! I was upset about this--"Man, I can't wear this now!" I pulled out the coat--it was mostly yellow, and like a jacket--and I think it might have been wet too.

Earlier, when we had been driving to the mall, we went down H. Road (side road) and saw a wild turkey in someone's yard. Ma and somebody else were with me and they said, "Oh, a wild turkey! Let's get it!" They grabbed it and started to pluck its feathers because they were going to eat it! I thought, "This is SO sick," and turned away. I was really upset for some reason. I think of blood somehow, like when they plucked it, maybe they drew blood, but I don't remember actually seeing blood because I had turned my head. When I turned back it's like they were kind of disappointed--"Well, you could've watched it," or something like that. I'm not sure how that part went. It seemed like we were headed down H. Road and it seemed like it was darker outside.

Also in an earlier part of this, before we left, I went out into the dining room and the computer was on. I said, "Ma, didn't you turn off the computer?" I think it had been on a long time, so I had to turn it off. I was trying to turn it off because I was in a hurry to go to the mall with them. I think this happened before that but I had to keep logging out of different things to get out of the program and turn it off so it took a little while. I was really flustered about all of that.

Available illustrations:

* The oil container started out blue or green, like Quaker State; then it turned ambery and clear.

* The bricks seemed to be situated in a fiery furnace-type place.
[right arrow] wall full of bricks. [right arrows] bricks checking themselves. [up arrow] foreman brick (approx.?)

1996 Dreams