Alien Question Session

I think I had a dream that had something to do with alien abduction. They were questioning a guy; there was somebody saying that a man and a woman move differently, and they were demonstrating it or something.

I Could Not Feed The Meerkats (*sob*)

I was driving to a store. I remember I got into the car and was going to drive it by myself. It's like I was being interviewed or something--a voice was saying, "Rachel knows how to drive by herself. Bla bla bla bla..." Only I was on the passenger side moving stuff out of Ma's seat, like a purse and all the other junk that she had in there.

Now Ma seemed to be with us, whoever "we" were. While we were driving, I saw a man alongside the road feeding a meerkat. O_o I said, "Look, Ma! A meerkat!" That's weird, because meerkats don't live in Michigan--they live in Africa! ^_^ It was getting dark and I thought, "Well, maybe in town I'll pick up some seeds or something and try to feed them on the way home." But it turned out that on the way home it was too dark. :/

We went into this store that was kind of like Holiday, only bigger inside. We were talking with the person at the counter. There was a window behind it, kind of like at Dave's Place, only it was lower so you could see out of it. There was a guy with long brown hair in a ponytail--he makes me think of this guy who's on TNT during commercials, but I don't know his name. He came in and tapped my arm or something. I said, "What?" I didn't know him yet and thought it was kind of funny; it meant something, but I don't know what. He kind of smiled and left.

There was a bowl full of Pogs or something next to me and I think there were some notes in them. One was a drawing, some kind of grid, and it had several people's places on it, labeled like "Me," "You," "Him," "Her"; one of them was supposed to be demonstrating something, I think. I found something that had a hologram on it; I think it was a face, a large man standing over mountains or something, and the face kept changing. I said, "Oh, Ma, look at this!" Every time I looked at it it changed slowly and started looking catlike. "Hey, Ma! Look at this, this is cool! His face is changing!" She looked at it but she couldn't see it as well as I could, but it was still visible. It was all bright colors. I think it might have changed even more, but I don't know what happened. I think we went home and it was dark then, so I could not feed the meerkats.

This dream might have shifted into "Aura Man."

Available illustrations:

* [down arrow] The paper was kind of like a grid; one of the people had a caption w/ some kind of instructions (?).
[writing on paper] ME. YOU. HER. HIM.

Aura Man

This dream might have shifted out of "I Could Not Feed The Meerkats (*sob*)."

It's like I was playing a game; it was kind of on the computer but it's also like I was really playing it, too. I was in some kind of big house. I met this guy who had this aura, or maybe he WAS an aura. I clicked on something to go over toward him, but I clicked on it wrong so that it made me attack him! He had a girlfriend or something with him. He grabbed me and kind of hauled me to a corner, but he didn't hurt me; he put me down, because he had been threatened. So we straightened that out. I think that in some part of this, one of the characters in the game was an alien abductee who had been talking to the Harvard psychiatrist John Mack. Really dumb, I know; this keeps coming up in my dreams.

The MIBs Will Take Care Of You!

I believe I was in the Black River Elementary School gym, and this dream had something to do with the Men In Black. It's like I was pretending this (roleplaying), but later on it was as if it really happened (see "Those MIBs, Always Making Me Tardy...").

I think there was a guy in the gym and he got a bloody nose or a basketball hit him in the head or something. He was lying on the floor semiconscious, then he opened his eyes. I pretended that Phaedrus--a MIB character I made up--leaned over him and said, "We're going to take care of you," or something like that, then the guy passed out again. I believe the MIBs took him away from the gym...then it's like that guy was me, and I got docked two points for missing gym class! >_<

This dream might have been related to "Those MIBs, Always Making Me Tardy..."

Those MIBs, Always Making Me Tardy...

This dream might have been related to "The MIBs Will Take Care Of You!"

This might have started out in the girls' bathroom at Black River Elementary School. I went in there and then out, and as I went by I could see there were lots of people in there. There was like a small potty on the floor and groups of people milling around. Some of them were guys, it seemed. I could see that there were several pairs of legs in one stall. As I went by I saw through the crack that there were some girls huddled around; one of them had some toilet paper in her hand, and it looked like they might have been sniffing something, so I wondered what they were sniffing. I went out and then back in, because I had to go to the bathroom, but the air was full of smoke or something and I thought, "I don't know if I want to smell that." I thought it might be marijuana; I've smelled marijuana once in real life, in the girls' bathroom at high school, and it was HORRIBLE! >:P Ugh. So I turned and left. I think I saw Minty V. (a schoolmate) in there.

I started going down the hallway--the one called upper hall at the elementary school, where the upper grades (4-6) were located--and there were a bunch of people selling cookies and stuff on tables in the hall. It was crowded. As I went by people would thrust boxes out at me, but I kind of shoved them aside because I was trying to get to class. It's like the class was in the hallway now, because when I got to the end, there were folding tables and chairs there. It was like the hallway but in a class too. The tables and chairs were all lined up and people were sitting on them. I was trying to get to these so I started going one way but it was blocked; I started going the other way but it was blocked too! So I finally had to go around the back, and I wondered if people would think I was stealing cookies because you're not supposed to go behind the table when things are being sold.

I think I saw Russell E. (old friend) and Paul M. (schoolmate) sitting at the tables. I started moving chairs under the table to get through. Miss Jellison (my fourth- and fifth-grade teacher) showed up and stood in a doorway that appeared all of a sudden, and started calling out students' names and holding up little slips of paper; the students would go and take them. I stopped and sighed, thinking, "I'm almost there, and she has to come up and start calling!"

Miss Jellison called out, "Rachel A. L. H." (saying my first name, two initials, and my last name), only it seemed like A. H., I'm not sure. The thing she got wrong was the A--I have no middle initial A! I thought, "Jeez, they spelled my name wrong again!" (I had dream recall of this happening before, though it never has, in real life or in a dream.) So I had to go all the way back and take the slip of paper from her. Miss Jellison asked, "What does this A mean?"

"I don't know," I replied, and went back to my seat. While I was going over there I had to climb over some chairs which was something you're not supposed to do. When I came off the last, it toppled over. I nearly fell over myself, and said, "Whoo, that was close."

Miss Jellison said, "You only got two points instead of ten, that's good."

I looked at the piece of paper. It wasn't a penalty for knocking over the chairs; it was for missing part of a class or something--probably the events from "The MIBs Will Take Care Of You!"--and the normal thing you got docked off was ten points, but in this case it was two, so I thought, "Oh, okay." I went and sat down.

Shawn E. (classmate) was sitting next to me. He was going to draw a rabbit, because he had lots of good pictures of rabbits around him. I felt like telling him, "I have this mammals book with all kinds of animals in it," but I didn't have it with me so I didn't say anything.

Then there was a blackboard in front of us. Miss Jellison went up to it--I knew it was a Friday, somehow--and said, "You know what, I'm going to break with tradition today. I usually don't do this, but I will, because I'm in a good mood." She started wiping off her drawing on the board and was going to play a game. She drew a picture of a hare--or a rabbit--on the board. She said something; like I said I think it was some kind of game.

This dream may or may not have shifted into/been related to "To Grandma's We Will Go."

To Grandma's We Will Go

This dream may or may not have shifted out of/been related to "Those MIBs, Always Making Me Tardy..."

I was going to Grandma B.'s with Ma, I think. While we were driving down the road it seemed we were coming from the other direction. We didn't come from the paved road; we came from the other direction, which would bring us toward it in the direction of the creek. As we drove I saw a bird that seemed to be hovering and feeding another bird over some powerlines in Grandma's yard (lines that don't exist in real life). When we came up closer I saw they were two big swans! I thought, "Those swans are going to try to land on the powerline!" Then they did, both of them. But the powerline wobbled and they kept flapping their wings and shifting themselves. "That's funny!" I thought. I believe they had to fly away.

When we got there this woman got out of a car and went into the garage; she was looking for a transmission or something, some kind of car part, and kept saying the name under her breath over and over again--"Transmission, transmission, transmission..." She was going to ask for a car part from Grandpa. I don't think he had any so he said, "Oh, we're out of transmissions." It was really funny.

Grandma H. was there too. I thought that was kind of strange, because she doesn't usually meet with my other grandma; the two sides of the family are pretty separate. We went inside and there were lots of people present; I remember cousins Kyle and Sheri were there. Everybody was talking and we were eating things like chips and such. When I went in there was some kind of dog; he was cute, but I think he was in heat or something, so Grandma said, "He likes you."

"Yeah, I'd like to hold him," I said, "except for that one thing." ^_^;

I just kept looking around, then went into the kitchen. The house was different in my dream. People out here were eating also. It's like I sat down while people were eating. There was some kind of bird in the house, and there was a slug. I let this slug crawl over my hand. It was like a snail without a shell--it had antennae with the little eyestalks on front, those little black "eye" dots. Sometimes I'd reach out and touch the eyespots, because I do that in real life sometimes, to see them sink back into the creature's head, but in my dream they wouldn't. Instead a little bit of slime or something came off on my finger! When I rubbed it back on the slug, it rejoined its body. It was so gross! I thought, "Oh, look at this! I accidentally pull off his eye and I put it back on, and it goes up to the front of his body again!" ^_^ I remember while he was crawling over me he flattened out at one point, so he was really flat.

Then I went back into the den. There was a table with a little dog on it; it had a round head and black fur. I exclaimed, "OH, that dog is so cute!!" I knew that they had more dogs and this was only one of them. I picked it up and petted its head.

Somebody said something; somebody had gotten a card maybe, I don't know; maybe this was some kind of party? I think I said something and they didn't understand it. I then said, "It's humor! It's humor! If I get a card, put it in an envelope, and then give it to you, IT'S HUMOR!" They started laughing and this lady gave me a camera. I didn't know what to do with it; she wanted me to take a picture or something. *shrug*

I guess the TV was on. It's like I went into what was the kitchen, but it was kind of like a bedroom too. The kids were asleep and I was trying to be quiet, but I think they woke up again later on. On TV there was some kind of mechanical bird. It kept changing, because I remember that's what it was doing before I woke up.

Available illustrations:

* [down arrow] When I touched the slug's black eyestalk, part came off; but it was ingested back into the body, where it worked itself back into place (black dots).
This part of the slug was transparent. (kind of like how an amoeba ingests food!) [up arrow] (smaller than this)

* The puppy I petted had a rounded head & looked a lot like a Boston terrier (aka "round head"), only it had droopy ears & was completely (?) black. It was slightly bigger than this, w/ maybe a baseball-sized head.

That Darn MIB!

My character Puck Benteen was at some kind of store out in the country. He was being tough on the guy at the counter--punching him and hurling him around, because he was demanding to know about the Men In Black, where they were and things like that. The guy cried, "I dunno! I dunno!"

Outside, this car started up and it's like I was pretending all of this (roleplaying), because the car was Ma's Buick, but then I think it changed into a black Cadillac! Puck went running outside to see what it was. The car barrelled into the driveway and then barrelled out into the road and then barrelled off with a squeal of tires! ^_^ I think that it had one of the kids from my fiction in it, sitting in the backseat, but Phaedrus (a "good" MIB character of mine) was driving, so I don't know if the kid was going to come to any harm or not. Puck, seriously ticked off, screamed, "NUTS!!"

Multiple File

I was on the computer...I have written down "I see that face" in quotes, but I can't remember that exactly. There was something on the computer; I think maybe it had to do with the mechanical bird I'd seen on TV (see "To Grandma's We Will Go"). I was going to print it out, so I opened what I thought was a file and tried printing it. Two pages of paper came out of the printer before I realized--nothing was printing! :/ I stopped it before anything could print. I realized that I hadn't even opened a file! I had opened a new file that didn't have anything in it! >_< So I opened the file that I REALLY wanted to print. I pulled out the two sheets of paper that I'd wasted; they were crumpled, folded actually, like an accordion. This was kind of realistic because before them had been the stuff I'd printed out earlier that I still haven't ripped off the printer--part from my story Ascension. I think I tried to print the document then.

Book It? Trash It!

I was sitting on the couch in the living room. Dad came in with a bag of trash and said he was going to take it to the dump. It was a clear bag. I said, "Wait a minute!" There was a big blue encyclopedia in it, from our World Book Of Knowledge set! I said, "Don't throw that away!"

I took the book out and looked at it. Then I realized it could be thrown away after all because for some reason in this dream, with our World Book Of Knowledge set had come a couple of volumes that were completely blank. So I put it back in the bag.

Dad picked up some papers or something. They were some of my stories. He started reading from them--one part was about the Men In Black, another part was about something else. I grabbed the papers from him, snapping, "GIMME THAT!" I didn't want him reading them!

The Time Bracelet

We (my family and me?) were watching Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre Dame on TV. First it was kind of realistic, but then it was a cartoon. There were a bunch of Gypsies standing in and around their caravan. The camera showed what looked like a bracelet on the arm of one of them, really up close. I said, "It's--! It's--! It's--!"--because I was wondering why they were being so dramatic about this bracelet. Then a little further on in the program, what looked like a little clock on this Gypsy's bracelet started moving and it unlocked. I realized it was some kind of time lock that had been put on the Gypsy's arm, and she was supposed to be locked to this caravan for a certain time. "Those slugs!" I muttered. I felt angry that they'd do that to her. I knew that the Gypsy was Esmeralda.

This guy with gray hair came out and stepped onto a caravan platform and started looking around. At first he looked almost exactly like Judge Claude Frollo from the Disney movie, but then he changed and had a high forehead and looked kind of like David Duchovny from The X-Files. But I thought, "No, his nose isn't big enough." He had gray hair, I remember, and was talking. I started talking to Dad and, I think, Eric, who were watching this with me. I said, "Did you know that in the original story this character was a priest?"

Dad said, "Yeah, yeah, I heard that. Judge Claude Frollo. But in this one they changed him to..."

He said something that wasn't "Judge," so I said, "Judge" to correct him. "Yeah," I added. "The reason they did that is because Miramax is owned by Disney and they made a movie called Priest, and in it was a gay priest. WHOO they got a lot of flak for that!" Which was true, of course...

I don't know if it was in this dream or when we were watching TV at Grandma's (see "To Grandma's We Will Go"), but Dad put the TV on like channel 19, and it was something like the Discovery Channel. "Wait a minute!" I thought. "Channel 19? That's TNN! The country channel!" But then something came on like VTV or something, and it was some kind of preview station; they were just previewing the Discovery Channel here. I thought, "Oh, okay." That didn't really explain anything, but in my dream it did. o_O

D'oh! I'm Drowning!

This dream had to do with Homer Simpson. I think he went down this tunnel in the water; it was squared off on all sides, and there was a grate in the side of it. He was drowning or something, so Lisa Simpson went down to save him. She tried to pull him out but she couldn't, so she opened the grate and pulled herself in there and started tugging on him. Homer went up to the surface and said something like "WOOHOO!" But Lisa got caught in the grate. So Homer gasped and said, "LISA!" and then he went back down to save her from drowning.

Bad Tea

I had a cup of tea and was drinking it, but there was something floating around in it! It was like a piece of paper or filth or something, I don't know, but I looked at it and murmured, "Ew. This tea is dirty. I don't know if I want to drink it anymore."

UF Magazine

I went outside to check the mail. In it was some usual stuff. I had gotten some kind of science-fiction catalog. On the front there was an ad for a new magazine; there were a bunch of them. They all said on the cover, in big block letters, "UF." I thought, "Isn't that supposed to be UFO?" At first they were supposed to be covers for a magazine that had to do with UFO coverups, but then it changed to a sci-fi magazine. I realized the title, UF, was in fact a pun on US magazine. Only in my dream, I thought of Newsweek, even though that's not really a pun.

I started looking through it and at one point they advertised what was a comic book, but it was also a cartoon coming to TV or the movies. It looked like anime. The first picture was of a young man with long blond hair. He was kind of willowy in build and I thought, "He's supposed to be buff?" Then there was another man; he was also blond, and he was buff. The first man was like a teenager. Then there was a woman, then a girl with maybe purple hair. In the scene with the purple-haired girl, it's like there were successive shots of them. In one shot the woman was coming out of some kind of tunnel or passageway, and you could see the girl with the purple hair behind her. Then in the next shot it was a scene of the girl with the purple hair, exclusively. The thing is, in the scene with the purple-haired girl, she wasn't all the way out of the doorway/entrance and I thought they should have waited a little bit longer to take that shot (or draw that picture--whatever), because the other people had decent pictures and she didn't. :/

Where's The Alien?

I was watching some kind of TV show. First it started out like a talk show and it had some stars on it; they were talking about some kind of silly show that they'd done in the past. The stars were embarrassed to talk about it. It was some kind of sci-fi comedy show called something like Where's The Alien? or Where's So-And-So's Alien? They showed a scene from it: It was some people sitting in this big room with lots of stuff in it, like bags and toys. As these people were talking, this cute, white, little mouselike head popped out of a bag and then popped back inside. I thought that must be the alien. But then I saw this dog or something chasing a green thing with big eyes across the floor and thought, "Well, that must be the alien." But then while the people were talking, the camera switched so it was now between them where there was a little dog or cat or something; they started petting it, and...it changed into like a lobster. ^_^ I said, "Well maybe THAT'S the alien!" *LOL* Then they cut back to the regular show, and the stars were holding their heads because they were so embarrassed that they'd starred in something so dumb.

Puzzling Puff

I think in one part of a dream I was looking at the book Puff, The Magic Dragon to find the part where Jackie's dog is said to have "blind devotion," and for the picture of Jackie getting a microscope for his birthday, because in real life when I was little I didn't understand the phrase "blind devotion"--I thought it meant the dog was really blind--and for a long time I thought that in the picture Jackie was not holding a microscope, but a horseshoe or magnet or something. ^_^;

Lady Pharaoh & The White Plague

I was in my bedroom reading a little Globe Mini-Mag. It was about the Kabbalah at first (a subject on which I'm pretty much ignorant), but then it kind of changed and had different stories. There was one about an Egyptian queen...her name began with H but it wasn't Hatshepsut. It said something like, "With the advent of the folding bed, things changed in Egypt, and some of the people who favored the older style didn't like the newer style." I don't know, maybe the folding bed made men more perverted or something. This lady whose name began with an H married somebody whose name was like Thutmose, only it was spelled with an A and was slightly different. I thought, "Well, this should be Hatshepsut!" But she wasn't. She had several children, and there was a picture of her burying them all underneath the bed; they had died of some kind of "white plague" or "white pestilence," the book said. I think maybe she married somebody else or something; then she was accused of something but stood up for herself, and made a very good queen.

Bobby Monster!

I went to the computer and was thinking that if I ever got famous, would I ever give any money to anybody else? I thought, "$192 million to Mya." She would be surprised because she hadn't written to me for a long time. Then I thought, "Maybe not that much. What if I gave her like $50,000 anonymously every so many weeks or something? And she'd wonder who it's coming from."

I started playing a computer game like Castle Of The Winds, but it was kind of different. I think of the character Bobby Generic from the cartoon Bobby's World. I was playing and some kind of monster attacked me. I hit it and it kept attacking me, so I thought I'd have zero points left. :( In the game in real life, when you get to zero that means you're killed--you're dead. But in the dream I could get zero, then I would turn red or green, but I wouldn't die until after that phase. So I kept trying to heal myself, but the thing kept hitting me while I was doing this and I kept getting zero, zero, zero! I groused, "This isn't fair!" Then, near the very end of the dream the monster changed and it looked like Bobby Generic--it looked surprised, like, "Oh--! What am I doing here?!"--then it disappeared or something, and I woke up.

Foster Puppet

There was something on TV, and Ma and I were watching it. It was about a toy puppet. This puppet was living with these people, a foster family. Ma said, "What's it doing with a foster family?"

I said, "The first people it lived with were killed in a car accident or something like that." This puppet was supposed to be like a character I had made up, but I have no idea who. "Then it was put into something, then it was put with another family and they were killed, then it was put in an orphanage or something, and now it's with a foster family." I then added, "Well, it's a PUPPET. It's not really a member of the family, but that's where it was put, as a toy." This was really hard to understand. o_o

My Kitchen, My Bed

I have the feeling I was in the kitchen trying to do something. I think I was falling asleep on the kitchen floor! I went out there and was eating ramen soup--I was standing at the counter, slurping the soup a bit--but I started getting sick and couldn't eat it all. So I lay down on the floor! I think the cat was nearby. I had the feeling that if Ma came in she'd think I had passed out on the floor. So I went into the living room. I don't know what I did in there; I think I changed clothes. I kept doing this, like I'd put on a shirt and a pair of shorts, but then I'd put on a different shirt; I'd put on one shirt, then I'd put on a light jacket. It was like I was in my bedroom now, but I thought, no, I'd be too hot if I wore that. So I took off the jacket. It was really confusing.

1996 Dreams