Fake Fainting

I have written down "X-Files stuff in store, 'fainting,' & on highway." I do NOT remember that whatsoever. o_o; By the 'fainting' in quotes, I think it means that I was pretending to faint, or I wasn't really fainting, just doing something LIKE fainting...but I don't remember that whatsoever. I was kind of dazed when I wrote that down and I don't even remember writing it, so... ^_^;

As for "X-Files stuff in store," that might have had something to do with the previous day when we were at the mall in real life. There were some X-Files T-shirts and such in the stores, but I still don't remember the dream.

Waiter, There's A Fly In My Tea

I think I was in my bedroom and I picked up a glass of tea to drink. There were two big houseflies in it!! I thought, "This is gross," and pulled one of them out. I was going to keep drinking it but I saw the other fly and thought, "No, this is too sick. I'm just gonna dump the whole thing out because there might be germs in it."

This dream may have shifted into/been related to "Moth Herding."

Moth Herding

This dream may have shifted out of/been related to "Waiter, There's A Fly In My Tea."

I went into the living room and there were these big red moths outside the window. When I say window, I mean the left window to the side of the main picture window, where we used to have the ghost tied outside to the tree, where the wire would come from. Our house was slightly different in the dream. The moths were banging against the window, wanting to be let in, so Dad said to let them in! o_O I think I was trying to shoo them away but when he said to let them in I said, "Oookay." I opened the window somehow, even though it's not an openable window in real life, and they came flying in. There were at least two of them, but maybe three. They were about bird sized and red. Dad was trying to catch them. I think one of them flew and hit him. I tried to help him catch them also. I noticed that Dad was kneeling or something and had this dazed look on his face, and knew that one of the moths had hit him. I asked, "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" He HAD been hit by one, but it couldn't really hurt him; I mean, it was a MOTH, not a bullet or anything.

Available illustrations:

* One of the moths (approximate) (probably about this size).
[left arrow] was redder & had more details than this

Look, Two Hands!

I was in some kind of drama; I don't know if it was me, or if I was just watching it, but it was about these two girls and I guess they were in Victorian times. I think it was in Dad's bedroom; I can't remember it very well at all. There was a lot to it, but it's vague. I remember that they were playing the piano. I think there was a harsh governess-type figure, and the piano. I think I was the one who started playing the keys. I thought, "I can't play the piano, but I may as well just do my best." I was actually doing pretty okay! ^_^ There was no real tune to it, but I improvised pretty well, wandering around aimlessly. It had no pattern but it was still recognizable as some kind of music. I think I was surprised, but I hid this. I also think the governess woman was surprised. I don't remember how the rest of that dream went.

Copyright Infringement, My Foot!

The day before this dream, in real life, I had come up with a great tune for one of my songs that would be sung by my fictional character Damien. The thing is, it's startlingly close to the beat for "Whip It" by Devo. It had some kind of guitar riff. I thought, "Well, if I ever wanted to make a song with that tune, I'd probably have to ask permission because it would be so close to 'Whip It' by Devo!" ^_^

In my dream, I was in my room thinking of this great tune that I'd just come up with. I thought, "This is great. I've gotta put some words to this." So I think I started writing down some words. But then I think I forgot the tune; I kept repeating it in my head but then I stopped thinking about it for a couple of minutes and forgot it! "Aw, nuts!"

Sometime while I was doing this I was trying to write down the words to a song, and sometimes I was looking for plastic page protectors, I believe it was. I have written down "looking for plastic." When I first looked at that I couldn't remember what I'd meant, but I think I meant plastic page protectors.

Enough With The Aliens!

It's kind of like I was half awake and half asleep. I was thinking about my character Trooper Broderick again. ^_^ I thought, what would it be like if he was abducted by aliens? *LOL* In my dream, it's kind of like I was pretending to be him and I was in my bed, looking out the window. He (Broderick) saw a light--I was pretending to be him, remember--and thought, "It's a helicopter." But then he said, "That's not a helicopter." I wondered what it would be like if he was abducted at least once. Then it's like I was imagining the aliens were going to abduct him after he had slept with his wife or something; maybe they were going to abduct both of them, I don't know.

Tape Shuffling

I was in the living room and was going to record The X-Files. I think Ma was on the couch, going to sleep or something. We turned the channel and The X-Files was on, but it was a rerun and I wondered if I had it on tape already. So I started looking around at the tapes. I knelt down in front of the TV and started looking through them. Somewhere along the way, however, these videocassettes changed into cardboard toilet paper tubes with words written on them, the names of the programs labeled on their sides! ^_^ One of them read, "Gypsy, Pt. 1," "Gypsy, Pt. 2," "Gypsy, Pt. 3," then there were X-Files episodes--"Something X-Files episode w/ the Masons in it," and "Gypsy, Pt. 4," "Gypsy, Pt. 5." I thought, "What are all these Gypsy things?"

I put the tape (cardboard roll) into the VCR and started to watch a little bit of it. It was some kind of drama about these Gypsies who had come to some kind of high court so they had to change their attire and manners and such. In the scene I was watching, they had a Gypsy girl--she was probably around my age--in some kind of court (a courtly court, not a court of law). She was kind of being jeered at by the people in the court. I remember that some of them took hold of her and pulled off the front of her outfit. She wasn't naked beneath it, but they were removing it. I think this one guy was leering at her, but I'm not sure. I thought, "Oh yeah, I've seen this," even though I haven't in real life, but I had in my dream. It was some kind of CBS movie or something. So I pulled that out and put it aside.

I think I found a tape that said X-Files something or other and put it in. I believe there were two women in it, both Asians, and I remember Krycek was in it but I don't recall what it was about. I thought, "Oh, I think this is the first part of the one on TV! Now I have to find the second part!" The second part was the one airing right now, which I had forgotten to record. I think it had Mulder and Scully or somebody else in an office, and there were these two women--maybe other agents or abductees, but probably the former. I think one was blond and one was a brunette. (Though then I don't see how they could have been Asian, too. o_o )

When I put it back on the TV while I was still looking through the tapes, the program was something about some people on Mars, only the atmosphere was breathable--like in a Ray Bradbury story or something. I think that they were killed somehow; it had something to do with red dust. In real life there's this Ray Bradbury story I read that had something to do with a red plague--their eyes would turn red and they'd die.

While I was looking through all these, Ma started laughing. I said, "What's so funny?" She looked at what I had written on one of the tubes--it was the one with the X-Files episode with the Freemasons in it, and it said something like, "Masons--the episode I wanted to see!" with an exclamation mark, because it was an episode that I really liked. Ma said that it was funny how riled up I seemed to be about that particular episode.

This dream may have shifted into or been part of "This Brownie Protected By Brownies!"

Available illustrations:

* The cardboard tube.
I put this in the VCR & watched it like a tape! [writing on tube] GYPSY: PART 1. GYPSY: PART 2. GYPSY: PART 3. X-FILES: MASONS!! X-FILES. GYPSY: PART 4. GYPSY: PART 5

This Brownie Protected By Brownies!

This dream may have shifted out of or been part of "Tape Shuffling."

I went and sat on the couch and my brother Eric was there. In real life the day before this we had gone to the Grand Traverse Mall and went into a candy store; there were these things called Chocolate Coconut Haystacks. It's really coconut covered with chocolate so it looks like haystacks. We didn't get any, but in the dream Eric was eating some and I think they were Dad's. They were in a box as he ate. I went and took a couple of them and ate them too. When I closed the box I remember I left some chocolate thumbprints on it. I wondered what Dad would do then, because either Ma or the box said that these things were supposed to be protected by sprites or brownies. That may be a pun, the brownies part.

Somewhere in this dream I was going to go to my room to dance, but I think somewhere along the way I thought, "Oh, I can't dance, it's too light," or something.


In real life the day before this dream Bob Sagett had been on TV and somebody had used him as a ventriloquist's dummy, putting a false mouth on him; it was like a lower mouth mask and the jaw, lower lip, could be moved to make him look like a dummy talking. Well, in my dream a girl was on TV and she had one of these, only it was different looking. She was using it.

Available illustrations:

* The "dummy" mask in my dream was similar to this, only I believe it was sparkling & white (I can't remember what the girl looked like).
The lower lip/"jaw" is controlled by a string attached & hidden in back. [up arrow] lower lip in "open" position; opens & closes to simulate speech

Need A Pencil? Got A Pencil

I seemed to be coloring something. I think it was in my dream diary because yesterday in real life I recorded a dream where Pepper's tail was swishing across my papers (see "That Glasses-Wearing Nerd!") and I drew a picture of it for August 25 on page 64 of my notebook. In my dream I was coloring in the blanket kind of a grayish-greenish color, and it was very pale. I seem to remember Ma looking at me while I was doing this in my dream and asking if I needed another pencil or something, because this one was too faint, and I told her, "No, no, this one's fine." It must have been a dream because it didn't happen in real life.

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