That Glasses-Wearing Nerd!

Ma, Dad, and I, I believe, had been somewhere, doing something, and we'd just gotten home. I think I was in my room studying for an exam, but I was also getting the stuff on my bed together--straightening papers and stuff like that. I have written down "fill out tear form"--I don't know what that means. I guess maybe in one part I filled out a form and then I tore it out, but I don't remember that. As I straightened out the papers, the cat's tail kept flipping around and getting in my way. She was sitting on my bed.

Outside it was snowy but there was lightning also, and it was getting stormy. Dad was sitting on the couch in the living room. The phone rang and Ma answered it. She said it was Mya (old friend). Before this happened, I had mentioned something about Mya, and I had called her "that glasses-wearing nerd" or something. :/ Right now I yelled, "Who is it?"

To which Ma responded, "It's that glasses-wearing nerd!" Only it wasn't meant to be an insult, for some reason.

I said, "Can she call me later?" or else I asked what did she want. I went out to take the phone but I believe Ma hung up. I said, "Well what did she want?" Ma kept hedging, refusing to answer. I started repeating myself, "What did she want? What did she want?!" Ma said she had called for no reason! I was REALLY ticked off. I said, "Well, if she calls again, tell her I'm busy!" I was so mad. (This is now how I would react to Mya in real life.)

While I was out there, Dad said, "If she wants to come over, she is NOT going to be driving in this ice and snow!" and some lightning flashed outside. He didn't mean she couldn't come over; he meant that he wasn't going to allow her to drive in such weather, that he would rather pick her up himself. That is REALLY unlike Dad.

I went back into my room and flounced down on my bed, starting to straighten out the papers again. Again Pepper's tail got in the way, but it was like it was disembodied from her--apart from her body. I picked it up and moved it to a different spot or something because I was getting annoyed.

I think I was listening to the radio in this dream. They started playing "Beauty & The Beast," which started out "Tale as old as time..." I started singing it because I knew the words, but it was a remake with a completely different person singing it, not the one on the soundtrack. I thought, "Oh! This is a remake!" I then put in a Hall & Oates tape and I think I listened to "You Make My Dreams." o_o

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* [down arrow] Pepper's tail seemed blunted & detached from her body; I brushed it away from my papers.
[down arrow] Pepper's hind end

Art Partners

I was in what was supposed to be art class. It was like Mrs. Caldwell's and Miss Coon's room in elementary school, kind of. I think it was art class because we were supposed to be sculpting or something, and Ms. Kolaski (high school art teacher) was the teacher. We were getting papers back; we had worked on them with a partner, thus weren't supposed to keep the papers to ourselves; we were supposed to show the grade to the partner too.

I think Michelle T. (an old friend) was beside me. I was looking at the paper and keeping hold of it before I knew I was supposed to show it to the other person who had worked with me. Michelle said, "Yeah, I tried to do that once but I wasn't able to get away with it; she wouldn't let me."

I said, "Oh, I didn't mean to do that; I was going to go show her. I just didn't know." So I went over and found Paul B. (schoolmate), who was my partner; he was sitting in the other section of the room. The grade was an A-, so I guess we'd done well. I gave him the paper because he was busy talking to people and I didn't want to bother him.

Ms. Kolaski was calling each of us back to her desk to talk with us individually. I went back there and she started asking me what I thought of the class, or the test or whatever it was. I said, "Well, I did okay, but I thought it was hard." I think it had had something to do with sculpting, which I was not good at in high school. >_<

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