Good Licorice, Bad Licorice

I'm not sure what order all my dreams went in. I think this one started out on some kind of television show. At least, it was that or something I was playing along in. There was this guy who was killed on the street; it was dark and dirty, with streetlights shining in the water and oil and such. These two men came up and picked through the things that the dead man had dropped. Everything of his came in two colors, light and dark; like he had a light something, and a dark something, a light pick and a dark pick, etc. He also had a whole bunch of licorice he'd been chewing; there was a light and dark color of that. It's like I was pulling licorice out from under the couch, but it was also happening on this street, and it just kept coming and coming! This was supposed to symbolize good and evil or something, because this was some kind of television drama that had to do with that. I think the man had a dog with him, because later on that came into the story.

The bicolor licorice on the ground, by the way, wasn't exactly bicolored; it was like one piece was one color, and one piece was another color. It was like clumps of taffy, kind of, more than it was like licorice, but it was supposed to be licorice.

This dream might have shifted into/been related to "Bathroom Bible Study." It also might have been related to "Hospitals 'R' Us."

Bathroom Bible Study

This dream might have shifted out of/been related to "Good Licorice, Bad Licorice."

I was at the high school, going to a class in Freshman Hall. I think it was the first class on the left; I'm not sure, maybe it was like the computer lab around where that is--I think when you entered the door you went straight into the room, without having to turn left or right. I went in there and the desks were all messed around. I remember Sheri S. (student I knew from elementary school) went to sit at one desk; it didn't look like there were any left, but I noticed that there was one. It was really small. I started to drop my bag on it with a resigned sigh, but then I noticed another one near the back of the room, canted in a weird position. So I went back to that, straightened it out, and put my bag on it instead.

The teacher kind of laughed as if to say, "Yeah, I figured she'd do that"--go to the bigger desk, that is. I thought, "It's near the back of the room (I like sitting near the front or near the door), but oh well."

It was hard to work my way back to the front of the room, because all these desks were rammed back to back and stuff like that and it was really disorderly. The bell rang; a bunch of people were still coming in, and the teacher called off a roll call to see who was present. I don't remember if the teacher was a man or a woman--it seemed like it changed. The teacher called the names of all the people who had come in late and then reprimanded them--"You shouldn't do that!" I think the late students were getting punished somehow.

I left the classroom because I had to go to the bathroom and I thought, "Will I get punished for being late? Well, I wasn't late; I was there when the bell rang; I'm just going to the bathroom, and the teacher saw me in there..." So, I went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I went into the stall. There was a sink in the stall with me. Then it's like the bathroom had a whole counter and stuff in there with me! I was just sitting in there going to the bathroom o_o and I heard somebody come in and call somebody's name. I didn't answer, as it wasn't me they were calling. But this person saw my feet under the door and must have thought I was their friend and started talking excitedly, like, "Oh, there you are!"

I looked up; it was a little girl and she'd put her head over the top of the door and was looking down at me!! >_< I said, "I'm not who you're looking for."

She said, "Oh." But then she just opened the door and came right in!! I was pulling my shirt down so that she couldn't see anything. Humiliating!

I think there was a mouse on the counter in the bathroom and she picked it up; it was a little orangish-colored mouse, really cute. She was all excited about it for some reason, as if she'd found the person she was looking for. Then it's like there was a big cage there with my gerbil or a couple of hamsters in it. She put her mouse in there and started letting it scuttle around. I thought, "Oh, it's so CUTE!" I think I reached into the cage to touch it; it was really small and adorable.

I think I left the bathroom and went back in the class. I think it was either supposed to be the teacher or Ma--whoever they were, they were on the couch, asleep. People were working, and I thought, "Well, what chapter are we on?" The book we were working on was the Bible! I wondered if we were in the Old Testament or New Testament. So I started looking for the New Testament. I kept ending up in the last chapters of the Old Testament--all those short chapters with the weird names, like "Zechariah" and "Habakkuk" or whatever. ^_^ I was just trying to find my place.

Later on it seems I was telling Ma about the mouse in the bathroom. I said, "That girl just came right in the bathroom while I was sitting in there, you know." I told her about the mouse but I think that was when I was still in the first dream, because I was telling her as if it had really happened.

This dream might have shifted into "Hospitals 'R' Us." It also might have been related to "Something Like Black" and "Bag & Bead."

Hospitals 'R' Us

This dream might have shifted out of "Bathroom Bible Study."

I was walking through a hospital or store--I'm not sure what it was, a department store or a hospital. I was thinking about one of my stories, maybe The Scorpio Murders. It's like I was a camera panning around. There was a wall which divided two hallways, and I could go around it from one end to the other (like the wall was an island). People were walking around. There was this woman, and I think a little boy or a little girl; they were wearing black cloth over their heads. They had nose tubes because they were hurt somehow, and they didn't want to get germs on anything. There were people with this kind of problem and that kind of problem. There was a calendar on the wall; I think it was for May or something; also a picture of something. I think of the tall lady from 3rd Rock From The Sun (Kristen Johnston)--she might have been one of the workers there, like a department store clerk, but I don't think I actually saw her.

I kept wandering through this hospital. One of the people was a policeman who'd hurt his leg; he was one of the people who'd been involved in finding the man who'd been killed in "Good Licorice, Bad Licorice." He was an older man with gray hair--I think his leg was hurt, because I saw him here in the hospital with something on it, and later on in the dream he was sitting on a park bench with his hurt leg, and he'd adopted the dog of the dead man. His partner asked, "How could you do that? How could you adopt that guy's dog?" He was really freaking out about it. But in this part of the dream, the cop was walking around in the hospital with the aid of something on his leg.

I decided (as the camera) to signify the passage of time with the camera panning over these scenes over and over again, and finally when it came back the calendar date would be different. So I started pretending I was the camera and I went down the hallway, turned the corner, came down and turned the other corner, over and over again. Finally I came back to the calendar and started looking for the month of October...but it stopped right after September, and the month wasn't a month--it was LIKE a month, but it said "Caves," like a directory of caves or something. It still had the month grid on it. But all it said was "Caves." :/ So I turned past that and then I found October. Then I left the calendar and started looking around again.

This dream might have shifted into "Not Rude, Just Careful." It also might have been related to "Bag & Bead."

Not Rude, Just Careful

This dream might have shifted out of "Hospitals 'R' Us."

I was in a store again. There was this man who was over near these big swatches, big rolls (bolts, I should say), of fabric; he was the guy in charge of keeping them in order and spreading them out for people to look at. On the floor he had a bunch of cloth that had been pulled off of one of the rolls, and he was trying to straighten it out. I think he had long brown hair in a ponytail; he was cute. I was with somebody, another girl, but it's like we were supposed to be adult women. We went up to him and asked if he needed any help.

He said, "Yeah, I'm having trouble getting this back on the roll." So I picked up one end of the cloth and folded it over and we started pulling it over the roll it went on. I remember it just draped over it--it didn't roll around it or anything. I can't remember exactly what color the cloth was, but it had gold designs on it, and it was different on both sides. Like only one side was supposed to be seen, because the other side was just the negative of it or something, and it didn't look very good. I helped the man put this on there and he talked the whole time we did this; I can't remember exactly what he said, but he talked about how the fabric was supposed to go on and things like that. I remember I had to tug on the bottom of it a little bit more to get it on right, and he put it back in. I think it might have been blue or black.

He then said, "Oh, do you want a bottle of something to drink?"

"No," I replied.

He handed us three bottles anyway. The fluid looked like Yellow Snow (a local novelty drink), but it had white blobs in it like a lava lamp. I took one and my friend took the other two. She said something to him about me, like, "You know, she's not rude, she's just careful." We walked away with these bottles in our hands.

Later on I seemed to be telling myself to remember this dream, so I think this was a dream itself. I was going to put it down on paper but I told myself, "Well, I remember this dream, I'm going to remember this dream and write it down." But I woke up before I was able to. ^_^

This dream may have been related to or shifted into "Something Like Black." It also might have been related to "Bag & Bead."

Available illustrations:

* The fabric folded over the bolt like so.
[down arrow] black?/blue?--w/ gold designs. [left arrow] side--bolt in middle. [left arrow inset] front/back

* The drink the fabric man handed me. [down arrows] solid lava-lamp type particles. [left arrow] some kind of label??

Something Like Black

This dream might have shifted out of "Not Rude, Just Careful."

I think I went back to the class I'd been in in "Bathroom Bible Study." In that dream, it's like I was stuffing things into little bags and putting them in a bigger bag. Well, I went back here and was looking at a chart of different lipstick colors. o_O These colors were supposed to signify if you were into devil worship or something. There was one color like black, but I can't remember what it was called; it began with an F. The only names I can think of are Foundation and Fabulous, and I don't think it was either of those. But it was like this color mixed with this, and they were both the same thing, and that would be black. :/ At the bottom of the chart it had another one that was like "Soft Black"--it was the F color mixed with something else. It was really weird; I just kept looking at this.

This dream might have shifted into "Bag & Bead."

Bag & Bead

This dream might have shifted out of "Something Like Black."

I was in a class again; I had come back from the hospital/store/whatever (see "Hospitals 'R' Us"), and I took the bottles (see "Not Rude, Just Careful") and put them under my desk, hoping that nobody would notice; I acted all nonchalant and casual about it. I had looked at the lipstick chart (see "Something Like Black"). The guy teaching the class now was a priest, I think. There was a crowd of adults outside the door, like detectives or something, just standing there milling around. The priest said something that I think was supposed to be funny, and he kind of leaned over, like he was including the detectives in his group while he was talking and he wanted them to overhear. Some people in the class laughed and I kind of murmured with laughter. Then I laughed again, thinking, "This guy's trying to be funny."

I looked in the Bible (see "Bathroom Bible Study"). I realized what we were studying had something to do with the devil, like the Book of Revelation or something, I don't know. We were supposed to have some questions to answer, I think. I went back to stuffing these little bags again (see "Something Like Black"), only it's like I was on my bed doing it now. I had a whole bunch of little bags and in each one I was trying to put an equal amount of different things. These were all in a bigger bag. Some of them had things like dolls and beads and such, and the dolls had ribbons, like there was one doll that I had put a black ribbon on to signify that it was pagan. Some of the ribbons were coming undone on some of the bags, so I was retying them. I poured the bags out and checked out the things they had in them. I remember putting some beads in one bag that had a doll in it, I think. One of the beads was wooden and black, and it was broken; when I picked it up it broke even more, so I just tossed it behind my bed because I thought, "I'm not going to put in a broken bead, that's useless." I kept tying up the bags and tightening them, thinking, "Well, I won't go tying ALL of them over again, because it'll be a waste of time."

This dream might have been related to several of the others of this night.

Available illustrations:

* The bags I filled w/ beads, etc. were this size & up; they were drawstring &/or tied shut w/ colored ribbon.
[left arrow] black ribbon = "pagan" (I'm not sure what this meant)

Crystal Segregation

I had some bags of those colored plastic crystals and was pulling them out. They were all mixed up! Like I had the bag with the blue crystals, but it had a whole bunch of brown ones in it. I thought, "How'd they get so mixed up?" I was irritated and trying to separate them, but they were so mixed up I didn't know what to do.

This dream might have been related to/part of "Emmy Nominations Now!"

Emmy Nominations Now!

This dream might have been related to/part of "Crystal Segregation."

I was in a class again! >_< I think Tom B. (student) was sitting near the back, maybe with Clinton E. (student); there were some other people, maybe Michelle T. (old friend) was in there. I'm not sure if Mike E. (student) was present or not but I think he was. We were sitting in there and the teacher had told us to write letters about something; I guess that we had done presentations, because some of the letters said something about a gerbil and I had the feeling it was my gerbil--maybe I had presented my gerbil to the class and some of the people were writing about that? We were all writing personal letters that had to do with things of the class.

One of the people who had written a letter had gotten up and left the room; he was kind of an outcast, as people didn't like him very much. Tom B. came up and started making a joke of it, saying, "Hey, what would he do if we did this--?" and he picked up his letter and started ripping it into pieces! I was sitting off to the side and kind of ignoring what was happening, but I thought, "That is SO rude."

So I got up and grabbed the strips of torn paper from Tom's hand and went back and flung them on my desk. I just WHIRLED on Tom and went off! "What did he ever do to YOU for you to do that to HIM?" I yelled. "Did he ever do anything to YOU?"

Tom was getting embarrassed that I was yelling at him in class. Everybody else was staring! I was going ballistic on him! I can't believe it. I can't remember all the things I said; I said some wise things, but I also called him names. Once I called him an ass; I was going to add "-hole" to it, but I didn't, because I thought, "No, that's a profanity." But later on I called him that anyway. I ranted, "What've YOU got to say? Huh? Do you have anything to say?"

Tom just sat there kind of avoiding everybody's eyes.

I continued, "You're silent. That's because you're guilty!" Then I added, "Silence is the language of the guilty!" That was one of the best things I thought I said; I think that was a pretty cool thing to say. ^_^ I said, "Because you're GUILTY!!" and then thought, "This is kind of melodramatic; they're gonna think that I'm in some kind of court drama!" But I was so mad that he'd torn up the paper.

I said, "You know, I feel like I could tear up YOUR paper, but I'm not going to lower myself down to YOUR level." So I went back to my seat with this paper here, and I was waiting for Ma to show up to drive me home, because we were going to go shopping.

I think the class ended and we left. Then it's like I went out into the back bathroom at home, only it was a public bathroom too. I went in and locked the door, or at least I tried to. I kept opening and closing it behind me but it wouldn't lock. There was this guy outside with a toothpick, because that's how we unlock the door in real life when it's locked from the inside; he was opening it and closing it and saying, "Here, it's locked."

I said, "Yeah; would you please go away? Would you go away, please?" I was irritated that he was there, but I didn't want to be too rude. I remember after he left I was kind of glad that I'd said "Please" because I didn't want to be mean to him. I went to the bathroom, I guess. Then I looked in the garbage and there were some papers that students had tossed in there. Some of them had writing on them, but I noticed a whole bunch of sheets that had no writing and thought, "Blank paper! What a waste!" So I started digging through the garbage.

Mike E. (who I never really spoke to or knew well at all in school, by the way) came along and said, "Hey Rach. What'cha doin'?"

I pulled out the paper and said, "Blank paper," because I had the feeling that if he knew I was rummaging through the garbage, through other people's stuff, he'd think I was really rude. I wanted to look at some of the things in the garbage because I'd noticed that some of them were messages that people had written to each other. I started pulling off the endpages of the bunch that I'd pulled out, which had scribbles on it. It seemed like the more I pulled off, the more it had scribbles on it.

Mike said, "What you did in class today; that was pretty cool. I thought that was pretty neat, and pretty nice, how you did that."

I gushed, "Oh, yeah, thanks." ^_^

He said, "Would you like a ride home?"

"Oh, no, I'm waiting for my mom to pick me up. But thanks anyway."

He said he had to go leave to buy some lottery tickets--"I'm gonna play the lottery!"--and he laughed. It's like all of this was taking place in our utility room, by the way. ^_^ He then said goodbye and left. So I stayed there to wait for Ma. I thought about my performance in the classroom; it's like it was real, but I was also basing a story on it. The name of the story was going to be "Emmy," like the award; I was pretending how I'd get either an Emmy or an Oscar nomination. I kept saying, "Emmy nomination," but it was supposed to be a movie. Then it was supposed to be a movie short, but I thought, "How short do I want it to be? One hour and sixteen minutes is like a movie." My first estimate was one hour and nineteen minutes, then one hour and sixteen minutes, and I wondered if I wanted it to be short or long, to build up the tension and such. I then thought of a headline, like "Emmy Moves Into Oscar Territory" or something. O_o

I think that Ma finally arrived and we went to the supermarket, because I remember being in there; I think we were in the vegetable section, looking through those. We were actually near the meats in the back, but the layout was different--I think it was vegetables instead of meats. I was looking for something but I don't remember what. I walked away from Ma a little bit and started looking around. Ma said, "Where are you going? We're in a hurry!"

I replied, "I'm looking for Dad!" because I'd seen him in another aisle--he was also shopping. I think I saw him go to the end of an aisle, and I went back to Ma. I think we bought something but I can't remember what.

Caaaan Yoooou Heaaaar Meeee Nowwww?

I was recording my dreams and the battery in my tape recorder was slowing down, I noticed. I listened to the very end of the recording and myyyyy voooooice was reallllly slooooowww. I thought, "Oh nuts, not again." So I rewound it and listened to it again--I was waiting for the part where it started to slow down, but it sounded relatively normal throughout the whole thing. :/ I don't remember that happening in real life, so it must have been a dream.

1996 Dreams