The Odder Couple

I think this dream had something to do with The Odd Couple. In real life my psychology textbook has a picture of Oscar and Felix from The Odd Couple and it talks about how Felix might have obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, because he's so fastidious. In my dream, it was like Oscar and Felix switched around--Oscar was the one who was obsessive-compulsive. I wondered about that, even though I've never seen the TV show. ^_^

Sunday Parkers!

It's like I was on some kind of class trip; I can't remember it very well. We came to a big parking lot--it made me think of the one near Kentucky Fried Chicken, only it was bigger and on both sides of the building. Some of the class was in a van, I think, but I was on a bicycle, and some of the others were on bikes too. They parked the van and I was looking for a place to park my bike. I saw a space between two cars where they'd both parked wrong so there was half a parking space on both sides--meaning the cars had parked halfway over the further line, so there was extra space between them--and I wondered if I should park there, but I thought, no, a bike parked in among cars wouldn't be very good. I have written down "mental moving"--I think I tried to mentally move my bike into some spot or something, but I can't remember it very well.

Available illustrations:

* I was going to park in the wide space between 2 oddly-parked [sic] cars, but decided against it.

Puck & The Battle For Good! (Or Something)

I was at some kind of hockey rink. I was talking about my character Puck Benteen. I thought about him and how he might have gotten his name. They (?) were playing with a hockey puck and I was trying to explain something or think of how he got his name.

I can't remember this dream very well. Now it's like I was at the hockey rink (I think) yet also like I was in the dining room at home, next to the window. It had something to do with a book or something. The devil and my characters were fighting for God or for good or something. I think Puck had something to do with it--maybe the devil was in the hockey rink? ^_^ It was really weird.

When I was doing this I looked out the window--now I was in the dining room next to the computer--and I think a whole bunch of old-fashioned black cars started going down the road. I started getting worried. Somebody told me they were gangsters, like from the Mafia or something. For some reason that knowledge calmed me down! I don't know why, it just did. o_o

One-Armed Cash Cow

I was in a casino with Ma. There were a whole bunch of slot machines. I think one was a one-armed bandit, but I couldn't remember what it was called; I called it a one-armed thief or something, and then I said, "No, one-armed bandit!" Ma was playing it; she'd put in a quarter and it would always come up with the same three things--it was like metal things, like maybe three coins or bells--and (unlike in real life) that meant you didn't win anything. You had to change that to get something. I said, "Let me try it," and I put a quarter in and tried it. It came up with three other things, and I won Ma $500! :D "Woo!" I exclaimed.

"That's fantastic!" Ma said.

I think I wanted to play it again but Ma wasn't sure if I should. But I think I did. It's like the game changed--I was playing Donkey Kong or something and it had something to do with the characters--they were running through a jungle or something, then they were running through a casino; I can't explain it very well. But it was like Donkey Kong.

No Sociology For You

In real life I'm thinking of signing up for Sociology class. In my dream, I think, I learned that it wasn't going, that it had been cancelled. "NUTS!" I exclaimed. "I'm gonna have to find another class!" This must have been a dream because it didn't happen in real life.

Don't Mess With The MIBs

This dream had to do with the Men In Black. It's like I was playing, pretending it; it was Phaedrus (one of my MIB characters) and Puck Benteen (a character) and some kind of security guard or something. Puck and Phaedrus came up to this security guard who asked them, "Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing here?"

Phaedrus had something like a Star Trek hypospray in his hand; he touched it to the guard's neck and the guard--I was pretending to be him--slumped to the floor with his hands curled in front of him. I imagined Puck looking at him. First I had Phaedrus say, "He'll wake up in about two hours," but then I changed it to one hour. And Puck and Phaedrus continued on their way.

It's like I was reading some kind of book--maybe Abducted by Debbie Jordan and her sister, the ones who were interviewed by Budd Hopkins. They were talking about alien abductions or something and they mentioned some kind of book by Whitley Strieber and they also mentioned the MIBs, and I was reading about the MIBs in there.

This dream might have shifted into/been related to "PseudoMIB."


This dream might have shifted out of/been related to "Don't Mess With The MIBs."

I don't know if this was the same dream as "Don't Mess With The MIBs" or not. There was a Chinese guy and his girlfriend, walking down some kind of hallway or to a restaurant or something. The Chinese guy was wearing black. He turned to his girlfriend and smiled and said, "Jeez, I could pass as a MIB!"

Turn That Thing Down!

I think I was getting ready to dance. It was 11:40 or so at night. I had heard the TV, and when I came out it got louder, then quieter again. Ma was lying on the couch with a remote in her hand and I said, "What's going on?"

She replied, "Dad said the TV was too loud."

"Didn't you time the TV to turn off?"

"Yeah, but it came back on and it was too loud, so now I had to turn it down."

"Jeez," I thought, "if the TV upset Dad, then my music's gonna upset him even more!" Because my music is a lot closer--right across the hall--and I don't see how anybody can get to sleep with that blaring through the wall. I looked up at the clock and now it was like 12:40! "Good Lord! I didn't realize it was so late! Now I could swear that my clock was an hour behind this!" I was really upset because I was going to go dance but now it was too late, and the music would wake Dad up.

This dream might have shifted into/been related to "Just Too Gross."

Just Too Gross

This dream might have shifted out of/been related to "Turn That Thing Down!"

I don't know if this was the same dream as "Turn That Thing Down!" or not. I sat down next to where the heater is and I had some stuff in my eye. So I rubbed my eye to pull it out and a WHOLE BUNCH of gunk came out!! It was SO gross, like a big long strand of mucus. Some came out of my other eye, but not as much. EWWWWW!!

General Dad

I have written down "two guys arguing on TV." I can't remember that very well. I guess there were two guys arguing on TV. ^_^ I also have written down "dad acting like general." I think the father of the two arguing guys was on the show and he was acting like a general--"Graaaar, do this! Graaaar, do that!"--bossing them around--but I can't remember it very well.

Back To Black River

I was going to a class in elementary school! Only instead of feeling out of place like I usually do, I felt good in this dream. I thought, "I'm going back to elementary school. I love it!" There were other high school students there too. I was laughing as I went down the hallway. I think the teacher was Miss Jellison (fourth and fifth-grade teacher). I went into this classroom and there were desks all over the place; I think they were lined up in a square around the room. I believe I had a backpack with me; I'm not sure. I passed by some desks. Eric H. (student) was there; I sat down near him and he was talking. Mya (old best friend) came in and I wanted her to sit by me but there was no room so she sat way on the other side of the class and I was kind of upset about that. :( But I thought, "Oh well, maybe I'll get to talk to her later on."

I think we were going to do art projects and such; everything was really cheerful. Before I'd come in here, though, I'd been waiting in some kind of line outside, and while we had been entering the room I'd stopped to pick up a couple of pretty rocks--but the rocks kept getting prettier as I went along! There was one that was almost pyramid shaped and crystal clear; there were blue ones with white, and they were crystalline; they just kept getting prettier and prettier. So I dropped some of the other ones and picked those up. I thought, "Man, this is getting beautiful!" I was carrying like two rocks under my arm, and a couple in my hands, and I didn't want to look out of place so I think I dropped them in my backpack so it would be easier to carry them.

Available illustrations:

* Some of my rocks (approx.).
[left arrow] Petoskey stone-type "blooms"

Must-Not-See TV

I was at home, and there was some kind of Mel Gibson movie on TV--at least I think it was Mel Gibson. There was a ship at sea, and I think some kind of monster was attacking the ship. Gibson was telling people to get off and such. I remember that something happened to the ship; maybe it capsized. But they didn't show it! At least, they didn't show the monster attacking the ship. I thought, "Well, that's stupid! They should've shown what was attacking it so we'd know. That was really dumb!"

Then on the TV there was this guy; these two boys were talking to him and he hugged them. I think he was going to adopt them. They weren't really his sons; maybe they were Gibson's sons, and now this man was going to adopt them since Gibson was dead or something? I think they were two little blond kids.

Then they aired another TV show. It was a comedy. There was a girl and a woman. The girl was kind of nerdy--she had glasses and mousy brown hair in a tail. She went to this woman and said, "Aunt So-And-So!"

Her aunt said, "That's not my name, my name is Such-And-Such."

So the girl said, "Aunt Such-And-Such!" and hugged her. I don't know what names they really used; obviously they weren't So-And-So and Such-And-Such! ^_^;

Then another girl came in and exclaimed, "Aunt Such-And-Such!"

And then the first girl exclaimed, "Mom!" and hugged the woman! It was really confusing, because nobody could remember anybody else's name!

What Am I, Your Porter?

This seemed real but it must have been a dream as it didn't happen. I think I got out of Ma's car and went inside; Ma came in and said, "Did you get my bags?"

I think she meant the bags of laundry. I said, "No, I thought you were going to get them."

"Ugh," Ma groused.

Monster Catcher

I was staying at some kind of house--it was like Aunt Carol's--and it was going on evening, because the lights were on. There were some people there; I don't know who they were, but in my dream I knew them. I was homesick. Something in here had to do with the toilets; I had the feeling I had to sit on top of something--of course you have to do that with a toilet, but I don't know, it was really weird. I went into the bathroom and closed the door and used the toilet; it was a big bathroom.

I came out and there was a guy with glasses, who was kind of sophisticated. He noticed I was homesick because I was walking around crying. I had been there like two days already, but now I was getting really tired of it. I mean, it was nice to be there, but I wanted to go home. The man was worried about me.

I think I went outside and something happened; I had a bad feeling about being out there or something. I remember I was on the porch and Pepper was with me; I let myself in through a sliding door or something, and Pepper came in too. I think the others were watching James Bond on TV.

Then we were watching a video of people walking around a house. All of a sudden one of them got sucked under a bed--"AAAHHHH!!" Slurp! This happened about three times to different people. They said that some kind of HORRIBLE, HIDEOUS monster was doing it, and I was getting kind of worried. Then they showed the monster, and...it was a really cute green thing with butterfly wings all over its back--it looked like a Muppet! :D It was so cute! They showed it; it turned around and all its little wings fluttered, and there was a laugh on the TV. We just couldn't believe that this thing was supposed to be so hideous and horrible.

Then it's like I was outside and I found the monster and brought it inside or something. It was just so cute!

Available illustrations:

* The "monster" looked like a Muppet.
It may have had forelegs, but I can't remember hindlegs. [down arrows] butterfly wings

Blue Ribbon Pride

I think I was shopping with Ma. I had entered some drawings and such into a contest--it was like the one at the fair. I think I had four different drawings, and maybe I had a shirt in there too, because later on I wondered, "Well, what did I get on the shirt?" As we walked into Glen's my drawings were in the front, near where the lotto stand is now. I walked past and looked at them and noticed I had one blue ribbon, but I didn't stop to stare. So I kept on going, pretending, "Oh, I'm not interested. I'll wait until I get them."

Ma came up and took longer to look at them; she was looking to see how many blue ribbons I'd gotten. She caught up with me and I started talking to her, but before that I went over to the meat section, thinking, "I'd like some cheese." I looked at the cheese, but then I thought, "No." So I looked at the meat section and they had some meatsticks and cheesesticks so I got some of those. I was looking at a package of folded meat while this guy walked by. It cost $4 so I put it back. Ma came up behind me and said, "Two blue ribbons."

I said, "How are we going to get them out of here?"

"Well, we wait until they're done and then they have everybody pick them up." She said something about Marie (family friend); I think Marie was going to help pick them up or something.

I thought, "I wonder what I got on the T-shirt? Ma didn't mention it; I could have gotten something on that." I was kind of disappointed; I was hoping for more blue ribbons. For some reason I had the feeling that I had won $8 even though it wouldn't be that much; I think it would be $6 in real life if I had won two blue ribbons.

Then I seemed to be looking at the drawings. On each of my drawings I'd put a little Scorpio symbol. I'm not sure why, I guess just to identify them as mine, even though it seems I'd put my little fish symbol on them instead. Ma said, "Marie was wondering what this little weird Satanic-looking symbol was!"

I said, "It's not Satanic, it's just a symbol for Scorpio." Then I said, "I should've put my fish symbol on it!" Then, "No, that'd give me away"--because you're not supposed to identify the drawings as yours, so they can judge them. I can't remember exactly how the rest of that dream went.

You & What God's Army?

I was at home watching a TV show. It was this man and his guardian angel. His guardian angel was like Miguel Ferrer. O_o They were riding horses and being chased by a bunch of other people on horses. All of the horses were brown. Miguel Ferrer as a guardian angel was funny. The story was kind of set in medieval or ancient times, because it was kind of like Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. They were getting kind of upset because they had all these people chasing after them, so I think they called on God or something. Then this white horse with this guy in a white robe and a long white beard and hair came charging through the crowd! ^_^ It was really funny. Dad was watching this with me; he said, "Oh, there's God." *LOL*

A whole bunch of other people on white horses came charging through as well--there weren't nearly as many as those on the brown horses, but they were streaming through the crowd. I thought, "Well, they're God's army, they're going to be able to do something even though they're outnumbered."

Miguel Ferrer and the guy noticed them coming up and were relieved--"Whew! He came!" God and all His army were charging through; it was kind of funny because while God passed, you could hear Him muttering to Himself, "I never dreamed of being a friend like this!" *LMAO*

They're Even In My Dreams!

I was digging around in my room and I found some plastic cases. At first they were cassette tape cases, but then the shape changed. I pulled out one but it was covered with those little bugs that I find in my room at times. I was SO disgusted!! I think I threw it away, then I grabbed some spray and sprayed it all over the place. UGH! I kept spraying until I realized, "Well, that's probably all I can do!" So I believe I put it away. But it was really gross.

1996 Dreams