Not Suitable For Children

I think I might have had a dream that had something to do with Skinheads or people with bald or dyed heads or something; I don't remember. o_o

Anyway, this dream was kind of like The Incredible Journey; I think it was last night in real life when I read a review of The Incredible Journey 2 and this dream maybe was supposed to be that. Only at first it was me; I was some kind of guy, a teenager, and I was some kind of hoodlum in trouble with the law or something. There was a girl with me. We were in town and I'm not sure but I think we ran into some Skinheads and they started bugging us. So we started running and they chased after us. It's like we were running through these dirty little field lots and over fences and past these dirty little houses and stuff. The girl was ahead of me, I think; I said, "Run! Get into one of the houses!" We kept running and I think I stopped and looked into a couple of these houses.

Then it's like it was animals instead. In The Incredible Journey there was a cat and two dogs. Well, I think the cat, in my dream, climbed up this tree but fell or was eaten by something. I don't know what happened to one of the dogs, but one of them in my dream was like a gray poodle like the one I saw in real life at the Grand Traverse Mall. It climbed up the tree, but I think it fell, hit one branch, broke a leg, fell, hit another branch, broke something else, until it finally fell and broke its neck. I thought, "Jeez, won't it DIE already??" I believe the cat was still alive in the tree and started remembering how it (the cat) was sexually abused. o_O Now this is weird. But it was abused by another cat, and it's like I was looking through a book and reading this. When the cat was a kitten there was an adult cat--I can't remember this exactly but the adult cat seemed to be pink. I think it tried to smother the little cat; it was really strange. I have written down "outside near Blazer?" I don't know; maybe I ran around outside near the Blazer, but I don't remember.

What Goes On In My Room?

I don't remember this dream very well. I was using my tape recorder and I think I was talking about the Freemasons or something; I have written down "symbol on wall." I had some kind of symbol carved on a stone on my wall. It was like a copy of another one. I pressed it and something was supposed to happen or something was supposed to open. I think it had something to do with Count Cagliostro; he's this charlatan, I think, who developed some kind of rituals for Freemasons in Medieval times or something.

I think it's like I was talking on the phone, but I can't remember it very well. I think I was cleaning my floor. Then I was recording on tape, and it was supposed to be several of my characters talking to each other. I started doing Kermit the Frog's voice or something, but then I thought that was wrong because he wasn't supposed to be there--these other characters were. So I was doing the wrong voices but I thought, "Oh well, maybe he just showed up out of nowhere, and I'm not going to redo this." But while I was recording I watched the tape reels spin; they stopped, and I was going to take it out, but they started going again and I thought, "That must be normal." They kept stopping very slightly, then they stopped for a little bit longer. I stopped the tape and took it out. It was getting eaten so I pulled it out. It wasn't ruined.

Not Quite Columbine

I went into the Black River Elementary School cafeteria (oh Gawd) and I think I was eating, maybe with Russell E. (old friend), but I can't remember how that part went. I went into the hallway and then it's like it changed. We were in some kind of classroom and I think I was Judge Harry Stone from Night Court. ^_^ Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) had a gun and was taking everybody hostage. We were all stuck in there, a whole bunch of people in this classroom. But then I think this guy and this really sexy lady walked by outside, so all the guys in the classroom started following her. *LOL* Dan Fielding of course was one of them, so I sneaked out of the room and went to this other class to get help. And there everybody was being held hostage, too! By this nerdy little guy in glasses with a gun!

I forgot, when I had been in the other room it's like I grabbed a small gun off of a TV and tried to fire it at Dan but it had no clip in it; I don't know if it was a gun that was supposed to use single bullets or a clip, but clip is what I said in my dream. And I gave a flustered sigh. Anyway, in the second classroom with the nerdy little guy, I still had this gun. He was shaking his gun at the other people--"Don't make me do it!"

I said, "Just let me talk to them, okay?" I turned around and I think I started talking to them; maybe I helped free them somehow.

This dream might have shifted into "Slow Down, Gerald McRaney!"

Slow Down, Gerald McRaney!

This dream might have shifted out of "Not Quite Columbine."

I was walking down the side road, H. Road, in the dark, toward the highway like I used to when I'd wait for the bus in the morning. It was dark outside and I didn't like it; it kind of scared me. I started pretending to be one of my characters, maybe Officer D'Amato, and I thought of what he would do in this situation. I started acting like, "Doo doo doo doo doo, in the dark, da da da da da..." I went out there and was waiting for the bus. I looked up and there was this orange, kind of triangular light in the sky, but I knew it wasn't a UFO. Later on in my dream it evolved into some kind of advertisement for a cable service; I have the feeling it began with an M. You know, like neon lights in the sky. o_O

I thought, "Well, here I am, and I'm carrying only my blanket! I don't want to carry my blanket on the bus, because I'll be embarrassed; people will say, 'She still has a blanket?'" Then I realized, "Well, wait a minute! I don't even have a pencil to write with! I'm going to school without a PENCIL??" I thought I should go back in the house really fast and grab my backpack, put a pencil in it and maybe a couple of other things--for some reason I think of cassette tapes, I'm not sure why--but then I saw the bus coming! :( I folded the blanket under my arm and thought, "Well, act cool about it." The bus arrived and...Gerald McRaney from Simon & Simon was driving it! ^_^ It went by and I sighed, "Jeez..." Then it turned down the side road and started whizzing past my house. It's like the terrain changed in my dream. Either I was running after the bus or I was running back to the house, but as I was running Gerald McRaney saw me and slowed down. I had to walk around to the other side to get in the door. Even though in my dream I would have been on the right side...the door was on the wrong side, the left side, in my dream, I think. Gerald McRaney gave me this look like, "Hah...can't win 'em all."

I got in and it's like I was standing in the aisle but I was sitting down, too. But I knew I needed to find another seat soon. The two front seats were open, but they had mud and such in them and I thought, "If I sit here he'll probably tell me to move to the back because this is where troublemakers sit." So I looked and all the seats had somebody in them, like little kids, except for what looked like one or two near the very back. But now I thought, "Somebody's probably ducking down in them because they always do that!" >:/ They always did do that in real life, duck down in their seats as people went by so they'd think that the seat was empty. Grr.

Available illustrations:

* The "UFO"--it changed to a cable-service ad.

Deep Woods Cafe

This dream is really confusing. It has to do with the woods and camping, somehow. It started out with myself and a couple of other people; we were virtual reality biking. o_o We started out riding bikes over grass and through fields, then these bighorn rams were standing in the field so we had to veer around them. Then it's like we started going through trees. I seemed to be myself and the other guy at the same time. I was being careful to avoid running into anything, but the guy wanted to go through them because it was virtual reality and you couldn't hurt yourself. He came down to the edge of some water and splashed into it and couldn't go any further. So the lady in charge of the virtual reality said, "You have to avoid the water; it's like in real life."

I remember as I went down to the water I saw a little pool and a stream nearby, and the water was really blue and beautiful. Then we went back and were in a race now. I don't know if I was bicycling or running or inline skating, because I went back and came to a railing, and I think there was a bus with a couple of people who I knew who were supposed to be helping me, sitting in it. I reached down and I think I took off my shoes, but then I put them back on and started trying to tie them. But I'm really slow at tying my shoes so I looked up at the guy. He reminded me of Chris Benoit from WCW Wrestling! ^_^; I looked at him and said, "Could you tie my shoes tight? Because I'm in a hurry and you can do it faster." He gave me this funny look, but started tying them. When he tied them the right one was looser than the left, but I didn't say anything. I started running or skating again or whatever I was doing.

I think I might have been on a bike again. I was going up these steps, and each step I went into, I would slide back slightly, but if I would rock myself forward, the front tire would get up on it, then I'd be able to pull myself over. There was this little thing in front of me cheering me on; I don't know if it was a troll or an imp or what. It was cute, somehow, but I'm not sure what it was. I got to the last step and pulled my bike over and there was a bar there.

It's like I was in the woods now, looking for a cafe; I think this is how the dream went, though I might be getting the order wrong. As I said I was looking for a cafe in the woods. o_o When I went through the woods it's like the buildings kind of blended into the trees, like the walls somehow weren't there. I walked down some kind of hallway in the woods! I stopped this old man and said, "Do you know where I could find the cafe?"

He said, "Just go in that direction."

So I went around a couple of hallways, but it took me in circles so I was confused. :/ I kept going and came across two women. I said, "Excuse me, do you know where I could find the cafe?"

The women pointed. "That way." So I kept going! I think finally I looked in and saw this cafe. The two women said, "You might have to wait because it's probably not open yet." I looked in and I think there might have been a couple of people sitting in there. I walked in and the people looked at me.

Now it's like I was walking into a classroom instead, and it seemed like everybody was looking at me. I just walked in with my bike, and thought, "Maybe I shouldn't do this." But I did anyway. I pulled my bike in front of my desk and sat down. The teacher was present, talking about something. I think of my character Sidras North; I don't know if she was in the class or if I was her or what.

Somebody said something about a signup sheet outside the door and I said, "Oh, thank goodness that I'm not first." I knew somehow that it was for pairs of people to play baseball or something, and that they had been put on the sheet against their will. ^_^ (This is reminiscent of elementary school in real life, when they had softball games and said that playing was optional, yet as my friend and myself were the only ones who didn't sign up, we were forced into participating anyway--that still makes me angry to this day.) I thought, "Oh man, I wonder when I'm going to go," because I didn't want to be on the list. :(

I think while we were in this class I dumped something out of my desk, and the teacher said, "Excuse me, you're not supposed to do that."

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry." I had my pink backpack with me and I started picking up all this stuff and putting it back in. It's like somebody was helping me. It was a whole bunch of stuff, like rocks and tinsel and such. o_O I wasn't even putting it in there in some kind of order, I was just shoving it back in and hoping that nothing would get mixed up too badly. I kind of giggled while this was happening. There were a bunch of rhinestones with some special round faceted green or blue ones in there; I just put everything inside. I remember I was going to go out and take a look at the signup list, to see where I was on it, but I never got around to it.

Probably earlier, back when I was looking for the cafe and the classroom, I was in the building again in the woods. I had to go to the bathroom. So I went to this place that said "Bathroom" on it. I went inside, but it was a small office! There was a toilet, I think, but it was clearly not a bathroom! There was also this guy sitting in there. He was a little gawky and kind of smiled--and I think I was NAKED! >_< Or maybe only half naked. The guy didn't really ask me anything, he just kind of smiled. I thought he was some kind of attendant and I said, "Yeah, I'm just naked and I'm walking around in this public office, looking for the bathroom..." ^_^;; There was a toilet here, and this was all normal, but I thought, "I can't go to the bathroom in front of this guy!!" So I just kind of backed out and shut the door! *LMAO*

I was still looking around this place and I came to a part that had windows in front of an office or something, but I can't remember what it had to do with anything.

Then I was back in the woods again and there was this kind of scruffy guy with glasses and a mustache. He was short and was supposed to be near my spot in the woods, but he said, "You know, I'm gonna build a cabin out here and it's gonna be over there, because a man needs to have at least three paces."

I thought, "Three? That's not very many." But instead I said, "Okay, if that's what you want," because he was kind of like a friend of mine in this dream.

Somewhere in here while I was talking to him, I looked up and saw these rock cliffs, and it was kind of like Mackinac Island, where you can find rock bluffs everywhere. They were way up above me. Sometime earlier we had met this guy...I want to say park ranger, that's the only term I can think of, but it's not what we called him...he was some kind of police officer...we weren't supposed to be in this one area or something, and he'd caught us, but we didn't take him very seriously because he was rather stupid. Somebody, I don't know who, said, "What, you're gonna let this park ranger push you around?" only they didn't say "park ranger," they said "Wood Guy" or something like that. It was "something Guy," and it was supposed to be funny, like the names they give characters on Seinfeld.

This dream might have been related to several other dreams of this night.

Lotsa Lucky Charms

This dream might have been related to "Deep Woods Cafe."

I was in my room and somebody--maybe the same person who was helping me pick up the things I spilled in "Deep Woods Cafe"--was helping me clean out my closet. It's like we could reach the floor (my room was too messy to do this in real life), and there were crates in there with some stuff in them. The person had finished pulling some stuff out and was doing something else. I wondered where my crystal ball was--for some reason I was supposed to have one--but all I could see was some kind of snow globe. I said to the other person, "Wow, look at all the good luck charms." There were some cookie cutters; one was shaped like a four-leaf clover, one like a horseshoe or something, and I saw something that looked like a leprechaun's hat, among other things. But before I could name them the other person gave me a dirty look. "Okay, okay," I said.

I saw what looked like the handheld tape recorder I used to record this dream, but it was supposed to be the one that I'm missing, with the radio. I thought, "Oh, that's where that went."

Available illustrations:

* The "crystal globe" was roughly round/clam shaped.
[left arrow] I can't remember if there was anything inside. [left arrow] base??

The Desperation Episode

I was watching Seinfeld. It was a certain episode--I can't remember what they were doing, but it had something to do with Kramer. Then either they or I was looking at a magazine that had all the episodes listed--it was a Seinfeld trivia book. In this I saw the episode I'd just watched and thought, "I can answer the questions to this episode!" So I started to do so. I think the name of the episode was "Desperation" or something like that; it was funny, though I can't remember exactly what it was.

Clamming It Up

This dream might have been related to "Deep Woods Cafe."

I was on a swing, swinging, and I was kind of entranced or else just pretending to be. Michelle T. and maybe Jessi W. (old friends), and perhaps someone else, came up and I think they were talking with this guy who was with me (the scruffy guy from "Deep Woods Cafe"?). I just kept swinging and swinging. Their talk had something to do with me but I'm not sure what. Finally I got off and said, "Whoo...how did I get here?" or something.

I think I went down to the beach. I'd been talking with someone down there and had seen some big rocks and thought, "I should go check those out; maybe I could get some to paint on or something." I came down on this little dock and there were LOTS of clams littering the beach, all sizes! I thought, "Well! These could probably make some food for something."

It's like I was kind of watching something on TV--it was this guy standing on a beach, talking about this series on CBS and how David Duchovny was in it. I thought, "They sure do hype David Duchovny. He's barely even on their station." Then I thought, "Wait, it's the other one--Gillian Anderson, not David Duchovny! These people are screwed up!" I think there might have been a little girl and some other people on there with snorkeling equipment and stuff; it was some kind of stupid Saturday morning show.

I went down onto this docklike thing. I saw the girl--it's like I was watching her in real life. Somebody jumped into the water, then there seemed to be a commercial, then the girl jumped down into the water. The water was really blue and I thought, "It looks nice, but it's too deep for me," even though I could see the bottom.

I grabbed one of the clams and pried it open carefully. I didn't want it to snap down on my thumb or something so I kept it open and pulled out the innards--the clam itself--and tossed it into the water. There was an otter swimming around, and it grabbed the clam and ate it. I thought, "This is fun!" so I went back to the shore and got some more. They were easy to pry open. I let one close on my thumb and yelled, "AAAHHH!!" but it didn't hurt very much. I took it down to the water, pulled out the clam, and tossed it in. I did this several times. Then I went up to the shore and found this really BIG clam. I thought, "Oo, this one would be good." I pried it open and peered inside and poked at it; there was a clam in there. I don't think I pulled it out, but I turned around to take it to the water and noticed an alligator swimming up toward the shore! o_o I thought, "Uh-oh." So I took the clam and I think I threw the whole thing, shell and all, in the water. The alligator started eating it, and I backed away slowly, thinking, "Just let it eat the food and just leave it alone..."

This dream might have shifted into "The Monster Map" and might have been related to/part of "Green-Eyed Boyfriend."

Available illustrations:

* The alligator came very close to shore but didn't seem threatening.
It wasn't very big.

The Monster Map

This dream might have shifted out of "Clamming It Up" and might have been related to "Deep Woods Cafe."

I went into the woods, I believe--maybe the same woods as those in "Deep Woods Cafe." It's like this dream was part of a computer game, a mixture of Ultima VI and Castle Of The Winds, because there was a part where you could look at a map of a certain area. There had been a hole where this monster lived, but it was a friendly monster. We (myself and ?) were wondering what the hole would look like on the map, so we brought it up. There was his hole, and next to that there were a couple of other holes. I think maybe snakes or something lived in these holes, but I'm not sure; we were careful to go down. I think I started to go down one of them but I didn't quite. I started going down the monster's hole but he came up. I get the feeling he was purple and large; that's all I can say about him. He came up and it's like I was with some characters--not my own fictional characters, but some from some kind of story--and one of them was a little guy like a frog or a cricket. The big monster came up and ate the little guy!! He said, "Oh, that was nice"...but then it turned out that the big monster was the little guy--they were both the same creature. So it wasn't bad that he ate him. This seemed to take place in my front yard. When the map had come up, it was in shades of brown.

Available illustrations:

* The computer map "holes": that on the left is of the good monster, those on the right of snakes.
I have a feeling these were in my yard, near the lilac bush. [down arrow] in sepia tones. [down arrows] scrub around holes. [down arrow] separating line? [down arrow] maybe not so wide

Maker Of Messes

This dream might have been related to "Deep Woods Cafe."

I went out into the utility room--maybe this was the same dream as the one with the classroom, "Deep Woods Cafe"--and there were some people with me, like a girl and such. The plot had something to do with grades: If you got high enough grades you could be on this certain team. I guess my grades weren't high enough :/ , so they were going to change them. There were grades written down and they took some Wite-Out or something and started changing them! I thought, "Oh!... Well, I don't really trust this, but I'll let it go this one time. But I'm going to earn higher grades from now on if that's what they need."

I took something like a folder; it had my name on it in pink letters, and also some other things. I started whiting it out, only it's like I was using some kind of gooey paint. It was really gooey and gloppy; I pulled off too much and spread it all over. I thought, "I'm going to have to get rid of some of this stuff." Then I realized I'd just obliterated my name! >_< "Well, that's dumb." So I started wiping it off. And...it's like I was wiping it off with a BRA o_o; because I think now we were in my bedroom instead of the utility room. I was wiping this stuff off and trying not to get too much of it on the bra. It wouldn't all come off so I took the squirt gun and started squirting it, and kept wiping it. Then I seemed to have some of my clothes in a shoebox of mine. I was pouring a little bit of water over them or squirting them and kneading them, trying to get them clean of the white stuff I'd gotten on them. I saw the water splashing around in the bottom of the box and pouring out onto my floor. I thought, "This is going to make a mess, and it's going to ruin my box."

Green-Eyed Boyfriend

This dream might have been related to/part of "Deep Woods Cafe" and "Clamming It Up."

I went into this office building--I believe it was the same one where I had seen the bathroom, in "Deep Woods Cafe"--and I went in this one office. It's like I was supposed to be the girlfriend of this certain guy, and I'd been down on the beach with another guy but he was a friend of mine. My boyfriend was waiting for me in the building. He asked me where I'd been. I said, "I was just down on the beach"--I was going to say I'd been feeding clams to the other guy (maybe this was related to "Clamming It Up"?), but in my dream "clams" seemed to have a double meaning, like the word "crabs." So I decided not to say that to him, but he got jealous anyway.

"I know you were down there doing something with him!" he yelled.

I retorted, "I didn't do anything, he's just a friend of mine!"

My boyfriend then got mad; I think he started breaking windows in the office, but right before I woke up he started to break one in slow-motion--he just kind of pressed it and it started to break. It was really weird.

1996 Dreams