Thou Shalt Not Wrinkle Thy Sheets!

I think I was in a store like Glen's with Ma, and we were looking for a sheet for my bed. While I was walking along in this one aisle, there was a boy, a girl, and their mother and the kids were in a shopping cart or something. There was a dog and a cat but I'm not sure if they were real or stuffed toys. I expected the boy to want the dog and the girl to want the cat--I don't know why but that's the way it usually goes. As I rounded the corner I heard the woman say to the boy, "Okay, you can have the cat," and to the girl, "You can have the dog." "Wow, that's weird!" I thought. "The girl wanted the dog and the boy wanted the cat!"

I turned around the corner and found Ma looking at a sheet. The thing was, it was on a mattress, and it's like we were trying to straighten it out, like it was also on my own bed. In real life, my sheet is all messed up and it bugs me all the time. ^_^ I can't straighten it out no matter what I do. In the dream we kept trying to do this. We talked about some strange things as we did so. I don't remember all of them, but one of them was that dying is a perversion or something like that...I don't know, it was really weird. I think I was talking about the Bible, and I said, "I wonder if others have this problem, if people in the Bible ever have the problem of trying to straighten the sheets on their beds!" *LOL*

LSD For Dummies

I believe this was a TV show; there was a girl and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend or somebody had uncovered some kind of LSD ring that was going on. He gave his girlfriend some samples as proof, to show her, so she could tell the authorities. The scene changed and it was her, her boyfriend, and this older woman sitting on a car seat or padded bench or something. They were all just sitting there, the boy on the other side of the woman so he and his girlfriend weren't sitting near each other; he got up and said, "Well, see ya later!"

The woman moved closer to the girl now and said, "Hello! We haven't talked in a long time!" or something.

To which the girl replied, "Oh, gee, you know, I really gotta get going. I'm really tired and have to get going." She talked with the woman a little bit and then told her about the LSD ring, and showed her an LSD tablet--it was supposed to be like a dot, but it was a tablet, about as big as one of my runes. It had some kind of brown design on it. I thought, "Boy, that was stupid of her. This woman's going to think she's on drugs!" And I think that's exactly what was going to happen.

Available illustrations:

* The LSD tablet (enlarged slightly); was posted to a piece of stiff paper, like an earring; had some kind of design (?).
[left arrow] off-white w/ brown. [up arrow] writing on paper??

Quadruple Abduction

I can't remember this dream very well. There were four of my characters on a spaceship or something, either that or they were in a room. One was Puck, I think one of them was Anders, and I think the other two were women, maybe Julie (Anders's girlfriend) and a girl who was supposed to be Puck's girlfriend. They were in this room together, on bunks. They had all been abducted by aliens at the same time; there were two saucers and they showed them. They were small, like they were handmade, and they were just models but I think that's what these were, models of the real things. One of them looked like a saucer and the other one looked like a saucer with a red light on it. I knew that one of them had something to do with the Roswell crash. The people were abducted, but they weren't really afraid. Before they had been abducted, Puck had set up things around the room to explode, like each one of these things would detonate at a certain time. So he was waving his hands and these things would go BOOM!--BOOM!--and they kept exploding; I don't know what that had to do with anything.

I remember Anders and I think it was Julie or the other woman were lying on a table or something, and the aliens were feeling their faces, but they weren't afraid. I have the feeling, as contradictory as it is, of the aliens' faces being felt, and they were rubbery like a mask. But I don't really see how that fits in.

Two Vague

One dream had these two girls; I have the feeling they were in a store. I don't know, maybe they were from something like Sense & Sensibility or something, but I have no idea because I don't remember ANYTHING from this dream! ^_^;

Here Come De Earl, Here Come De Earl

I was at Grandma B.'s and I think there was some kind of family reunion going on. I went into the kitchen; it was a lot different now. I don't know what it was like, maybe some kind of craft place. It's like I was my character Fredestaire Carter. They (somebody present) said that Lord Carnarvon (Fredestaire's friend and partner in my fiction) was coming in and I exclaimed, "Which one? Which one?"

They replied, "The Fourth, with the Fifth." I was excited about that because I knew the Fifth Earl of Carnarvon. So I ran to the door to see which one was coming in.

It's like he was coming in a door that was where the entrance to my grandma's kitchen/dining room is. Somebody who I didn't know came in, then Lord Carnarvon came in! I was waiting for him. I think I was pretending that I'd heard of him, but I'd never met him. But then I exposed my ruse by saying, "Lord Carnarvon, it's been such a long time!" I hugged him and such, thinking, "Oh, I wasn't supposed to do that--I was supposed to pretend I didn't know him!" But everybody was hugging everybody else, and it was all happy happy happy! ^_^

I don't remember where that part of the dream ended, but it then shifted into "Triple Threat."

Triple Threat

This dream shifted out of "Here Come De Earl, Here Come De Earl."

I was still at my Grandma B.'s. This was another one of those bomb dreams! There were like three different kinds of bombs; one was the nuclear bomb, the second one I can't remember--maybe the hydrogen bomb--and then there was a third one. Each one was stronger than the last, I remember that. I think one of them went off--a nuclear bomb--and I put my head down.

Dad said, "Don't watch!" To which I thought, "I'm not GONNA watch the flash because it might blind me!"

I heard a BOOM and the room shook and I kind of shook with it. Then I looked up. I think it was a little light outside, but you couldn't really tell a bomb had gone off. I was really upset because of the danger of fallout and such. I think that might have happened at home, because I think I was crouching in the upstairs stairway.

This dream then shifted into "There Is NEVER Anywhere To Sit!"

There Is NEVER Anywhere To Sit!

This dream shifted out of "Triple Threat."

I was at Grandma B.'s and there was some kind of family reunion where they were serving food. I remember everyone else was served, but I waited. Then I went out into the kitchen when nobody was in there except for this little Asian lady standing over near where the bread usually is. The food was stacked across where we would be walking so it was hard to get through the kitchen. I remember I was going to make myself something to eat now that everybody was out of the room. There was a bowl with rice and soup and such in it and I thought, "That looks good!" It smelled good too. There were mashed potatoes and stuff. But then suddenly I didn't feel very hungry. :/ So I tried to work my way out of the kitchen.

I went into the den and started looking for a seat. There were lots of them, but it seemed like there was somebody sitting in each one, like Aunt Sue was over here on the couch, and this chair was empty but I didn't know if anybody was going to use it or not, etc. The couch had the dog and cat lying on it, only the dog was different--it looked kind of like a black poodle, not a dachshund. (In real life a couple of days ago on Sunday we went to the Grand Traverse Mall and there was a black poodle that looked kind of like that.) I saw Ma and I think Dad was there too; they were getting a little drunk. I was kind of mad about that. >:( I said to Ma, "Where do I sit?"

She was busy wondering why I didn't get any food and said, "You'll be hungry later!" Then, "Well, you can sit there," and she pointed out something. I was going to sit on the floor. I went over to sit where she told me to but there was some stuff there, I think.

I got really mad and flung my arms up--"UGH!"--and went into one of the bedrooms. In real life there are two bedrooms on the lower floor, but in my dream there were three and they were all connected by doors. I went into one and it had things in it like presents or clothes that people had put in there, because at Christmas they put their coats on the bed. I think I was going to read in here or something. I closed the door, but I had to close the doors to all the adjoining rooms too, so that nobody could get in, or so none of the noise would bother me. I didn't want anyone to know I was in there because I knew they would bother me, especially the kids. Some of the doors were closed inward and I wanted them to go outward, to block the hallway, so I pushed them outward until they blocked it.

I think I walked into another one of the bedrooms and there was some stuff hanging on the wall. I can't remember what it was, but it was bright colored. There was this longhaired guy in here. He was some kind of musician or something, but I thought that I didn't like him. He just kind of looked at me. I looked around the room quickly, and then left and closed the door behind me. ^_^ I went into the room and I can't remember what I was doing in there. The sun was shining brightly into each room, by the way, yet earlier when the bomb went off (see "Triple Threat"), it seemed to be nighttime. I think the longhaired guy's hair was light brown, maybe kind of curly. I think it went down to his shoulders or maybe a little more. He seemed like he would have been a nice guy, but for some reason I just didn't like him; maybe he was bugging me because he was THERE, and I just wanted to be alone?

This dream then shifted into "On The Run."

On The Run

This dream shifted out of "There Is NEVER Anywhere To Sit!"

At first it's like there were two girls, but then it was Ma and me. We were trying to escape some kind of place. I think of Egypt and of glass bars; I don't know, it's really strange. As I said at first it was two girls; we were trying to find a way to escape so we started digging through this stuff that was lying around. We found these two long metal picklike things and hid them in our bras. ^_^ I was afraid mine would fall out, so throughout the rest of the dream I kept checking to see if it was still there! It was probably a little less than a foot long. It had like two tines on the end. We picked up some other things because we were going to try to pick our way out.

Then it was like Ma and me, and we were packing because we had to leave. Somehow, I don't know, it had something to do with the bomb (see "Triple Threat"). Maybe I was putting really important things in my backpack. Then I thought, "Well, I want my blanket and my toy Simba." So I went and got those and rammed them in. I had some things in there but I can't remember everything I had--it was necessary stuff. Ma was packing her bag too. I thought, "My coat won't fit in here, but it's cold outside, so I'll put it in there anyway." I got my sandals, and Ma was still packing her bag.

Dad said another bomb was going to go off, so we all ducked our heads and there was a flash. There was another boom, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. This wasn't a nuclear bomb; it had nothing to do with radiation. But it had some kind of chemical in it. Maybe it had something to do with radiation after all?--because I said to Dad that I didn't want to be anywhere near it. I said, "The epicenter; the...the..."

Dad said, "Fallout?"

"Yeah, fallout." I really meant epicenter though, because I didn't want to be near where the bomb hit. Even though the fallout was bad too, I didn't want to be near that either.

I went over and I think I saw how Pepper was doing. I wanted to take her with me but I don't know if I could or not. I went over to see my gerbil; I pulled the little urn off his cage and reached in to pet him, and he started trying to climb out! It's like he wanted to come with me or something! I murmured, "No, Gerb, no," and pushed him back in and put the urn back on; I was careful not to crush his head because he kept trying to jump out. It was kind of sad. :(

This dream might have been related to/part of "Hairy Palms!"

Available illustrations:

* The "pick."
I can't remember one end, but the other had 2 flat tines.

All I Wanted Was A Bath...

I was in the tub in the bathroom, and the tub was deep. I think that there was some dirt or something in it, like scum floating around. I believe I got up to flush the toilet and it started to plug or overflow. >_< I said, "Oh, great. MA!!"

Ma was mad about being called. I was trying not to yell too loud because Dad was supposed to be in bed. I exclaimed, "Well, the toilet's gonna overflow!" So Ma came in. I was wearing something on my lower half, but my top half was naked. o_o; I thought, "Wait a minute--I don't like being seen naked!!" So I pulled the curtain along the rail in the shower, but then it seemed I had to do it again because I was looking out, then when Ma came in I pulled it by again. She entered and I think she was checking out the toilet. She checked out things to see if they were plugged by waving her hands over them or trying to unplug the sink or something. It was really weird.

I think the cat had come in too; I tried to get rid of her but she jumped into the tub. I thought, "JEEZ that's weird!" because our cat doesn't even like going NEAR the tub when it's full of water! She realized as soon as she hit it that, well, this thing was full of water! So she kind of clambered out. She was wet--every part of her except her head was soaked. I thought that was funny. She left and her fur was matted down, slicked against her. I told Ma about that when she came in. She was still working on the toilet.

Available illustrations:

* When Pepper came out of the tub, all of her fur (except her head) was wet & matted down.

Twelve Hours From Now...

In one little dream I think I looked at the clock and thought, "Twelve or sixteen hours from now I'll be going to bed again." I don't remember doing that in real life, so it must have been a dream.

Hairy Palms!

I think this dream occurred before we were packing to leave (see "On The Run"). I was in my room looking at my hands, and I had HAIR on my palms! Little tufts of hair! Ew! It was so gross! But for some reason in the dream it was natural, and I thought, "Jeez, I think I should shave this off." So I got the razor and was trying to turn it on but I was having trouble. I finally got it on and shaved the hair from the palms of my hands! ^_^; It was so disgusting. I thought, "This looks really bad." I think I went over my hands a couple of times to make sure I got everything, and it felt kind of weird.

Available illustrations:

* The hair on my palm; I remember it was on my left hand; I don't know if it was on the right.

One Of The Most Boring Dreams Ever

Ma had some page protectors; they weren't the shiny kind that I have, they were more like the kind of frosted type that I was looking for to put my comic books and magazines in to protect them. The ones in my dream didn't have the white thing on the left side; they were just clear through and through. Ma had some and I took a whole bunch of them from her. "What are you going to do with those?" she asked.

I replied, "I'm going to use them on my magazines."

It seemed realistic, plotwise, but this didn't happen in real life so I know it must've been a dream. :)

1996 Dreams