This dream was like a hypnagogic dream, one of those quick ones you have just as you're drifting off to sleep, but you're not quite asleep yet. I remember I woke up a couple of minutes later--I hadn't fully fallen asleep--and looked at the clock. I got up to go to the bathroom and realized, "Wait a minute, I just had a little dream."

Well, in it I was standing in the living room and I had the camera. I had to use up the film in it for some reason. There was a group of people standing under this light, and I took a picture of them when the light wasn't shining. Somebody asked me, "Hey, aren't you going to take another picture with the light on?"

"No," I replied. I started looking around and saw the cat lying down, and was thinking of taking a picture of her but I didn't before I woke up.

Cave Of The Woods

This dream had something to do with my good cop characters and my bad cops. I think one of them was one of my bad cops but now he was good or something, or one of the good cops changed so he was now bad. I think I mixed it up and made Lt. Mabarak (a bad cop character of mine) a good guy, but he's really a bad guy in my stories.

I was with somebody but I don't know who; I think I was one of my characters. We went into these woods and we went deeper and deeper; it was like a redwood forest. It had been snowing. I said, "C'mon, follow me, deeper in here." We went very deeply into the woods and came to a spot where the trees all met at the sky; no light reached us, and there were even some spots on the ground where there was no snow, but they were very small; they weren't as big as I'd thought they'd be. I said, "Look over here, there's some grass peeping out." There was ice and such. It was like being in a cave, only it was made of trees. I exulted about this to the other person--"Look at this! Isn't it amazing?" It was dark in the cave, but the walls seemed to be light blue and were glittering, like they were frosted.

I have some other things written down but I can't remember them very well. I have written down "booklet?" and "trick coming out." I think I might have been tricked into coming out of this cave but I can't remember exactly how it went.

Available illustrations:

* The redwood/"cave."

That's Not Your Name!

I was with some teachers or students or something and we were eating food. I had a pickle, like those ones you can buy at the supermarket in a little plastic baggie. I also had a big pin with my name written on it or something. One of the people with me said sarcastically, "That's not your name."

"Yes it is," I retorted. "Can't you read?" I don't know exactly what this had to do with anything; it was really weird. They thought I was mentally ill or something. :/

I have written down "radio frequency on way to town?" and I'm not sure what that means. I think maybe that had something to do with this but I don't know what.

Available illustrations:

* My nameplate/pin was like this, only my name was in thin (red?) lettering (I think); it was round & slightly bigger.

Not The Aliens Again

Here's a dream fragment I had while drifting off to sleep. I was wondering what would happen if my character Camo Rat was abducted by aliens. I mentioned him being in bed and being abducted.

I Can't Dance, I Can't Smoke...

Last night in real life Ma and I got into a fight, kind of; I said she couldn't smoke and she said, "Fine, you can't dance!" and I didn't dance that night because I didn't feel like it. :/ In my dream, I remember she did my hair and I was going to go dance. I thought, "Wow, Ma did my hair without complaining that I can't dance." So this must have been a dream because it didn't happen in real life.

Is A Skunk Without Stripes Still A Skunk?

I was driving with Ma or something and she said, "Look at that skunk!"

There was a skunk crossing this side road and it was all black without any stripes. It was really funny and sleek. I said, "Oh, loooook!" and pointed at it.

Available illustrations:

* The skunk I saw crossing the road was small & sleek, w/out any white.
Its tail wasn't fluffy, but was more otterlike.

Peter Rabbit Wasn't Like This!

This dream seemed to center on a television show. There was some kind of show airing on TV and it was really long, because I remember Ma and I were watching part of it, then Ma went to bed and I continued watching. It had to do with these people who had the ability to become animals, or animals that had the ability to become people. They weren't exactly lycanthropic; they just had magical abilities. One of the main characters was a squirrel man, and I think the lead female character was a squirrel woman or some kind of rodent. There was a picture in the book (the TV Guide?) about how he offered her some food on his tail, and that was like some kind of mating offering. I was waiting for that part of the show but they never came to it. o_o; It just had a lot of people talking and such.

So I think I changed it to another channel where there was something else on. I remember I was looking at the guide to see how long it was, because I turned it back and the first program was still on! I thought, "What the heck! This is a long movie!" I looked at the schedule and it was like FIVE HOURS LONG!! It ended at one o'clock, then they played it again at two, like how on TNT they play the same movie twice in a row. I thought, "Jeez!"

I wondered what I should watch--this or the other show. I was trying to make a list of the animal characters. I had three different lists. One was like Mammals, one was like Lower Mammals, and one was something else; the lists were of animals I'd seen in the show. There were three more animals to go--two that I hadn't written down yet because I didn't want to include them until last, and one more that I couldn't think of. It's like I was sitting in Grandma B.'s living room doing this.

Dad came by and said, "What'cha doing?"

I told him and I was like, "Man! I can't remember them!" I thought, "Maybe I don't have Possum written down," but I looked and it was on the righthand list, so I exclaimed, "Nuts!" The last two characters I didn't have written down were the main characters.

Then it's like I was in the movie, I think. I was creeping around in my basement or something, and I was one of the characters. I believe I had talked with some of the others but then I was creeping around and they were upstairs. I can't remember this very well at all; I have images, but I can't recall it well. I was manipulating the dream too--there was a bell ringing upstairs, like a big cathedral bell, and it had something to do with The Hunchback Of Notre Dame--he was one of the characters. o_o I stopped to listen to it and imagined the other characters on the upper floor listening to it too and wondering what it was. Then I started creeping on hands and feet toward the door leading to the stairway outside, but I thought, "Wait, there's probably yucky stuff all over the floor and I don't want to get anything on me!" So I started crawling another way.

Part of this had something to do with the other characters--they were standing around in a room talking or something, and something happened, but I really don't remember what! I think they might have been discussing marriage plans, or what the bell was, and I think they were eating something in part of the dream too, out of a bowl, like some kind of corn meal maybe. The story made me think of a Beatrix Potter story, kind of; the people/animals wore old-fashioned clothes, like dresses and such.

Amazing Mysteries Of The Library

I was in the library--I think it was the public library--looking at the books. There were three that looked kind of like lower-level reading. One of them was something like Amazing Mysteries Of The World and one was Amazing Mysteries Of The New Age, and there was one that had the same cover, only it was like Music Of The World: Includes Italian Lyrics or something like that. I thought that it was funny that this book was included next to the others, because it looked like it was published by the same publishers, but it had nothing to do with New Age or the supernatural.

I kept looking and I remembered that I hadn't found anything about Gypsies the last time I was in the library, so I wondered if I should look under Romany or Romania or anything like that to see if I could find anything.

1996 Dreams