All Mickey Or Nothing

It's like it was Saturday morning. I think at first Ma and I were watching TV, but I'm not sure; they were showing Disney things on QVC or Home Shopping Network. They were clay molds that you could use for clay or Fimo, only I think they could be used for food too, like Jell-O molds. It seemed I was recording this.

I went out into the utility room and Ma had one of these Disney molds. I don't know, she seemed kind of upset but I'm not sure. It was a Mickey Mouse mold, I remember, and I pulled out the clay in it but it came out only partially, because I guess we hadn't powdered the mold before using it.

I went back into the living room and Dad turned off the VCR. I have written down "'you could've told me that,' argument." I have the feeling that maybe I was arguing with Dad, or telling him, "You could've told me that!"--that he had to turn off the VCR before he did so, but I can't remember what I meant by that. :/

I have the feeling that maybe I dreamed about a bad cop, one of my characters, maybe Lieutenant Mabarak.

My Salad Days

I can't remember this dream very well. It's like I was watching Seinfeld, and like I was also in it. There was Elaine and somebody else, and Jerry was sitting at a table; maybe the other guy was George. Elaine was eating a salad. I have written down "take turns"--I think they were taking turns eating parts of the salad or something, but Jerry took part of the salad and touched it and put it back, and Elaine refused to eat it. She exclaimed, "My mom and my dad both LOVED salad and that's the reason I'm eating salad today!" It was really dumb.

I seemed to be Elaine in this part and I was coming up with all these weird things to say. I said, "I remember we used to have these nuts that were filled with--" And I said something like, "Sour cream and water chestnuts"--I was rhapsodizing about how lovely they'd tasted and such. It was really weird.

Then it's like we went home and I wasn't Elaine anymore. I think we were making a salad! Then I was Elaine again, because I was making this salad and I turned to somebody--maybe Jerry--I can't be sure if it was me or Elaine, if we were the same or different people--and said, "I'm thirsty. I think I'll make a cupcake." For some reason a cupcake had something to do with a drink, like maybe it was a really moist cupcake, I don't know. o_O

And then it was Dad and myself, sitting and watching the show. Dad shook his head and chuckled and said, "Kramer must drive by the water," because Kramer had driven Elaine home, and for some reason that had made her thirsty; so we figured that he'd driven by some water, and her looking at this had made her thirsty. This was supposed to be some funny mistake since Kramer's always screwing things up. I think we said something else about him but I don't remember what.

This dream might have been part of/shifted into "So Not Lightbulbs!"

So Not Lightbulbs!

This dream might have been part of/shifted into "My Salad Days."

Ma came into the room with a box that said "Lightbulbs," or else for some reason we thought it had lightbulbs in it. I said, "Ma, what are you doing with a box of lightbulbs?"

She replied, "They're NOT lightbulbs!"

I realized that there was some kind of craft item inside that the box was protecting. My brother Eric was home also, and he was asleep on the couch or something while all this was going on.

Pop Goes Mom

I was at the high school. I think it was like the first day of school or something, and I was looking for the art room and for Ms. Kolaski (my high school art teacher). I was thinking about what she'd think of me being back in her class, and how the class itself would be. I walked all over the place. The school was crowded. I remember that I met Mr. Stowe (elementary school principal) in the hallway; he was some kind of hall monitor! ^_^ I think Ma was with me; we talked for a while, then he went back to work. People were walking by and he kept saying, "Keep moving, keep moving," to keep the hallway circulating. I thought, "Man, he's a little gruff." He wasn't gruff to me, but still, he just kept yelling the same thing over and over again at the other students. He wasn't like that in real life.

I think I might have found the art room, only it looked different. Then it's like I was in the bleachers in the gymnasium. Ma and I were going down the bleachers to the bottom because we were going to look for something to drink. I remember I was stepping carefully on the tops of the bleacher seats. When we got down I said something about walking on the seats, how I usually didn't do it. That's true in real life; I didn't walk on the seats, I walked on the steps. We left and continued looking for something to drink. Ma was looking for pop, and we couldn't find any. I said, "Well, I think they have a vending machine in the library." When I said library I meant the Cheboygan Public Library, not the school library. (In real life neither has a vending machine.)

So we decided to go there, and it looked different as well. It had a pop machine in the front, like the Ben Franklin's in Petoskey does in real life. We went to that. For some reason in my dream I was certain they had pop, but when we got to it all they had was fruit juice and Snapple and such. Ma was kind of upset. I said, "I could swear they had pop last time! They must have changed it!" So I think she started looking through it. I said, "They don't have any pop in there, Ma." She pulled out this thing of grapefruit juice instead, but it was like you had to make it at home, like that condensed orange juice you buy in tubes or cans; it comes in some kind of jelly and you have to mix it with water. It was in a big carton. I think she got a thing of that. I believe we went home, and I think it was dark then.

Silver-Spittin' Grasshopper

I remember I was standing outside in the driveway and I think it was evening or almost night. I wondered what anybody would think if they saw me standing out there, especially Ma and Dad--like, "What are you doing out there?" Then I seemed to be in front of the garage; the garage door was down almost all the way, but open enough so I could crawl under it. There was garbage on one side of the pavement, as if somebody had swept it there. I was hunting for grasshoppers. I think I caught one, but in order to pull it out I had to scrape in a certain direction, so I accidentally scattered some of the garbage over to the other side of the pavement and I thought, "Hm, will Dad get mad about that? Nah, I'm just going to sweep it all up anyway."

So I came out with this big grasshopper. Instead of spitting brown liquid ("tobacco") on me, it was spitting silvery stuff, like mercury! I thought, "This is a neat-looking grasshopper." I went over to these flowers whose petals hadn't opened yet--they were closed, and their heads hung down, like tigerlilies. They were orange, I believe, or pink. I started trying to shove the grasshopper inside so the petals would protect it. There were a couple of grasshoppers already in there. But mine kept insisting on trying to crawl out and I kept shoving it back in, and it would crawl back out. It was getting annoying.

I'm not sure if it was this dream or another dream, but at some point I went over to the hood of Ma's car and it had waterspots on it. Ma came out and started railing--"I just cleaned this car and now you got it all dirty again!"

"Well, it was gonna get dirty anyway!" I retorted; I came up with something, and it had waterstains on it; she had just cleaned it, but it wasn't shiny anymore.

Available illustrations:

* The grasshopper spit [sic] silver-tinged brown "tobacco" onto my finger.
[right arrow] silvery at the edges, like mercury. Closed flower. [left arrow] like a closed tigerlily. I tried to insert my grasshopper in the flower w/ others but it insisted on escaping. (The flower was bigger than this compared to the grasshopper.)

1996 Dreams